mid orc warrior #1 legend (as of the New Year)

By: LapisLazuli
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 1 month ago
Up to date (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 13250crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

1. How does this work?

Short version: Midrange decks drop the most expensive card or combination of cards each turn, aim to kill an opponent but still trade efficiently. Deck should consist of cards that can be both offensive and defensive, unless either one of these roles is too good to overlook (offensively - Wood Orc Headhunter, defensively - Hive Defender, for example).

Slightly more detailed version: The unusual additions to the usual midrange are Orc Clan Captain with Wood Orc Headhunter as well as Galyn the Shelterer.
  • Galyn, while not really overly useful at the time of the play, doesn't offer you a large enough tempo loss to not consider it in midrange. And what you can shuffle to your deck varies and can be adapted to the role you take. Are you the aggressor in your matchup? Galyning Wood Orc Headhunter, Underworld Vigilante or Sower of Revenge can serve you well in the long run, especially copies of Sower against more guarded mages. Should you be defending against your opponent's deck, extra copies of shuffled prophecy guard can go the long way.
  • Orcs are brutal. Both of the unusual additions add incredible amount of burst and gap closing damage necessary to finish the game swiftly. Orc Clan Captain can both help you gain that extra bit of damage towards opponent's face or to skip a prophecy or help with trading. On creatures like Protector of the Innocent or Wind Keep Spellsword this means dealing efficiently with more expensive and lane-threatening creatures like Brotherhood Slayer, Mournhold Traitor, etc. Wood Orc Headhunter just comes down on the board to strip any hope your opponent may have at you not having enough damage. Sometimes you use it to trade with it, but there's rarely a good occasion for that unless said orc survives the fight.

2. Card by card
  • Circle Initiate, Morkul Gatekeeper and Protector of the Innocent - wonderful prophecies that are good on and off curve for the most part. Despite low cost, the value they bring is usually really high, especially from a rune break. For the Dark Brotherhood-less people, Protector of the Innocent can be replaced with Lurking Crocodile for the time being, although when we get to certain Legendary later on you'll see why you should focus on getting Dark Brotherhood.
  • Wind Keep Spellsword and Dragontail Savior - two 2 drops that do not die to Firebolt, although take a noticable hit from Execute, especially Wind Keep Spellsword. The latter can save himself later in the game.
  • Haunting Spirit and Young Mammoth - both very standard in midrange lists with Endurance. Be careful when playing Haunting Spirit to not have your board emptied with Spirit gone last, especially against control mages with Crushing Blow. Unless next to it on your board is...
  • Withered Hand Cultist - the know-how of when to play him and when he's important is half of the victory very, very often. Quick maths done regarding which combination of cards your opponent can play when you drop Cultist and analysis of your board state with it can make or break the game. I cannot speak enough about this card. It's also an Epic that I would consider crafting instantly, along the ones like Cloudrest Illusionist or Leaflurker simply because this is irreplacable and very good in certain metas. Same thing with...
  • Dushnikh Yal Archer and Earthbone Spinner - the latter definitely more universally used, but the former cannot be obtained from card packs, being a monthly card. However, in this deck in particular Dushnikh is really important for extra orc synergy. This fella is also capable of enabling you better trades and removing supports. Especially now that everyone's crazy over that Assassin thing in Altar decks, you can become the party pooper.
    Earthbone Spinner is just... good. Whether it's guard removal, item removal, trade, you will not be disappointed.
  • Aela's Huntmate - First of the two card draws we pack in this deck. Becomes horrible when you break all the runes, obviously, but at that point there are draws that just straight up win you the game, so no loss here. If you feel like getting some card advantage, plump her down before you beat a rune and march onward.
  • Garnag, Dark Adherent - another Dark Brotherhood exclusive, another irreplacable card. I don't know what can I recommend for those of you without the expansion. Add another Dushnikh? You'd want to have 3 of them anyways, so no biggie. Although you should know well timed Garnag can just win you a game and disable your opponent's threats. Unstoppable Rage, Ancano, Dawn's Wrath and under Cultist - Ice Storm. These are four most important ones.
  • Reive, Blademaster - technically he's a 4 cost 5/5 that gets +2/0 every turn. Never dies to Lightning Bolt alone. That's mostly why he consistently lands into these aggressive lists - you want some tempo that's impossible to stop immediately without some commitment. As for the replacement... well another Earthbone Spinner I guess.
  • Wood Orc Headhunter and Sower of Revenge - I hope you're not tired of the word "irreplacable". Wood Orc is the only 5 cost 5 damage right off the bat in the entire game. Not having an Orc on board or in hand at the point of the game when you want to play him is really hard to achieve, so that's not an issue. Sower of Revenge is probably on the verge of nerf territory at this point, so when you craft him there's a huge chance you will be able to dust him at full price. And before that happens you can just abuse him and laugh at control mage's lack of silence. Without these two cards there isn't much reason for you to attempt to play this deck I'm afraid. Savage Ogre is probably the closest replacement for Wood Orc Headhunter, but Sower has absolutely nothing. And if you were to go for that replacement you might as well look for an improvement over the entire Orc package.
  • Underworld Vigilante - another damage from hand to finish your opponent off, but also quick removal of something that sits in shadow lane. And trust me a lot of people consider shadow lane the safer of two lanes for things that need to stay alive for at least a turn. And... well you know the deal. Hard to replace and stuff.
  • Triumphant Jarl - you will learn to love how it lets you reload and dig for orcs for this deck. Incredible card for when you're ahead which is, mind you, almost all the time.
  • Wrath of Sithis - tanky creature that also can screw opponent's plans. Also a Dark Brotherhood card, but you can fiddle around with Black Worm Necromancer for a replacement for that one.

3. Other cards to consider
  • Steel Scimitar - Very potent and cheap damage increase. You can raise the numbers on your side very quickly as well as enable more efficient trades, especially with things like Wind Keep Spellsword.
  • Nahagliiv - Possibly replacing 1 Wrath of Sithis, if only to add up to the locking down theme. Nothing like a cherry on top of staying ahead by slamming down a threat that can't just be removed on curve... unless they have Dawn's Wrath.
  • Belligerent Giant - You can't go wrong with unsummoning a guard this late in the game, on top of just having gigantic attack and breakthrough. Dies to Lightning Bolt though so beware. Still perfectly solid card.
  • Cast Out - idk Joe likes it instead of Earthbone Spinner, but your call lol
  • Barrow Stalker or Night Shadow - the deck does lack healing, so if you want to get more secure, you can add those instead of... something.
  • Blood Dragon - it's like Sower except avoidable by removal, but far more potent when it survives. Can't guard tho.
  • Candlehearth Brawler - pretty budgety card that Joe runs as well, so I think it's worth mentioning. Excellent guard that enables 2v1 trades very often.

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personofsecre... 9 months ago
Sower of Revenge is a Disgusting Card
personofsecrets wrote:
Sower of Revenge is a Disgusting Card
so are shadowfen priest, mantikora, miraak, arrest and odahviing lmao
Thanks for sharing! It's been fun to play.
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