Ksedden Singleton Mage

By: We-Know
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 26400crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

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vanish2k 11 months ago
Meet the Real True Deckbuilder in this gaem!

p.s. I'm not Ksedden (с)
p.p.s. Love u all <3
GamaEuler 11 months ago
Suggest Conjuration tutor at 6, which should give you lava atronac at 7, very good and game decider if conjuration tutor is still on board.
Drakwind 11 months ago
I've gone up against this deck(or ones that are basically the same) a few times today while playing ranked. It's so damn annoying to deal with and it just makes the game not fun. It's just way too effective at shutting down mid-range.
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You say that like it's a bad thing.
I, however, welcome this. The meta is changing, and that's good.
I wish I could say the same to face decks though.

A clear counter to this deck would clearly be a face deck due To face decks having a more consistent draw than this.
Also by the fact that this deck consists of 60%ish 5+ drops
Drakwind 11 months ago
It is a bad thing, but only for me and others who like playing mid-range. Which is ultimately something I/we can get over.
Also I was mostly just letting people know that the thing's effective in my own way. It's hard to go against and it's really effective at what it does. The deck is beatable like any other deck. It just takes some skill and luck or a deck that's a hard counter for it.
that brings in some flexibility finally :-) and more space for other ramp or control strategies...
I_Am-Become.D... 11 months ago

Admin Note: Please calm down
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Calmed as of the posting. Don't know why that should rob the community of a perfectly valid warning.
Still a troll deck.
What's more, I have faced ZERO/NONE of these decks in ranked in some 20+ consecutive games since. Not even decks that closely resemble this one, mind you.
The community, the ones that aren't trolling, agree. This deck is an absolute farce. AND, the mods shouldn't be focused on stifling me. Not so much as they should be stifling the fake hacks that do all they can to "calmly" sabotage the true purpose of this site.
Synfidie 11 months ago
My only concern with this deck is there aren't any "silence" abilities. Also a little confused by "Altar of Despair"

What is the reasoning for Altar in particular? Just for the free card(s)ish?

Only used it for two matches so far and won both, so that's a plus. (won with flying colors, though they did get me dangerously close to low health, but the mechanical heart card was in play, but didn't have to be used)
NagumoAD 11 months ago
To play against this deck feels realy, really bad imo. This way legend is getting really boring and reminds me more and more to HS, which i left becasue of cards like Reno and Co.
Of course the deck is beatable but the way to that point feels like "who has more luck".
Don't like it!

Edit: And btw. Siege of Stros M'Kai isn't a) buggy or b) has a wrong description. My opponent is playing cards from his deck who were already played in that game.
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Synfidie 11 months ago
They may have made a copy of it somehow or used a support to get the extra card.
Paly_Noob 11 months ago
LOL Reno was the only reason I stayed with HS as long as I did, best card ever in that game as it punished face-players to the max.

Sounds like you're just salty that you can't just go face in either game now?

Paly_Noob 11 months ago
LOL at all the salty aggro and MR players who have had their world shaken by something that doesn't just let them win in 5 mins every game.
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NagumoAD 11 months ago
Nope, i'm not salty and i love to play control decks, sorry that you have missed that one ;)
I'm okay to play long games in a chess match and in other tabletop games or something like that. But Legend is for me a game, where one match shouldn't go 1 hour or more. At least not every single match.
And Deckbuilding by using every card only once is at least in mirror only some kind of coinflip who will do it.
The meta was before the release of forgotten heros still more on the control side but playing with this deck or against it is im o silly.
Love the deck. I was looking for a good singleton base. So far I have replaced The Night Mother for Thieves Guild Shadowfoot, Brilliant Experiment for Moment of Clarity, and Alter for Revealing the Unseen. I have had some absolutely bonkers experiences so far.
Only 4 1-drops and 3 2-drops, is that enough for early game?
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SNES_You 11 months ago
No, it's not. I'm getting slaughtered by crap competitor decks, and lethal decks cut through this deck like butter.
I tried this version with little chances. It works better!

SNES_You 11 months ago
I must not know what I'm doing with this deck, built it and my only win so far is from a disconnect. Aye, it seems legit though, so I'll keep playing it; any tips?
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SNES_You 11 months ago
When this deck works, it's a ton of fun.
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