Infinity Ayrenn

By: stebobibo
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 21050crystal
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This is a control/combo deck that uses Ayrenn+Brilliant experiment for infinite value so you can out-value even the greediest control decks. Brilliant Experiment is the only spell in the deck, guaranteeing you always get it back with Ayrenn. Then you just copy the Ayrenn and play her some more! The only card you technically need to fetch all your combo pieces is Laaneth. If you play Laaneth with 12 magicka you can grab Brilliant Experiment, then immediately play it on her. Then, later, just play the Laaneth again to grab Ayrenn.

There are two different cards that make Ayrenn cheaper, thus enabling you to summon many in one turn. They are Thralmar Embassy, and Star-Sung Bard. Embassy is better (why there are 3) because you can play it early relatively safely (only weak to support removal), it doesn't take up space on the board, it makes all other high elves cheaper, too (there are a good # of high elves in the deck to take advantage of this), and finally it protects you against direct damage via spells. The Star-Sung Bard also has extra synergy with the deck because there are a lot of unique cards in the deck, and getting, for instance, a Miraak down 1 turn early can be game-winning.

Reasons for other card inclusions

Mundus Stone is included because the deck is almost all creatures, and it can really help you when you start getting your Ayrenns online. It can give them guard, drain, and charge, which can help you stay alive as well as put pressure on your opponent.

Viscious Dreugh: It's sometimes very important to have support removal vs some decks. A Hist Grove can be very hard to deal with with this deck. Being able to remove Altars of Despair can also be decisive in you winning the game. And though you will usually out-value support mage with this deck anyways, it always makes your life a lot easier when you can take out a high-value support. Don't forget also that you can use Brilliant Experiment on the Dreugh if you feel you will need more support removal in a match.

Indoril Archmage: Although he sees very little play in other mage decks, in this deck he is a perfect fit! Since you have no board clears, this card happily stands in to fill that role. It's weak to silence and guard removal, so consider when it's safe to play him. Vs other mages, most archer decks, and assasins, he is very safe to play. I only play 1 in this list because that's all I have, but feel free to try more!

Riften Lawkeeper: Although this deck has a lot of 4 drops, I feel he is a good include. It's the most efficient immediate heal in yellow I feel.

Skywatch Vindicator & Ash Servant Since the deck has no actions besides Brilliant Experiment, it is important to have early game removal, and these 2 fill the bill nicely. The ash servant is great because of its cheap cost. I like the Vindicator a bit more because its more flexible (+2/+2 or 2 damage) and it's a threatening enough body on its own. Vindicator is very comparable to Shearpoint Dragon, which sees a lot of competitive play. And on top of all that, he's a high elf, meaning you can summon him at a discount with your embassies! I only have 1 in the deck because that's all I own.

Deck Tips

Brilliant Experiment. Firstly, there are 2 in the deck because that's all I own. If you own more, try experimenting with 3 as that might make the deck more consistent at getting the combo. But it also might worsen some match-ups because you can end up with 2 or 3 in your hand early. When to use Brilliant Experiment? You can use your brilliant experiments any time prior to playing Ayrenn as she always will return 1 to you. Consider, however if you want to save them for specific cards that can be vital in whichever match-up you are in. A second Miraak can be devastating vs a control deck, or an extra harpy, profiteer, or guard card can keep you alive vs aggro.

How to use the combo: Only play Ayrenn when you have a Brilliant experiment in your hand or graveyard. Then, only play her when you have enough magicka afterwards to play a Brilliant Experiment on her (you will need 2 magicka). You can, however, risk it if you feel you can get way with it by not Brilliant Experimenting her that turn (you feel your opponent has no way to get rid of her on his turn, or you are going for a lethal push and just putting more pressure on the board). Remember that as you get more Ayrenns on board the cost of the BE goes down, so the first one costs 2, second 1, third and subsequent 0. Its important to plan your combo turns out in advance to make sure you have enough magicka for what you want to do. Another thing to watch out for: Some decks play that yellow card that gives you a 0 mana action in place of the top card of your deck. If you plan on using the combo that game, never play that card as it will ruin your combo (you can't guarantee getting BE back from the graveyard).

Laaneth As I said earlier, Laaneth is the only card you need to pull off the combo, and thus in some match-ups can be considered the most valuable card in your deck. If you feel your opponent is playing a very slow, reactive deck, you may be justified in keeping her in your opening hand. Also consider the tech uses she can be used for. You can fetch a Viscious Dreugh if your opponent has a threatening support, a Miraak or Manticora if you need to take care of a big creature, a Riften Lawkeeper if you need a clutch heal, a Shrieking Harpy if you need to lock something down to stay alive, an Embassy or Bard to make future Ayrenn turns bigger, or an Arcano to finish off your opponent's last life points.

Vs a control purple Hallowed Deathpriest is a thing now in control purple decks. As its one of the only things that can wreck your combo (the only other one I can think of is the memory wraith if all BEs are in the graveyard), its worth playing around by having a higher magicka card in hand when you are also holding Ayrenn. The match is favoured for you imo, as long as he doesn't mummify Ayrenn this way, or he just ramps too much and out-tempos you, or you don't draw the combo in time.

Closing Remarks

The deck is by no means a top tier deck. But I do feel it performs better than expected. I have a slightly larger than 50% winrate on ladder at rank 5 (the ladder just reset, I've only played it this month). Its best match-up is control mage. Its possible to beat anything with it. You just have to know when to get aggressive, or when to play for the long game with your infinite combo or your swingy late game minions like Miraak and Manticora. Feel free to try different cards in it. The deck list is by no means completely optimized yet. Hope you have fun with it!

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