Conscription Archer

By: Firedrake22
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 8 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 16350crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Final edit: This deck is no longer a good deck. The nerf to journey means you will never will a board with conscription.
Even further edit: I have no idea why it didn't have brotherhood slayer or Ungolim. Fixed now
Further edit: I ended up playing about 20 games with this deck. If you're good at rage archer variants, let me know if this deck serves you well
Edit: I suck at rage archer, i'm probably not the best indicator of this deck's power level
Welcome to Conscription Archer. This deck has given me great success in the early hours of the Forgotten Hero meta with it taking me 6-0 so far.
The deck shows many similarities to Rage Archer as we know and 'love'
Where this diverges however is it's inclusion of "Tullius' Conscription" which when combined with Journey to Sovngarde allows you to fill the board with creatures buffed by the said Journey. I know the sample size is small but so far this combination has closed out roughly half my games. The ability to play several enormous drain, shackle and burn creatures ensures quick stabilisation in matchups where you are facing pressure on your lifetotal. In the control matchup the ability to flood the board provides ridiculous card advantage and allows you to go on the offensive, tilting the balance of the game far into your hands.
I'm still working on the exact numbers for individual cards but I feel that with refinement this deck could be an all-star.

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Paly_Noob 9 months ago
Thanks for posting. Just played my first game on ranked with it and faced support mage. They thought they had me, until I pulled the JTS-TC wombo-combo - wish I could have seen their face! :D

The only card on your list that I question is the Ally since ~1/3 of the deck is non-green. The two times in my support mage matchup that I played Ally it didn't proc and Ice Storm wiping them nearly cost me the game.
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What card would you suggest?
Nimble Ally has no place in this deck. Other than that +1
Zoutsha 9 months ago
Great Deck thanks for posting. I replaced Nimble Ally and 1 Skaven for 2 Snaketooth and 2 Quicksilvers works out great for me so far.
Paly_Noob 9 months ago
Forrest Castle wrote:
What card would you suggest?

I like Zoutsha's recommendation of any combo of Snaketooth & Quicksilver.
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Good idea
NagumoAD 9 months ago
Cool deck! Most important it is a lot of fun to play it. Will try it tomorrow on ladder. Thx for sharing.
Paly_Noob 9 months ago
How are the new changes working out? I just got the 'win 5 with archer' quest, so I'll be playing this again :-)
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I have barely played it much. I'm honestly surprised it has so many upvotes
FRCP23 9 months ago
I'd replace the Moonlight Werebats with Giant Bats. The charge more than makes up for the loss of 2 attack, and they're both subject to quick removal.

It needs a Quicksilver crossbow for one-creature removal, as much as I hate to lose the skavens.
jkmcclellan98 9 months ago
Why no Ungolim?
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I agree i just cant play a Rage Archer deck without him. I cut 1 Clockwork Scorpion for him. We will see if it works out.
Eric Sjoberg wrote:
I agree i just cant play a Rage Archer deck without him. I cut 1 Clockwork Scorpion for him. We will see if it works out.

If it doesn't I would recommend cutting a TGR, I know you want draw power but running 3 seems a little high to me and it has worked well for me. Overall a great deck and conscription archer is my favorite TC/ Journey deck and this is my favorite conscription archer deck!
Animaker 8 months ago
Thank you! Just...thank you!! Honest to god, this deck made me want to play TESL even more. I have never won so easily. I was investing all my effort designing the best Spellsword deck I could. And I did, and it got me to rank 1. But getting to Legens is impossible as everybody is doing the Journey to Conscription thing, which screwed me up over and over.

Now this deck is simultaneously what's destroyed my goal and will to play Constructed, and my motivation to play Constructed again after crafting Journey and having been kicking ass with it. Literally no defeats. My changes are: 1x Vigilant Giant and 1x Werebat for 2x Giant Bat. This is the optimal formula in my opinion. No defeats, 7-0.
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Glad to hear you like it!
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