Mana Curve

3 10 19 14 3 1 0 0

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Charge 12
Prophecy 10
Guard 6
Last Gasp 3
Breakthrough 3
Regenerate 0
Rally 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Ward 0
Slay 0
Lethal 0
Drain 0
Betray 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0
Plot 0


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Ultra Budget Almost Legend Deck (Rank #1 Dec 2017)

By: SlothTheMighty
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 8 months ago
Outdated (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 3900crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I set up a couple of alternate accounts just before Christmas, and i was curious to see how far I could get with their limited card collections and only a week or so left in the season. I also wanted to build a deck that was totally F2P, but didn't end up trashing my entire collection just to build one "good" deck. After all, if one deck type falls out of favour in the meta, I'd have to start from almost nothing to build another deck.

Enter the Budget Aggro Crusader.

This deck had a number of parents, the main one being the Band of Survivors Starter Deck. From there, I refined the list to almost mono red, and kept only the Willpower cards that I thought were most useful to the aggro theme. I didn't craft a lot of cards, in fact, I only spent 300 soul gems on 3 copies of Northwind Outpost. The only Epic card in the list is the one you get once you play through the starter storyline, so this is a freebie. A total cost of 3900 Soul Gems is indicative of a very low cost deck!

Gold was spent on the first chapter of the Fall of the Dark Brotherhood storyline (for Protector of the Innocent), as well as the Aela's Companions premade deck (which is where I sourced the Werewolves, and a third copy of Orc Clan Captain).

Having played Token Crusader before, I felt this deck was sorely lacking card draw - basically if I didn't finish my opponent within about 7 turns, there was a pretty good chance I would lose the match. Consequently, the win rate was not always spectacular. Without actually tracking the results, I believe this probably won about 60% of the time, usually with long winning/losing streaks, which enabled me to climb the ladder fairly quickly, and when I hit a losing streak, I'd just sit in the serpent's ass for a bit.

With the gold and cards I got from climbing the ladder, I could have potentially crafted a few more of the "Essential" Crusader cards, like the Crusader's Assault and Rift Thane, but I was morbidly curious to see how far I could go without them. I also suspect my late run at the ladder may have also made things a little harder for me, as I played for position against a sea of other players trying to do the same thing. In the end, I gave up grinding when I got to Rank #1 - the climb to Legend didn't really seem worth the extra effort this time around.

Notes on the deck:

Favourite openers are the Afflicted Alit, or the Fifth Legion Trainer (with the ring). Alternatively, the Fiery Imp makes an OK starter if you go first. Save your Sharpshooter Scout for surprise attacks on weak/weakened targets.

The deck is poorly optimized, has limited silence, and no hard removal, so there will be times when you are faced with a card you have no answer for. The only way to get around this is to rush the face and hope you win quickly.

Most of the available red Charge creatures are in this deck, but even still, you're often better off keeping them in hand until they are absolutely required, playing non-charge creatures (where possible), first.

If your'e looking for a cheap way to ladder up quickly, give this list a try.

EDIT: For those that are interested, the next evolution of this deck is here: The Next Step.

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Just out of curiosity, what rank did you end at?
1 Reply
Rank #1 (The Thief - It's in the title?)
Sorry I read it wrong. I could have sworn you put in the description "I stopped grinding before I got to Rank #1", and that just seemed weird to me to be in title but say something different in description aha.

I'll give the deck a go! Thanks for sharing :D
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No worries. Had it been earlier in the season, and I hadn't already laddered up from Rank 12 (As well as from Rank 5 on my main account) I might have persisted, and possibly hit Legend, although I noted I was hitting a LOT of Control Mage at Rank #1, which was making it difficult.
GintokiPT 9 months ago
I have a lot of cards, what changes would you make to optimise it? :)

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You could make it more like this deck:

12 Day Old Crusader

or a more classic mono red crusader like this one:

Mono Red Crusader

I also like the Ulfric's Housecarl, despite the recent nerf. It's still an awesome addition to a deck for card draw, and much better than it's poor cousin, Aela's Huntmate. I use it in my Mono Yellow Token Crusader to good effect:

Token Crusader

In fact, all the dual-attribute Crusader cards are really useful, and you should consider including them in any aggro Crusader (Strength or Willpower, or mixed).
I am by no means a good player. But I did managed to get an 82% Win Rate out of 11 games. I lost 1 game to an Assassin and 1 game to and Archer.

This is an incredibly cheap and powerful deck. I highly recommend this deck for new players. It's cheap and it works. As sloth said go face all the time unless you see a drain or someone with a large attack. Also don't be afraid to take a few hits to face.
What would you recommend I get instead of protector of the innocent?
I don't have the expansion yet and it seems to be a pretty important part of the deck. Also great build for us newbies.
2 Replies
Graystone Ravager would be my choice.
SlothTheMight... 9 months ago
Protector of the Innocent is hard to replace in this deck, as it's cheap, has guard, and has Prophecy. The only other card like it that I can think of is Morkul Gatekeeper, and it's already included as well.

I guess you could try replacing it with additional Sharpshooter Scouts, or maybe Graystone Ravager, if you have it, which at least gives you some Prophecy cards. The Ravager can be good as a counter-attack if you play it as a Prophecy (quite fragile otherwise), where the Scout can potentially ping a weak creature that's about to attack, or even win you the game on your opponent's turn if you have whittled them down to 1 health.

Kvatch Soldier or Revered Guardian are cheap(ish) guards, but adding in additional Yellow creatures will hurt your ability to proc the Mighty Ally's bonus damage. On the whole, I'd stick with something Red.

My next iteration of this deck, which I crafted a few cards for, only has one Protector in it, but it requires the LAST chapter of the Dark Brotherhood, to add Underworld Vigilante. Personally, I think Vigilante is next-level awesome for Red Aggro play (it's essentially a red Lightning Bolt, with added benefits), so I think it's worth saving up for the Dark Brotherhood expansion ASAP if you like Red aggro. That way, you can pick up the Protectors along the way in the first chapters, as well as one of the most loved/hated/feared Red cards in the game: Unstoppable Rage!
Thanks a lot for the detailed response, I keep changing between different cards to fill the slots; at first it was just for experimenting with them but it's fun to keep some versatility.

Gonna keep playing until I win 30 times a day to save up for the expansion and complete it, hopefully by then I'll have a new deck and expansion from you to aspire to :P.
ahillamon 8 months ago
Thanks for the great and fun budget aggro deck, Sloth! I'm a new(ish) player and have been slowly collecting extra cards to refine this deck further. I'd love to see your next iteration of it when you have it ready, especially since I have all the expansions.
SirKarl 4 months ago
Oh I like this!! :) Superfast - just my kind of game!
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