Legend #7 Control Monk

By: tripleAAA
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Posted: 10 months ago
Updated: 7 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 21000crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.


this is my control monk list which i'm climbing the ladder at the moment.

"turquoise link" who had the idea to this deck played a similar list back in april who inspired me now to bring ctrl monk back to the ladder. his original list => https://www.legends-decks.com/deck/8943/proactive-control-monk

anti meta deck because it can fight aggro crusaders pretty well and because of the high amount
of creatures in this list it can pressure ramp scouts early on.

...so if the ladder is full of crusaders and scouts this deck is my number 1 to go for. ;-)

to explain a few cards which aren't that typical for a control list:

"dawn breaker":
this list is very pro active for a typical control deck so buffs actually work very well in it.
with "dark guardian", "barrow stalker", "skeletal dragon" and "hallowed deathpriest" generating
"shriveled mummy" this card is better than ever.

"crushing blow":
great answer against aggro crusaders ("mighty ally").
"astrid" can be a third "crushing blow" if aggro decks are more likely than scouts or other slow

"bruma profiteer" and "undying dragon":
the only 5 cards to heal and enough as it is a pro active control deck.
heal shouldnt be the primary way to go for.

"sails through storms"
still testing but in theory it should fit the list very well.

flexible cards are:

"dawn breaker", "sails through storms", "astrid" => for third "crushing blow",
third "undying dragon" or "odahviing".

sooner or later i will write more about this deck. especially if someone is interrested in this list. ;-)

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Man I loved this deck
Xavi777 10 months ago
when to attack face bro
1 Reply
tripleAAA 10 months ago
Depends on what your opponent plays.
If its scout you can go fieldlane and face as soon as possible.
If its aggro you built up your board on both lanes till you can lethal your opponent in 1 turn.
Going for fieldlane is essential for this deck becaues of 3 x dawns wrath. Force your opponent into the shadowlane and cast dawns wrath is the main plan of this deck.
Exarchice 10 months ago
couldn't make this deck even if I wanted to, 9,000 more soul gems needed. anyhow I just wanted to say I'm currently rank 10(in legend), woulda been higher, but I enjoy playing my other deck that loses to every single agro deck in rank just because its fun, lol.

was just wondering if you would want to try this out vs my main or 2ndary ranked decks. my main deck is a very low end weak archer. highest dmg card is 5dmg, but i may add in 1 8dmg card.

my other deck is umm a really weird guard scout that can go def or offense depending what is drawn. the only downside is that is typically super slow and has never stoped an agro, but seems to do good vs control with the right cards.
Azraiel_ 10 months ago
So I'm missing "Dawnbreaker" and a 3rd copy of "Dawn's Wrath". What should I include in your opinion?
2 Replies
tripleAAA 10 months ago
Definetly 3rd wrath. Dawnbreaker isnt that important, just a nice feature.
Smaxx 10 months ago
As for Dawnbreaker, it's basically both a cheap buff and conditional removal without any real direct alternatives mimicking it. I'd probably pick Odahviing or a third Undying Dragon.
tripleAAA 10 months ago
Smaxx wrote:
As for Dawnbreaker, it's basically both a cheap buff and conditional removal without any real direct alternatives mimicking it. I'd probably pick Odahviing or a third Undying Dragon.

update: kicked sails and added a 3rd dragon. ...fits the list better i think. odahviing also made the cut for now.
So I had to replace 2 of the Undyings with Quin'Rals and 1 of the Dawn's Wraths with an Immolating Blast. Do you think I can do better replacements and if so what?
1 Reply
tripleAAA 10 months ago
quin rals are ok for now but immolating blast is definetly not the card you are looking for this deck.
the goal is to control the field lane => push opponent into the shadow lane. when he has board in his lane you cast dawns wrath to clear it. ...your lane stays up. wouldnt be with blast.
Smaxx 10 months ago
Randomly picked it, since I wanted to play some Monk deck in the Grand Melee, but not my dragon/shout control monk again.

Went 7-5 overall, which was more than I expected (since I didn't really try it in PvP before). It was fun. Even recovered some horrible starter hands like in this clip (cards in German with no sound due to recording music).

Dawnbreaker won me quite a few matches, because I've been able to push a Thieves Guild Recruit to 5/6 as a surprise or take down a Pure-Blood Elder.

In the other 5 games I lost one due to my own mistake I think, the others due to very bad draws on first rounds or playing against Garnag, Dark Adherent with nothing to counter him on board or in hand (two or three times).

Overall a quite expensive yet fun deck to play, although the high amount of 7+ cards (12) sometimes bites you in the butt, if you're unlucky. However, at the same time I wouldn't want to miss any of those cards either.
what about hidden trail and thieves den support?
1 Reply
tripleAAA 10 months ago
then it would be pilfer monk and not control monk anymore.
....i never tried a pilfer version because i dont think its nearly as good as control.
Have you played pilfer or support monk?
Mc Heux 10 months ago
hum it's just me or ur #7 legends decks was played in not ranked matchs...
1 Reply
tripleAAA 10 months ago
hum because of why? ....cause theres a colorless deck in the match list? ;-)
Vinwoch 10 months ago
tripleAAA wrote:
hum because of why? ....cause theres a colorless deck in the match list? ;-)

the icon of the ranked games is an eye, no?
2 Replies
tripleAAA 10 months ago
could be. i dont know. i usually do decktesting and quests in casual.
Vinwoch 10 months ago

Trying deck in casual does not work because they tend to be very greedy
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