Clockwork Apocalypse: The deck Alduin deserves

By: SzGamer227
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 2 days ago
Up to date (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 16300crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
The Clockwork City expansion offers so much power that this deck can take advantage of that I had to make and play this list. If you ever felt that Alduin wasn't being played to his full potential or if you just wanted a version of Alduin's theme deck that was actually viable, this is the deck for you!

Barrow Stalker and Phalanx Exemplar make this Guard-heavy archetype very formidable at all stages of the game. Clockwork Dragon and Reflective Automaton add 6 more dragons that this deck previously didn't have access to, giving Lookouts and Devour lots of extra value. Alduin has never been backed by a stronger set of cards.

This deck is pretty simple to pilot. All you have to do is hold out until late game and maintain control of the board, which is accomplished with Spellsword's access to powerful Guard creatures and hard removal. Build up a big board and hold out until you can kill your opponent while breaking as few runes as possible in the meantime. Then finish the game. Odahviing and Alduin can provide massive control swings, which gives this deck awesome clutch moments where you bounce back from the brink of destruction while shoving board-clearing dragonfire down your opponents throat.

Flavor Susbtitutions:

If you want more anti-Support forms of removal, Shadowfen Priests and/or a third copy of Edict of Azura can be included at your discretion.
- Innkeeper Delphine
- The Black Dragon
- Nahagliiv
- Devour(s)
+ Shadowfen Priest(s)
+ Edict of Azura
This flexible package means this deck can support anywhere between 2 and 6 forms of Support removal.

Most of this decks' early cards rely on Dragon synergy to produce good value,
which feels great when things work together, but can make early turns feel somewhat hit-or-miss against more aggressive decks. Ancient Lookout, Midnight Snack, and Reflective Automaton can be replaced with other, more consistent alternatives.
- Ancient Lookout(s)
- Midnight Snack(s)
- Reflective Automaton(s)
+ Solitude Stalwart(s)
+ Wind Keep Spellsword(s)
+ Dragontail Savior

The Black Dragon was thrown into this deck just for fun because I had 1 extra card slot that I wanted to fill with a Unique Legendary. Other fun/valuable cards to include instead:
+ Galyn the Shelterer
+ Dawnbreaker
+ Lydia
+ The Mechanical Heart
+ Mecinar
+ Blood Magic Lord
+ Night Talon Lord

Skeletal Dragon can be included to increase the amount of Guard you have access to in the late game, and will provide a powerful card draw if it dies. (Substitution suggested by 1stVampire)
- Ironscale Dragon(s)
+ Skeletal Dragon(s)

East Empire Crafter would be able to generate a lot of value given the very large number of 5-health creatures in the deck. (Substitution suggested by The Highruler)
- 2-cost card(s)
+ East Empire Crafter(s)

Budget Substitutions:

If you don't have 3 copies of Undying Dragon, replace them with Karthspire Scourge. Any other Legendary cards you're missing can be replaced with Mantikora, Preserver of the Root, or any powerful cards you do have that you think would be close substitutes; the suggested flavor substitutions for The Black Dragon listed above are a good place to start.

You can find a budget version of this list here!

Alduin and Paarthurnax can be obtained in their respective theme decks for 500 gold each. If you replace Dark Guardians with Shadowfen Priest and cut the Black Dragon to remove the Dark Brotherhood expansion cards, you're looking at a price of 4000 gold to secure this deck's most essential cards. It ain't the cheapest deck out there, but you should be unlocking all the story cards and theme decks sooner or later, and this is a fun little deck to build on the side.

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Smaxx 1 week ago
Certainly a fun deck, but I'm still not sure about Innkeeper Delphine. She makes a cheap (and conditional) 5/5, but then again I don't think the immunity to dragons is that big of a thing. Replaced her with Galyn the Shelterer and it just feels better (also considering I'd have to craft Delphine first).
1 Reply
Included Delphine just because she's a 3 cost 5/5 as long as you combo her with a dragon, which is very easy since just over half of this deck's creatures are dragons. Galyn is a great replacement if you don't have her.
I love Dragonzzzzzzzz =)

What do you think about replacing the Ironscales with Skeletal Dragons?
2 Replies
SzGamer227 1 week ago
Definitely a viable substitution. Ironscale puts more immediate damage on the board which can be helpful for closing out games, and your opponent has to answer with Lethal or hard removal. Skeletal increases the amount of Guard you have access to in the late game and provides a powerful card draw if it dies.

I didn't think to include it because it has more value in decks that have other ways to access the discard pile, but it definitely isn't a bad idea!
Smaxx 1 week ago
Could imagine using them, potentially also replacing the Ancient Lookout for Soul Tear. Or maybe replacing Paarthurnax (or any of the other legendaries mentioned above) with Journey to Sovngarde? Hm…
I really like dragon decks and this is the strongest I have played as of yet. In my experience Barrow Stalker is on the weak side in a deck like this, so I replaced them with East Empire Crafters. With so many 5 hp+ minions, you are bound to get value form this card.
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SzGamer227 5 days ago
I like having a decent number of 2-cost cards to get control of the board as early as I can, and Barrow Stalker in particular can be a big hindrance to an aggro deck's early turns. East Empire Crafter does sound like a great addition to this deck and could potentially give you a significant edge over midrange and control decks, and Barrow Stalker is the only similar-cost card in this list that can be removed without weakening any of its core synergies.

Will definitely have to try that out. Thanks for the feedback!

EDIT: Crafter has passed preliminary testing. Excellent suggestion!
I had another Cliffside and Ironscale to whip out next turn, but they surrendered immediately after...
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