Mana Curve

0 5 8 6 9 7 6 9

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Prophecy 9
Guard 9
Ward 5
Last Gasp 3
Drain 3
Breakthrough 1
Slay 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Regenerate 0
Lethal 0
Charge 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0


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Pro-Active-Control (LEGEND TOP 100) + Guide

By: tripleAAA
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Posted: 4 days ago
Updated: 4 days ago
Up to date (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 21300crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

how it fits the meta/why i do recomend it now:

the only bad matchup is ramp scout which is kept in check
because of the aggro and midrange decks around.
(stronghold eradicator, undying dragons and 3 copies of dawn's wrath help a lot in this matchup)

probplematic matchups like midrange sorcerer/mage/assassin aren't too often
since the nerf to atromancer made the decks unpopular.

good matchups like aggro/token crusader and prophecy battlemage happen far more often
than the above listed bad matchups.

important to look out for is a ramp-spellsword opponent. "miraak the dragonborn"
has to steal "paarthurnax".
....there's no way around it. otherwise you will get out-valued.
if parthurnax is stolen you can out-value your opponent because cards like "tree minder"
and "histgroves" are card dissadvantage until 15 max magickas are reached.
you can deal with "histgroves" easier with 3 copies of "dawn's wrath"
(difficult but not impossible)

card choices:

"stronghold eradicator"
as mentioned previously makes trades in the shadow lane more confortable and helps alot to
pressure ramp-scouts.
with this card "on-curve-plays" happen far more often.
"ward crafter" into "daggerfall mage" into "hive defender" or "elusive schemer" into
"stronghold eradicator" into "undying dragon" is in most case enough to finish off ramp-scouts
with "lightning bolt", "crushing blow" or "ancano". (otherwise instant concede against ramp-scouts ;-) )

"dawn's wrath"
3 copies are helpful against scouts and token decks. (i will never switch back to only 2 copies
unless the meta becomes slower and control heavier)

"bruma profiteer"

because of aggro decks around i really like him in the list.
he is a little bit of life gain and a perfect trade against "fifth legion trainer" combined in one card.
for slower matchups keeping him in hand instead of playing him on turn 2 to gain more life or playing him
into the other lane to still have a creature in play after "dawn's wrath" is the right choice.
(no matter if it's the opponent's or your own "dawn's wrath")

"odahviing" over "journey to sovngarde"
i tried journey but felt like it doesn't work or isn't needed.
the greedy mage decks with supports or lots of steal cards will get "journey to sovngarde" far to often
through "riften pickpocket" or "thieves guild shadowfoot".
"odahviing" on the other hand is at least a big body on board. even against control decks where a board clear
isn't needed at all. just a really good card.

lots of ctrl mage lists don't play "ancano" but for me he's a must have just like in every "intelligence" deck.
getting rid of an "ulfrick's housecarl" or other creatures hided in the shadow lane to deal the last damage
needed on you is too good to cut him. works also fine as a finisher. (combinend with "lightning bolt" or
"crushing blow" 8-9 damage face for example against ramp-scouts will definetly not be expected from a ctrl mage)

"mage's trick"
would normaly be in the list (instead of eradicators) if aggro decks would be more dominant and scouts therefore
would almost dissapear because of it.

"undying dragon" instead of "knight of the hour"
a 5/5 of even 10/10 "undying dragon" is a real body which "knight of the hour" (3/3) isn't at all.
for 5 mana there are many better ways to spent it. (so 6-mana dragon and "eradicator" for the 5-mana slot)
much better against ramp decks.

"crushing blow"
works perfectly to get rid of "mighty ally" and cards like "brotherhood slayer".
the only option which doesn't really work would be "cunning ally" but then yellow cards like "wrath",
"profiteer" and "dragon" have to be cut.

"execute" (why just 2 copies of it)
just 2 copies because without "cloudrest illusionist" there aren't too many targets besides of "daggerfall mage",
"goblin sculk" and "fifth legion trainer".
3 "firebolts" and 3 "crushing blows" + 2 "executes" are enough as early removals.

ps: still testing if 3 "ward crafters" or 3 "stronghold eradicators" are better.

all in all this deck can definetly be piloted into the top 100 on ladder so dont be shy to give it a try if you
like to play control decks. ;-)

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