Altar-Last Gasp Assasin

By: Mandos
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Posted: 1 year ago
Outdated (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 21050crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Hi Guys, my new Altar-Last Gasp Assasin. My last 6 Games bring me without a loss to rank 4. Hm, i dont know if this bring me to Legend, but for the mid-ranks it will work very fine. I believe in that, this deck can reache higher ranks.

We want to have Brutal Ashlander, BHM and/or Telvani Arcanist in the Mulligan. With Ring i hold Elusive Shemer or Sadras Agent too. Balmora Spymaster we wont have in the early phase, i skip in the mulligan, ever.

Leafwater Blessing allows to attack with BHM or Balmora Spymaster, and we have enough effects that bring it back to the hand (House Kinsman, BHM).

In the most games i played, i have many creatures on the bord, so we can use Altar, Cruel Firebloom, Dark Rebirth or Desperate Conjuring. In the Lategame we have with Journey an Altar many big Creatures.

Try it, it make fun too :)

Please feel free to comment your oppinion :)

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