[February 2018] Ultimate SpellSword

By: Animaker
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 18400crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
The deck made to destroy all decks is back. It's not control, it's not midrange, it's not aggro, it's Ultimate.

The deck has changed a lot from it's former form, and now I plan to deliver a solution that can be as defensive as Control Mage, defeating any slow deck, but with as much aggression and reach as possible.

With everyone trying to play aggressive regardless of value, this deck really shuts them up. And there's nothing more satisfying than having an answer to every single opponent's play!
Against Aggro/Midrange: Keep everything that costs 4 or less except Edict of Azura or Soul Tear
Everything Else: Keep everything that costs 4 or less.
Ultimate Transformation
Starting on Rank 3 the deck became a meta deck when I replaced 1x Execute for The Black Dragon(bye bye Archer) and 3x Clockwork Dragon for 2x Arrest (bye bye Scout) and 1x Lucien Lachance (bye bye midrange) and 2x Night Shadow + 1x Black Magic Lord for 3x Bleakcoast Troll (bye bye aggro)
Step 1: Remove enemy board while establishing yours onn the field lane
Step 2: Keep attacking while removing every threat on the way
Step 3: Go forward and smash the opponent as fast as you can
Step 4: ??
Step 5: Legend
Results of February 2018
From Rank 5 to Rank 4: 15 Wins 3 Losses
From Rank 4 to Rank 3: 25 Wins 10 Losses
From Rank 3 to Rank 2: 9 Wins 1 Loss
From Rank 2 to Rank 1: 10 Wins 3 Losses
From Rank 1 to Legend: Ongoing

Total: 74-26
Battlemage: 10-2
Crusader: 6-1
Mage: 8-2
Monk: 4-1
Warrior: 12-4

Archer: 10-2
Assassin: 4-3
Spellsword: 8-3

Scout: 7-3
Sorcerer: 6-4
Achieving Rank 1 beating #16 Legend (Shouts Journey Archer)

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thanks! sounds great. at what level are you playing?
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Animaker 11 months ago
Right now climbing from 5 to 4. Exams are almost over so will aim for legend, thanks for checking it out, please tell me your results :)
Puhatron 11 months ago
I use this deck on ranq 1 and low legend. Is rly strong against all control decks [7 wins 1 lose]. But lose ~80% games vs aggro, and ~70% vs mid range. [5 wins 12 lose- vs aggro/mid range]. Overal 12 wins 13 lose.
Main problem vs aggro and mid range is rly bad magic curve, and only 3 Prophecy (Piercing Javelin), which is good vs mid range/countrol metchups.
I sugest take off some cards like: Crafter 2 Devour, 1 Edict of Azura, 3 East Empire Crafter .
Add 3 Dark Guardian, 3 Hive Defender.
You should take off 3 cards from 5 drop and add some 3 cards with 2 drop.

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just saw your comment, posting at the same time. had almost the same ideas
Animaker 11 months ago
Thanks for the input, I will try out different things once my winrate drops a considerable amount.

Unfortunately I'm not at such a high rank to test it out against the best of the best
Animaker 11 months ago
Hey, the deck is at it's peak, try it now :)
5-drops are far too much in my opiniton. I try with:
- 2 deadly drougher
- 2 thieves
- 1 dawns
- 1 phalanx
- 1 edict of
- 1 cast into time
- 1 emperors blade
- 1 night shadow (missing currently)
+ 3 windkeep spellswords
+ 3 dark guardian
+ 1 devour (cheaper than cast into time)
+ 1 mecinars will (low creatures, lane control)
+ 2 hive defenders

I will tell you me results, also from rank 4 -> 3 ;-)
I can twist it in whatever direction... in gauntlet, this desk doesn't work sadly :-(
Nice deck man, i have a similar deck but it incorporates a synergy between Skeletal Dragon and Black Worm Necromancer. Also i've been wondering how strong is Cast into Time?
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Animaker 11 months ago
Madly strong. I'm replacing the Draugrs now for 2x Arrest.
This works well enough to not give Scout(hardest matchup rlly) the tools he needs with soul tears, works very well to remove copies.

You know legendaries like Daggerfall Mage, or epics like Baroness, they are really powerful and they are what makes the deck consistent, you remove all the copies of their good cards and you're the only one with good cards constantly in play, that's what this deck is about.
sirdystic 11 months ago
Thanks for publishing this Animaker. Having fun on low ladder with it. 'Cast into time' what a hoot !
This is a damn nice and fun deck. Well done!!!
Autistic 11 months ago
Hi! I've been playing SS since last summer, and SS is my favourite class, so I really like, when someone plays it.

I think you should add:
Paarthurnax, Odahviing and Alduin (They're very strong in late game, and also Alduin has very good synergy with Galyn and other dragons)
Some ramp cards (They'll help you in late game)
SS has lack of card draw so I think you should use Namira Shrine and Ruin Archeologist with Treasure map.
I like the adjusted list :) However I also tend to mulligan soul tear, since I prefer to use it as a late game card (maybe worth adding to the description).
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Animaker 11 months ago
Well I didn't describe that one since it would be obvious, but you're probably right. Also I'm planning on including Lucien Lachance or Journey to Sovngarde. The deck is transforming as I see fit and becoming more solid and solid. Instead of Clockwork Dragon you now have Arrest which made a HUGE change really.
Ooh, those are two cards I really love, so I'm all for including them.
And indeed, the arrests can be game changing.
Love your decks bro. Gonna try this
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