[NEW] Ramp Sorcerer - High WR - by Furo

By: Furo
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Posted: 3 months ago
Outdated (clockwork patch)
Crafting Cost: 20500crystal
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Invo 3 months ago
no lifegain aside from barrow stalker or a lucky BML draw... Seems like it is auto-loss vs aggo. isnt it?
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Furo 3 months ago
You have more than enough defensive tools in the deck and against aggro you can increase that even further if you go for Galyn into Harpy, Stalkers, Dark Guardians etc.
Only lost to one Aggro deck so far, but that one also went for the perfect draw ^^

If you want more lifegain you can of course always include the bigger Vampire or e.g Clockwork Dragon.
Benni84 3 months ago
I'm 1-11 so far with this deck. I used to love this kind of the deck in the past but the meta is completly broken right now. I've been raped by aggro and Ramp Scout all night long. I mean You've built a nice list Furo. At least You've tried to but this kind of control deck and Mid can't compete in the ladder right now...sadly! My only win came vs another deck that can't really compete right now, pilfer monk...

I love You're stream man and I hope Bethesda and Direwolf will take mesure to make some change because this game gonna be in big trouble within few weeks or months.
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Furo 3 months ago
Hey Benni,

sorry to hear that, but the deck is still working good for me. I played it yesterday e.g. on rank 2 and went 5-1.
If you are having a hard time against Aggro try to include more livegain (Clockwork Dragon / Night Shadow)!
Custays 3 months ago
Hi furo should I craft this deck for laddering?
Hey Furo,

Nice list down there but still skeptical about Mummify and Hist Grove.

Are you planning any changes now that Hist Grove has been nerfed?
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Furo 3 months ago
I`ll see what I can do with the deck in a couple of days, haven`t played any ramp deck since the Hist nerf.
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