The Most Stupid Deck You'll Ever Play

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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 14550crystal
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This is guaranteed to be the most stupid deck you'll ever play.

I just played 3 games with it against the AI and won all three, pulled the combo off every time. Going to try it on the ladder later to see how much I get stomped. But in the meantime...whooo boy, this deck is stupidly fun.

Basic idea is that we only have 3 Creatures, 3 Supports and 1 Item in the deck. These combo with Siege of Stros M'Kai to save our butts right before we die. You play Siege, grab Morokei (heal), grab Dragon Priest Mask (heal again), grab some action (preferrably Ulfric Uprising, Night to Remember, Dark Rebirth etc to heal AGAIN), then play either Mechanical Heart to heal some freaking more, or play Dragon Mound to convert your deck into Dragons.

We're also running Stealer of Secrets to try and OTK whenever available. Since most of our deck is actions, its not uncommon for him to push 20/20.

Everything else in the deck is actions used to stall and keep you breathing. I've packed as many token generators and removal as possible, plus a bunch of cards that draw you cards or generate random actions.

Gameplan is simply stall, stall, stall until you can find Laaneth or Stros M'Kai and play and start reaping the sweet sweet memes. The crazy thing is, between Seht's Masterwork and Dragon Mound, all of your dragons cost 2 less! It's insanity.

Let me know if you have ideas how to improve the deck.

NOTE: NIGHT MOTHER IS SEHT'S MASTERWORK. I'll edit it in once the card is added to the database.

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Man, this deck is more and more fun the better I know and understand it :D I just had an hour long game vs Spellsword singleton. I pulled Skeletal Dragon from Blackmail into Gravesinger from Desperate Conjuring into Iron Atronach from Moment of Clarity and later I drew 2 Alduins in a row. Not to mention I summoned Morokei 4 times and Laaneth 3 times, lol, so sick game. Definitely recommend this deck if somebody is bored :D

I actually like ANtR more than Seht's - the more activations of your summon effects the more fun :D
A very enjoyable deck! have a 70% win-rate. I've added paarturnax and mirak to make it more fun )
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