Mana Curve

0 6 15 10 9 6 1 3

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Ward 10
Prophecy 9
Slay 5
Guard 5
Breakthrough 4
Last Gasp 3
Drain 3
Rally 0
Regenerate 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Lethal 0
Charge 0
Betray 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0
Plot 0


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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 11250crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
UPDATE: The list in the video will not 100% match the one shown, as this list now reflects the addition of Bleakcoast Troll. This list is the version I have been playing since the Forgotten Hero collection was released.

With the release of Return to Clockwork City and the balance patch that shortly followed, mid-range decks are once again finding themselves in a great place. Sorcerer is no exception, and it has some new tools that have made it more consistent. At its core, however, this deck is still focused on playing creatures that generate value and allow you to control the board. That part is something that I can't stress enough. This is not an "aggro deck" where you blindly smash face. Your first focus should be on controlling the board through value trades, which means any scenario where you can kill an opposing creature with your own with your creature surviving. This is what allows you to "snowball" your way to victory.

In order to be able to establish control of the board early, the deck features several cheap creatures that generate additional value as well as cheap actions meant to remove opposing threats. Creatures with Ward are great at providing additiona value, as they can often kill an opposing creature and survive. This gives you a lingering board presence, and starts the "snowball" effect. Thus, cards like Wardcrafter, Wind Keep Spellsword, and Daggerfall Mage are great in the early game. Daggerfall Mage also provides addtional value by giving you a Tome of Alteration, which really helps in longer games. Crown Quartermaster doesn't quite pack the same punch as our legendary friend, but the weapon it provides is actually quite good with so many Ward creatures. Young Mammoth is also an early game staple because of the pressure it generates. It represents a real threat to your opponents health, and its size makes up for the lack of Ward. It can still often kill other three cost creatures and survive, making it just as "valuable" in many cases. With the recent nerf to Thorn Histmage, the mammoth is really shining as an early game monster.

This deck features several "value" oriented creatures, so fighting for the Shadow Lane is important. Eventually, you will drive your opponent into the Shadow Lane and as such you will need some cards to help deal with those pesky hidden creatures. Some opponents may even begin in that lane, in an attempt to keep high priority creatures like Goblin Skulk alive. Actions like Firebolt, Sorcerer's Negation, and Lightning Bolt can all help deal with early threats in the Shadow Lane. Barrow Stalker can also serve as a speed bump against cards like Goblin Skulk, and it is one of the few tools this deck has for stabilizing if it falls behind. Shadowfen Priest and Worm King's Agent can also both give you ways to deal with creatures hiding in the Shadow Lane.

Speaking of Worm King's Agent, many people may be wondering why I chose this over the mighty Bone Colossus. "Bone Daddy" is a fine card, and I don't fault anyone for including it. You could run this exact same deck and replace the agent with Mr. Bone and do just fine. I really like the agent because it's one of the few "tempo" oriented plays that Sorcerer has at its disposal. Sorcerer doesn't have cards like Leaflurker or Shearpoint Dragon that it can abuse. It doesn't get the benefit of a Stoneshard Orc. The ability to remove something while generating a board presence is fantastic for setting the tempo of a game, and it is perfect for the "snowball" playstyle that this deck is going for. On top of that, it generates two bodies when it takes something out. This means that your opponent has to deal with the results twice, potentially securing a three-for-one. Taking it a step further, the card has Slay which means it has the potential to generate an even larger board presence. It can leave a body behind when trading one-for-one, or it can be abused for two or three more skeletons with value trades and some help from Wardcrafter. I know the card looks underwhelming, but there is a lot going on with it and I have found that it is much better in practice than on paper. Getting the Slay value when you summon Worm King's Agent is actually pretty easy, even that late in the game.

Other creatures that you could consider putting in the deck include Corrupted Shade for a big creature on turn four, or Barbas because he's a good boy.

If you want to see the deck in action, there are some example games included after the deck breakdown in the video below.

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Hey, CHARM3R! Thanks for the deck, awesome explanation and video.

I'm lacking High King Emeric and still a Daggerfall Mage (shame on me), so I added two Waves of The Fallen for the lack of better understanding.

Having a hard time on ladder this month... so much Control decks are freaking me out lol.
Give this one a try. Thanks again! (:
1 Reply
CHARM3R 9 months ago
If you're missing those two, you could consider some low curve/cost options that fit those areas. Instead of High King, for example, you could run Black Worm Necromancer as a six cost creature. It obviously doesn't have the same impact, but it's a solid choice for keeping a board presence. You could also try Night Shadow, Bone Colossus, or Nahagliiv if you have them. Those are all late-game options that could work. As for the Daggerfall Mage, there are plenty of three and four cost options that could be a good filler. Camlorn Hero gives you some reach. Dark Guardian is a solid body. Corrupted Shade, Preserver of the Root, and Cursed Spectre are four cost options that provide either a big body or some extra utility.

I make these suggestions because they are lower in the curve than Waves of the Fallen, and thus should help you get on board and stay in control of the board. Midrange Sorcerer tends to not do well if it falls behind, so Waves of the Fallen is a weird inclusion because it's either used defensively (in games you likely already lost) or offensively (to pump your creatures that should already be high quality). Just my two cents though. If you're having fun, ignore everything I said and have fun!
The Waves saved me from getting letal to my face once against a Dragon deck, but were never used again. You have so much more experience and your tips makes much more sense, I'll give it a try. Been climbing again with this deck, thanks again! (:
Decided to try this out on the ladder, and in the second game, I ran into... you. Fun deck. Your scout deck kicked my ass though =).
1 Reply
CHARM3R 9 months ago
I recognize the name. Sorry mate. The scout list will probably get a spotlight next week.
Paly_Noob 9 months ago
Thank you for the list/write-up/vid, Charmer. For some reason I've always struggled with sorc more than any other class (~50% WP at best) but with this deck I'm having great success (80%+). Cheers!
eguzko 9 months ago
Hi! Which card targets Galyn? I found myself quite often that I rather not use him or do not know when. Great deck by the way! greetings.
1 Reply
CHARM3R 9 months ago
The Galyn decision is something that changes based on the deck you are playing against, as well as what your options are when you play him. Sometimes, you just don't have good choices and have to just pick what you think is best. If possible, I try to pick creatures with Prophecy (like Shrieking Harpy) against aggressive decks and creatures with utility (like Shadowfen Priest) against control decks.
I have a question... I don't mean this as a criticism, but I have seen this many times for other decks. Daggerfall Mage is a legendary card. Therefore, only one is allowed in the deck, but the list says there are 3. Am I missing something?
2 Replies
Only 1 unique legendary is allowed per deck (Uniques have a gem in the top and bottom of the card) Non-uniques don't have at the top, you can run 3 of those.
CHARM3R 9 months ago
Another user already answered, but I wanted to make sure that you understand the difference between a Legendary card and a Unique Legendary card. In The Elder Scrolls: Legends, cards with the Legendary rarity are not always unique. Unique cards will have a circular orange gem in the top center of the card. These usually represent a unique person, place, or item. High King Emeric, for example, is a unique person and thus is a unique card. You can see the circular gem I am referring to if you mouse over his card.

Daggerfall Mage is a card that is Legendary in rarity, but is not unique. It does not represent a unique person, place, or thing. It does not have the circular orange gem on the top of the card. You can run three of these in any deck. I hope this helps clear up the confusion.
Cree 9 months ago
The deck doesn't work for me. Played 11 games; lost to basically every archetype; there's not enough guards and not enough card-draw. Worm King is weak, dies to lightning bolts, Night Shadow felt far superior than Wraith of Sithis, crown Quartermasters have no impact after turn 4 or 5... imo. For me it looks better on paper than it is in reality, and in general, if your draw is bad, you cannot recover with this deck.
1 Reply
CHARM3R 9 months ago
I might be mistaken, but it sounds to me like you are playing this as a control deck instead of as a traditional mid-range deck. The lack of creatures with Guard, for example, is on purpose. This deck wants to be proactive, and not reactive. You want to attack your opponent's creatures directly to remove them instead of waiting for them to crash into your own. This is also why Wrath of Sithis is played as opposed to Night Shadow, as the "spooky ghost" is meant to disrupt your opponent's ability to respond to your threats. Night Shadow is more about recovering, which isn't usually part of the plan for a mid-range deck. As for Worm King dying to Lightning Bolt, that's not the end of the world. You spend seven Magicka to get a 4/4, a 2/2, and remove a threat. If they spend four Magicka to remove your 4/4, you still essentially got an Ash Servant at a discount. They also spent one card to answer a portion of your card in terms of value, so you are winning the value game in that exchange.

I'm sorry that you weren't having luck with the deck. If other cards work out better for you, feel free to give them a shot. Mid-range Sorcerer is certainly a great deck on the ladder right now, and plenty of variations are viable.
Cree 9 months ago
Hey Charm3r many thanks for your feedback - it is true I am more a control/reactive player :-) I love to draw cards. I tone down my critics and probably would just go
+3 mummify -3 crown quartermaster
But it was my experience that against aggro and also often against midrange (crusader for example) I lack behind in health and Royal Sage doesn't trigger. Looking for something giving health or avoiding damage (guard) would help I guess...that was the thought.
This deck is insane, just have climbed to legend with it! Thanks! :)
1 Reply
CHARM3R 9 months ago
I'm glad it helped!
Paly_Noob 8 months ago
Although this deck is technically "outdated," I'm happy to report it's still a beast on ranked, I'm still running at an 80% WP with it. Thanks again, Charmer!
1 Reply
CHARM3R 8 months ago
This deck is still entirely viable "as is," but you can feel free to make some cuts and fit in Bleakcoast Troll if you want. You could cut the Sages and one Agent to make room. That's what I would likely do with this version. I'm testing another version with a slight rework to make the curve lower right now, and I don't know which I like better yet.
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