[RTCC] Assemble Scout

By: TheAmazing
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Posted: 10 months ago
Updated: 10 months ago
Outdated (clockwork patch)
Crafting Cost: 13600crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
First Version of my deck, i will try to update this.

Basically you want to try to Mulligan low cost cards i would say between 1-3 except for soul tear, get mana and try to Assemble the Factotum creatures the way you like, in defense or aggro style. Also try to use Galyn The Shelterer on Assembled Titan so you get more of them which are really good once you have assembled alot, then you can get them back aswell with Soul Tear and Journey to Sovngarde which makes this deck ramp in the late game

Thus far i made a few changes already;

swapping Preserver of the Root for Blacksap Protector , getting stomped by face decks so this is some more guard and prophecy in the deck

swapping Clockwork Dragon for Shadowfen Priest, deck had very little support/silence removal and Clockwork Dragon didn't really had any meanings in this deck anyway

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Thanks you, I'm playing this deck now ♥
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Good luck :) tell me what you think of this deck and if you have any suggestions i would like to hear them :D
Out of 10 games, I won 4, there is very little capacity for silence.
But this deck has a lot of potential. Need to refine. Can you tell me how to do this?
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TheAmazing 10 months ago
hmm maybe i can try swapping something in for Shadowfen Priest, btw which rank are you? and what do you mean with refine?
I already made some minor changes btw

I'm sorry, I do not speak English well. I meant that this deck needs to be slightly changed for the better.

I see that you have changed the deck. I will change my deck according to your example, thank you!

I will continue testing it.

Did you play this deck yourself? What are your successes?

I'm playing now on the ninth rank. :)
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No problemo :) yes i am testing my deck aswell, its weakness points really are aggresive decks.

I have my own stragety's within this deck , i have about 50-60% winrate with this but it has to be higher of course ;3
GreatAlucard 10 months ago
I've been trying out this deck because it looks really interesting, however It seems extremely unlikely to hit even 50% win rate.

There is no way to deal with early aggression or early board control, which means rush decks will pretty much always win and decks that mannage to control the board early will just get to a point where this deck can't turn the tides anymore, even if you can get better drops every turn.

Another issue is that even if it is possible to get huge guard drops, it's just too easy for the other player to get past them and just deal the last few damage points necessary (unstoppable rage won on it's own several games against me)

For now I just started playing this month so I'm still at rank 9, but I'll get to a higher rank and try again, although I highly doubt that it will make all that much of a difference.

I'm only missing Odahviing but I didn't really ever got to a point where he would do too much.

From my perspective what it lacks is some way to control the board early. Also, I'm' not sure fabricate can ever be usefull in this deck, I never got anything all that good anyway. Same goes for soul tear, I love the card and can see a few interesting combos, but I never really mannaged to get a good use out of it.

Edit: After some time playing (mostly losing, even though I still like the deck), there are some cards that I'm considering removing:
1 - Fabricate - I've yet to get anything worth a card from this.
2 - Soul Tear - the main problem with this is that factotums always come back at their default values (this is rather problematic with journey to sovngarde too but that is only 1 card) and there aren't really a lot of cards that can help a lot by being revived.
3 - Word Wall (at least some of them) - most of the time they just end up being used as 0/4 guards.
4 - Hist Grove - i'm torn on this one, but it appears that by the time it activates it is just no longer relevant.
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Hey, thanks for trying out this deck, and i can agree with what you said, i also get face slammed by aggro decks with unstoppable rage and thats because this deck doesnst have anything to stop that aggro, yes you can trade with the assemble creatures by giving them guard and lethal but that wont stop rage decks.

what i would consider is probably change this deck to something whole new to make it more competitive instead of it more being a fun deck.. so people could actually climb with it

maybe i could upload my other decks aswell im not sure i just made this deck for fun and for myself it made me climb a little which i still think is fun.

alright so to the cards you would remove

Fabricate, yes it only helps in the late game which you dont hit too much so you i will replace this aswell

Soul tear isnt really good in this deck because it resets assemble creatures and also having wind wall doesnt seem to do any better because i don´t run dragon aspect or drain vitality with it

hist grove.. hmm , i pretty much love that card and always use it in scout decks but this isnt like a ramp scout deck right now so :P
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