Midrange/aggressive Warrior - budget friendly

By: Haak0n
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Posted: 3 weeks ago
Updated: 2 weeks ago
Up to date (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 4450crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Warning: I am quite new to the game, so don't expect this deck to be perfect or anything.

Built this by using creatures from the Aela's Companions deck and some cards from the Dark Brotherhood expansion + cards from the core set.

This is a midrange or aggressive midrange warrior deck, so hit the enemy in the face to break runes in order to trigger Beast Form, but don't overdo it. I find it easier to win if I manage to be in control of the Field Lane, but don't be afraid to play creatures in both lanes if you have some degree of board control.

Cards like Rapid Shot, Stronghold Patrol, Enchanted Plate, Aela's Huntmate, Black Worm Necromancer and Triumphant Jarl ensures you get good card draw. Savage Ogre is useful later on to buff a creature before you go face. Rihad Horseman + Item + Savage Ogre hits like a truck if you can get the cards to do it.

Shield Breaker and Breakthrough effects can be used to bypass or punch through guards.

I swapped Rampaging Miniotaur with Candlehearth Brawler to get more guards.

I'm fairly new to the game, so don't hesitate to post constructive criticism in the comments!

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WIP Warrior deck - budget friendly
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SzGamer227 2 weeks ago
Dropping in to give you the criticism you asked for and to clarify some things.

First (and unrelated to the deck itself), you would call this type of deck "Midrange" as opposed to "Aggro". Aggro decks focus entirely on dealing damage face as often as possible and seldom have cards that cost 6 or more. Midrange will fight for control of the board (especially the field lane) by making valuable trades, but still wants to go face and end the game before Control decks develop a big board.

You might be overdoing the amount of draw your deck has, which is taking up space where you could instead have better standalone cards. Draw is good because it gives you options, but you also need a lot of good cards to cycle into. Steel Scimitar is an extremely cost effective item that makes trades more favorable at all stages of the game and provides 2 fast damage for 1 magicka, and it would make Rihad Horseman more reliable; you could replace Rapid Shot or Enchanted Plate for them.

Your deck also has very few guards, which makes protecting your damage dealers and controlling the Shadow Lane difficult. Dark Guardian and Candlehearth Brawler are both candidates for fulfilling this role, and you could take out Stronghold Patrol to make room for them.

Rampaging Minotaur is a good card, but fits better into Aggro decks than Midrange, so I would replace it with Earthbone Spinner so that your deck has access to Silence.

I personally would recommend you swap Savage Ogre for Ancestor's Battleaxe. Both cards essentially do the same thing, but Battleaxe greatly boosts your creature's durability in addition to its big damage buff, and its benefits are persistent, while Ogre's damage boost only lasts one turn.

Those are my thoughts on your deck. Hope this helps!
grundi83 2 weeks ago
i love the black worm necromancer. I'll maybe go farther than you with the idea of playing with the discard pile, trading the horsemanfor the purple cry.It coulb be useful to call back some werewolf at when we break some runes.

PS: sorry for my english
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