ASS - Aggressive SpellSword

By: Russian Fushion
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Posted: 3 months ago
Updated: 3 months ago
Outdated (clockwork patch)
Crafting Cost: 18700crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
ASS stands for Aggressive SpellSword obviously.
Table Of Content
1. Introduction (you may want to skip this)
2. Soul-Gem price overview
3. Cards choices reasoning
4. Basic Strategy
5. Mulligans
6. Card Replacement options

1. Introduction

It all happened once upon a time while I was sitting on my *ASS* in the toilet, where most of the great ideas come from.

Basically when you encounter the SS (not the nazi guys) you have an idea whats ur up against, and u play accordingly , so you rightfully assume it will be either Token SS or Control SS. this deck is neither. it is a very aggressive mid range deck.

While sitting in the toilet I was thinking about PVE games where u grind 300 soul-gems a day, and I was annoyed by the strange sensation that the AI somehow cheats.
The AI decks are stupid as fk and are pure aggro, also unlike MTG the AI is really, i mean REALLLY bad, and makes very dumb calls and basically goes face most of the time. yet the bastard wins. sometimes.

The decks that the AI uses would have NEVER worked in ranked. but that piece of shit AI somehow wins against top tier decks (ok ok not every time but occasionally, which is too much, k? ).

I had a stinky fart, and then I heard the water goes *blup*.
Why did I forgot to put paper in the toilet BEFORE I took such a mighty dump, is beyond me.
A distant memory came back to me the moment the water tickled my ASS.

It was a chapter from Game Theory which describes a specific situation in a yacht race.
If you are currently at the 1st place in the race, and the yacht that is behind u is speeding wildly towards you, how do u beat it for sure? mathematically ? is this even possible? YES! IT IS!

Solution : u copy the EXACT maneuvers the 2nd yacht does, no matter how stupid they are.
Reason for the solution : If you copy them, nothing in the situation between both of u can change, the situation where u lead will stay constant assuming u mirror the 2nd yacht.

Back to the vs AI talk
The way to mock that AI is to build a s2ped ass deck that does exactly what the rest of the AI decks does, AGGRO! but a really reallly strong AGGRO deck, with better cards, more aggression, and smarter tools. for example, refill ur life bar while *smashing* the living shit of *Alcus, The Mad* or whatever he is called. Dawnstar Healer, his sustain is WAY better than it look from first glance, and if nothing else, he can throw a decent punch as a fodder, and might even live to tell the tale.

While brawling, why not add insult to injury and draw some cards while we are at it?
Dark Guardian for 3 mana is a brutal bargain, and he even protects those rabid Dawnstar Healers.

While charging an especially toxic fart, an idea was beginning to form, a brutal and aggressive SS, an unstop-able and profane force, that is beating, molesting , and drawing cards and healing while it keeps going and never stops.
Not another Token deck, not a coward control SS. an ASS.
Toxic, unpredictable, cunning force.
Your opponent sees you broke his rune, he is smiling , he draws a card and thinks "ha! what a dumb guy! he doesn't know that a control decks shouldn't break runes that early?! ha!" but suddenly he sees his life bar goes down and down, and one turn after, lethal, he is dead.

This deck obviously is very successful vs the cheating AI (btw im not sure it cheats, can anybody confirm this?).
It is a powerful PVP deck. there is no doubt in that.
Behold and stand in awe, of the great ASS.

2. Soul-Gem price overview

Don't let the hefty 18700 price tag fool you :

Monthly reward cards
x 2 Emperor's Blade 800 Gems
x 2 Pure-Blood Elder 800 Gems

Campaign reward cards
x 1 Galyn The Shelterer 1200 Gems
x 1 The Mechanical Heart 1200 Gems

Subtotal : 13100 Gems (18700 -5600) ,WOW thats like a 30% discount jim! boy oh boy!
But waiiiit! there is more!

Other basic cards are pretty much staple for their colors and you will have them
anyway (cards like Bruma Profiteer , Dark Guardian , Young Mammoth, Hive Defender etc...

The cards you might not have are :
x 3 Bandit Ringleader, x 3 Dawnstar Healer
Which totals in 2400 Gems.

For the legendary cards, see 'Card Replacement options' if you don't already own them.

So basically this deck LEGIT costs like 5000 Gems give or take. not bad for the punch it packs eh?

3. Cards choices reasoning

x 3 Bruma Profiteer :
one of the best 2 mana creatures in the game, its value is INSANE, the body itself is pretty decent for a 2 mana creature, but the potential for 10+ life gain is even sweeter.
It can also trade with most early threats without remorse of letting it die in the process.
Can also be use to surprisingly raise ur health to 30 and make the Undying Dragon a 10/10 Monstrosity (highly recommended)
*no replacement*

x 3 Fifth Legion Trainer :
Great 1 or 2 turn card, especially sweet when Wind Keep Spellsword follows, this let u trade very well if u manage to keep it alive for a few turns.
Its value is very high even after it buffs only 1 creature, the more the merrier though!
Also this card is very likely to fool ur opponent to think ur playing a Token Spellsword, which ur not ;)
Hidden bonus : it draws fire and baits ur opponent to waste resources to remove it.
(while it is not THAT important to u if u lose it)

x 3 Wind Keep Spellsword :
One of the BEST 2 drops in the game, this guy is sticky and trades very well with a lot of stuff.
Hidden bonus : Might bait Execute. Pressures VERY hard if it gets the bonus of Fifth Legion Trainer
*no replacement*

x 3 Dark Guardian :
Powerhouse, this baby got it all, value? 7 stats for 3 mana? already good!
add Guard keyword ? yes pls! - but wait! there is more! it let u draw cards as well!
the stats of this card are unreal for a common! VERY powerful turn 2 or 3 play.
Hidden bonus : When you have a Dawnstar Healer on board, dont be afraid to break a rune! the tempo swing will be INSANE!
*no replacement*

x 3 3 Dawnstar Healer :
He can throw a decent punch as a fodder, and might even live to tell the tale.
Play this card bravely at turn 3, trade when its advantageous.
This lets u heal A LOT, while u beat them. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the sustain it provides. it can heal for shit ton of health.
Hidden bonus : Can also be use to surprisingly raise ur health to 30 and make the Undying Dragon a 10/10 Monstrosity!
Super good with Dark Guardian on board !
*no replacement*

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vanish2k 3 months ago
Lmao, what i've just have read XD
1 Reply
bahz 3 months ago
The card replacement section looks ... incomplete :)

But I prefer playing Spellsword and I like the start. And I've got most of this already, so finishing it out won't be all that difficult.
1 Reply
Russian Fushi... 3 months ago
yea sry about that, I'll probably make a progress with various sections at the weekend.
work is a bitch :C
sirdystic 3 months ago
I can confirm the AI cheats. The amount of times it has created lethal that just kills me when i'm on one life, or pulls out a random silence from nowhere.

Great write up
1 Reply
Thank you.

Regarding the AI, I also believe it cheats, almost sure that it is with mulligans and draws\prophesy ,those decks would have a chance in multiplayer.
sirdystic 3 months ago
Last night I drop an 8/8 giant - he top decks the lethal 4 mana snake which kills it. I then drop a second 8/8 giant - he top decks another lethal snake and kills it. What are the odds in real life?
1 Reply
This is exactly the type of shit that happens to me, seems the AI does cheats on draws and mulligans then.
The thing is the AI "thinking" is rly bad, so it uses its 'cheats' badly in scenarios that don't fall in the 'aggro' category :D
Is there no big body you would put in place of Pure Blood? It seems out of place in a non-ramp deck cos it's just an 8/8 for 7.
1 Reply
Hey, thanks for commenting, Pure Blood is just a budget option, you can put any juicy creature instead, depending on ur budget.

The idea is to make a super cheap decks that is pretty strong and competitive.
Deck costs realistically something like 2,000 soul gems (assuming you bought the expansions and all the shit in the store and monthly rewards).

Cheers! :)
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