Mana Curve

3 3 11 17 5 6 5 0

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Guard 9
Treasure Hunt 8
Drain 5
Lethal 5
Pilfer 3
Charge 3
Regenerate 0
Slay 0
Ward 0
Betray 0
Rally 0
Plot 0
Exalt 0
Breakthrough 0
Last Gasp 0
Assemble 0
Prophecy 0


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Think Clockwork Scorpion is bad?!! Guess what!

By: ArtistX
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Posted: 10 months ago
Updated: 10 months ago
Outdated (clockwork patch)
Crafting Cost: 6800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
You were right... but here's a fun deck that it's sorta ok in. Basically a modified Scout OTK with some synergy using new clockwork cards.

Treasure Map + Ruthless Freebooter = 5/5 Lethal/Drain as early as turn 3
Treasure Map + Murkwater Guide = 2 Maple Shields
Ring of Imaginary Might + Clockwork Scorpion = 9/9 Drain/lethal w/o Maple shields
Galyn the Shelterer Targeting: Greenheart, Maple shield, Enchanted Plate, Treasure Map
Goblin Skulk + Murkwater Guide + Best friends always trying to find each other.

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Hermorah 10 months ago
i gotta say when i first saw the deck i though wtf is that shit? but i gave it a try anyway and its the first deck with the new cards that i constantly win with which i think is hilarious especially when u see ur opponent completely confused when they realize that ur not the average ramp scout. So thanks for this fun, kinda memy deck ^^
Cool deck I'm having fun with it, replaced Thieves Guild Recruits with Scout's reports though since it's something to play turn 1 with no ring and potentially draws 2 instead of 1 when trying to finish your OTK combo.
1 Reply
ArtistX 10 months ago
Sounds good I'll have to test it out.
ArtistX 10 months ago
Why is this deck so popular?!
4 Replies
mrphlegm 10 months ago
Probably the same reason Justin Beaver is too
Always hating on the Beebs...
Gonna try this deck now :)
Tonpote 10 months ago
Really don't know... i've gave it a try...

Auto concede Vs aggro, can do nothing Vs control.
Maybe i can do something Vs some other meme deck?
Kev Yates 10 months ago
Because u can do miracle rogue style otk with scorps or greenheart
Valedan 10 months ago
This bumblef**k retarded deck has inspired me to play this game again, plus it's won me 5 ranked games in a row. Thank you for making it!! However, I did follow Glameye Pierrot's suggestion for +3 Scout Report -3 Thieves guild recruits because they're cheaper and can dig further, plus the second half of TGR's ability can't proc in this deck anyway.
Played 4 games and lost 3. This is at level 5. Unsure about this deck.­čśĆ
Paly_Noob 10 months ago
ArtistX wrote:
Why is this deck so popular?!

I'm as confused as you, this deck is pretty garbage, especially now that the combos are known and can be played around.
1 Reply
choonks 10 months ago
this deck is so easy to win with...if you can't you should probably look for another game to play....tiddlywinks maybe?
Potoroo 10 months ago
This deck is utter garbage. How the hell it got so many up votes is utterly beyond me. Avoid it. You will lose over and over and over.

You don't just lose with this deck, you get humiliated. If it if ever worked it certainly doesn't now, which is why most of the more recent comments are about how bad it is. It will make you wish you had never been born. It will make suicide seem like a viable option for both you and your sock puppets.
1 Reply
choonks 10 months ago
clearly you don't know how to play this deck...try something that requires less skill
dan0607 10 months ago
Not convinced about this deck at all. Keep losing over and over again, shame as it looked promising...
choonks 10 months ago
this deck is freaking awesome
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