Laaneth Control

By: Lyra
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Posted: 1 month ago
Up to date (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 19700crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I hate to upload a deck at 52/50, but it's turned out a promising work in progress. I just cannot for the life of me figure out which two cards to cut.

The core of the deck is standard Control Mage: defensive prophecies, Lightning/Fire/Ice/Immolating/Dawn's, Hive defender, Ancano, Daggerfall Mage, Ayrenn, Mantikora etc. The deck has enough prophecies that I felt comfortable including Fate Weaver.

Mechanical Heart I think will be considered core in any Willpower Control Deck which doesn't include Elixir of Vitality, if it isn't already. It fits this variation perfectly, as there are no other consistent sources of healing, and the deck has enough prophecies to make the extra rune particularly useful as well.

My additions to the archetype are as follows: Fabricate, Blackmail, Shadowfoot, Unseen, Mecinar, Laaneth, and Nahkriin. These all follow the pattern of providing card draw in unique ways. Only Laaneth and Nahkriin take from your deck, and unlike normal card draw let you choose the card you find or make it cost nothing, respectively. Blackmail and Shadowfoot draw from your opponent's deck, the latter actually denying them the card. Fabricate and Mecinar are fairly random, but provide some consistency in the form of giving you some control over the result. Revealing the Unseen just straight up gives you two random actions, for great justice.

The result of having these cards is you have a huge arsenal of resources providing an unparalleled amount of total possible utility. This is comparable to the Control Support archetypes, but requires no setup and is less dependent on and vulnerable to the opponent lacking or having a specific type of removal (Support removal). The trade-off is this deck can't last as long as the other. It offers infinite variety, not infinite quantity.

What makes me a little nervous about the deck is it has no room for cheap cards like Firebolt or Execute. Revealing the Unseen can have unfortunate results, like clogging up a card-slot in your hand with an Intimidate you can't use, for example. An older version of the deck included Terenus, but I struggled to keep my hand from overflowing with him in play.

What's nice about this deck is it's comparatively easy to craft relative to other Control decks. Ayrenn, Daggerfall Mage, and Ancano are Intelligence staples you've either already crafted or are already planning on crafting. Mecinar, Mechanical Heart, and Laaneth come automatically with the Return to Clockwork City expansion, so you never need to craft them.

Therefore the only Legendaries you might not have are Nahkriin and Dawn's Wrath. The former is rarely used, so if you don't have it I don't actually recommend crafting it unless obtaining 100% for its own sake is your goal. Dawn's Wrath I would say is staple in Willpower Control decks, but the deck will perform fairly well without it. You'll just sometimes lose certain scenarios horribly for lacking them. Outside of those scenarios (which could be against any kind of deck, where you were unable to maintain any semblance of board control over the course of the game), you won't notice their absence. So I do recommend crafting the pair of Dawn's Wrath, but they aren't higher priority than the deck's Epics.

The deck does have a moderately large number of Epics I consider important. Ice Storm is simply core to a Control Intelligence deck, and perfectly usable in most Intelligence decks period. You are hurting yourself if you don't have three copies.

Immolating Blast for some reason isn't very common, but its one of my favourite cards and I rely heavily on it in most of my Willpower Control decks. In this deck I think a single copy teched in is acceptable, but two copies isn't bad, and is probably necessary if you lack the Dawn's Wrath. You probably don't want to include three copies, but it could work if you have no Dawn's Wrath.

Blackmail is a rarely used card, and is not strictly speaking essential to this deck. If you don't have it I don't consider it to be a high crafting priority. You can replace it with Firebolt or Execute if you want.

Mantikora is core to any Control Willpower deck, and this archetype is no exception. I can't condone skipping them. If for some reason you don't have them and want to prioritize crafting other cards first, you could replace them with Arrest as a budget option.

Return to Clockwork City is necessary for this deck to work. Losing Mechanical Heart alone significantly reduces the efficacy of the deck, and I think Fabricate and Laaneth are important (Mecinar isn't essential, but he's just a lot of fun and fits the concept well, and if you have Clockwork you already have him so why not include?).

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I'd love to know how you're doing with the deck. Traditional control mage just turns into a war of "who gets bored and gives up sooner" battle even when I win which just feels bad.
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