Mage Control

By: JinVarrel
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Posted: 10 months ago
Updated: 10 months ago
Outdated (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 20650crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
UPDATE: Hello people.I play this game for 2-3 months and i'm already Legend 100 placement.
This is my very first guide and if i do mistakes please feel free to correct me.
This deck can go well vs anything but you need to master it.Making wise choices and you can have like 60%+ win rate.


1x Execute - This card is highly recommended to remove annoying creatures like Daggerfall Mage,Dark Guardian and some others.(DO NOT WASTE IT ON VERY WEAK CREATURES LIKE TREE MINDER UNLESS YOU HAVE LETHAL OR MAKE A HUGE MOVE THAT YOU GO AHEAD OF YOUR OPPONENT)

3x Firebolt - Yep another anti-aggro card 3 times and not less!!!

UPDATE!!!! 2x Dark Rebirth - Since recent nerfs to scout and aggro crusader this card can destroy slow decks and has great synergy with many summon creatures.It's not a must card to add but for me it is very helpfull card.

UPDATE!!! 2x Wardcrafter - Another anti aggro and great combo with Daggerfall Mage vs Control decks.This card is INSANE!!!!Even Warding a Taunt might hurt Aggro and most likely win the game for you.The card is still good but i reduced to 2 times instead of 3 as meta has slowed down a bit.

3x Reverberating Strike - I must admit, i underestimated the card.The card is good vs both Aggro and Mid range.You should play it 3 times and not less.

3x Daggerfall Mage - Because the card is awesome.Good vs EVERYTHING and can be comboed with Wardcrafter as i mentioned above.

2x Elusive Schemer - With recent nerfs , i think thic card viable once again as Drain vitality see less play because of scout nerf.

3x Hive Defender - Good anti Aggro card and a great vanilla with nice body.3 times is must!!!!!

3x Lighting Bolt - 4 damage out of prophecy can kill anything?Now thats what i call an awesome removal.

2x Vicious Dreugh - This card has weak body based on its mana......HOWEVER this card can remove serious support threats like Heist Grove from Scout Ramp or Northwind Outpost to reduce the amount of damage.Also because aggro has weak defensive power it will most likely trade 2 creatures.This card isn't a must but it always depends on meta.Feel free to remove it for something greater in case you dont see many supports.( i would recommend Des Regenade)

1x Ayrenn - One of the most powerful card for Mage.You need her because extra removal means you will increase the chances of staying alive.

2x Clockwork Dragon - A good card that has extra Drain or become a nice Guard.I know it isn't a must either however if you want to increase your chances because of its drain or to push harder to face , this card can do it with no problems at all.

1x Memory Wraith - i added this card only one time and the reason to do this is because it ruins other decks that are using Soul Tear, Skeletal Dragon and completely ruins Journey decks(i have run in to quite enough control Journey assassins).

3x Piercing Javelin - I wont even bother explaining the reason because this card is awesome.

2x Ice Storm - Most people prefer to play 3 of these but i prefer too because you have enough removals along with your minions but 2 times is a must!!!!

3x Undying Dragon - I used to play 3x Knight of the Hour in its place but this dragon is just too good to be replaced.He is a life saver.3 times and not less.

2x Arrest - The reason i added this card is because the deck normally has a chance against aggro and mid range.However , this card is a great counter to Ramp Scout which is the worst match up for this deck but not anymore.Arrest is here to save the day.I recommend you to try this.

3x Dawn's Wrath - Massive board clear from one lane and its good vs control and Mid range.

1x Laaneth - Oh my girl <3 i pray her because she is my waifu and because she is one of the most powerful drawing cards in the entire ESL(if not the best).Yes people you wont regret adding her.One small advice , since this card is only one time in the deck , your choice must be very careful.Use this card wisely and you wont get disappointed.

2x Mantikora - This card is very good and please do not get me wrong for not running 3 times.I think the card had much more potentional before it gets nerfed.

1x Miraak, Dragonborn - Good vs Control and possibly vs Mid Range.You need him!!!!!

1x Odahviing - One of the most powerful board clears for me.If your early game was good and have plenty hp you , this card can obliterate Aggro and Mid Range decks plus his huge body is good vs Control.He is a real threat

Vs Aggro and Mid Range - You need early cards like firebolt , execute(firebolt is more important but execute is ok as well in some cases), wardcrafter,Shrieking Harpy,Bruma Profiteer,Crushing Blow and Daggerfall.After that followed by Hive Defender into ClockWork Dragonor Ayreen is OP!!!!

Vs Control - You can choose between being Greedy and keep 1 or maybe to expensive cards like Arrest or undying Dragon or even Clockwork or go to the offensive by playing weak creatures(i wouldnt recommended that because its very risky) Dragon.Daggerfall Mage is also good.

Vs Ramp Scount - Your worst match up............or maybe not since we have teched vs this annoying deck but the chances of win is 50% more or less.Keeping one Arrest is highly recommended.Targets for Arrest is Eclipse Baroness , Skeletal Dragon Para and basically any strong high mana cost minion.
oh yeah and one more thing...CONTROLLING THE BOARD AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!

I hope could help you a bit and if you have any question about how to play this deck or to improve my guide.Feel free to comment.Thanks and have a good game.

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tripleAAA 10 months ago
nice guide! ;-)
1 Reply
JinVarrel 10 months ago
Thanks :P
If you have any questions to make my guide better please let a comment :)
Ectar 10 months ago
Hey Jin, very nice deck but relies on a LOT of legendary cards. A suggestion to improve your guide would be a section dedicated cards that can replace some of these very expensive investments.
1 Reply
JinVarrel 10 months ago
Hello sir.Yes, you are right, it relies a lot on Legendary cards.If you have a few cards that work just as well as Legendary cards , feel free to post here.I know for new players they will struggle to build this but a lot of these Legendary cards are core of the deck.

A suggestion for daggerfalls mages the closest i can think of is elusive 4 mana 3/1.However daggerfall is really really important :(
Admiral 10 months ago
Have you tried Reverberating Strike over Crushing Blow? I think the upside of clearing multiple of your opponent's creatures is much more common than also hitting one of yours with the same name as one of theirs.
1 Reply
JinVarrel 10 months ago
That's a nice comment.I will reconsider it.Though there is one small problem as Crushing blow can be used to finish off opponent as well. :P
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