Karakondzhul's Merric - Top 3 Ladder Finish

By: Karakondzhul
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 2 weeks ago
Up to date (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 16600crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is the deck I used for the most part of the past month. I did manage to reach that sweet #1 legend spot a few times and ultimately finished at #2. It's a very strong deck so I figured I might release my list in case people wanted to try out merric. Ask away if you are curious about specific matchups or tech choices.

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octabrain 2 weeks ago
Thank you for posting your list.
Why do you use 1-of Cruel Firebloom and Thief of Dreams?
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Cruel firebloom has saved me many times - it's easy to use when you have so many good targets - firebrands, quartemasters, wardcrafters, harpies... I've never been unhappy that I have this in my hand and it can even be used offensively to clear guards or even get some burst with ancano. It's just a 1-off because it''s either amazing or completely useless and I don't like to clunk my hand with situational cards. But I have won games because of it.

Thief of dreams is a flexible slot and it really helps in control matchups. I wanted to spread out my curve and it's a great card that can win you control matchups if you pull the right card. It's not really helping vs aggro and even midrange so just a single copy is all I could justify but you can play more if you face too much control.
Thank you for the answer. Highly appreciated.
Do you have youtube or VODs of this in action for those of us that don't know how to pilot this deck?
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I'll probably do a stream where I play the deck. My twitch name is the same so hopefully you'll be able to see a VOD even if you don't catch me online.
good work Kara, thinking could maybe benefit from +1 dushnik for support hate?
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You could run dushnik or a third belligerent for sure. I tried to keep my ally % as high as possible and this is the lowest amount of red cards I could justify playing.
Thanks for sharing with us, I really enjoy to play it but I have got one question. Is it good idea to run Laaneth instead of Markarath Bannerman?
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Karakondzhul 1 week ago
An earlier version of the deck had laaneth but it was so slow that I cut it. It didn't really help me to win control matchups because the deck wins slow matchups by tempo (not value!) and laaneth doesnt help you in that regard. Not to mention it's as good as a dead card vs any faster matchup. I'd run a 3rd raiding party if you are missing a single copy of bannerman.
CloverGroom 5 days ago
Mind critiquing my list?
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I'd play a second atromancer or even vigilant giant over laaneth. I'm not so sure about clockwork dragons as well - they are not that amazing in my experience but I know a lot of people have been experimenting with them in merric. I'd be more inclined to play blood dragons still. The rest seems fine at first glance.
How does this deck perform against token decks or altar assassins?
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There is quite a lot of early game, skavens and ice storms so tokens isn't usually an issue as long as you have plays in the early turns. I'm not really impressed by the altar assassin builds I've met on ladder and I can't say I've struggled to beat them either.
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