Tempo Monk (Gauntlet 27:4)

By: Mad Dworkin
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 16900crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Classic midrange deck based on Furo's original (https://www.legends-decks.com/deck/30605/top50-85-wr-tempo-monk-crush-the-ladder).
Resulted 9:2 - 9:2 - 9:0 (and rank 4) in the previous gauntlet. It also helped me reach Legend for the first time.

Pretty straightforward, although more aggressive than the original.

Basic goal is to establish dominance on the field before breaking the first rune, then summon Haafingar Marauder and break at least 2. Don't wait for the marauder though, if you can hit hard then do so, you aim for killing your opponent not the combo. If you can bring the opponent under 10 hp without steady heal, you've basically won thanks to the cliff racers and removals.

"Curse package": Curse + Goblin Skulk + Leaflurker + Green Pact Stalker + Shearpoint Dragon
The Stalker is a great card against many aggressive decks with pit lion etc, you'll get the same value as an Exemplar for 1 less mana in many cases.

"Fair trade" package: Cleric of Kyne + Mournhold Traitor + Brotherhood Slayer + Cloudrest Illusionist + Black Dragon + Curse + Hive Defender
With these cards you can force your opponent to trade 2:1 or spend more valuable cards to clear the board, and help establish dominance on the board.

"Supply" package: Eldergleam Matron + Eastmarch Crusader
To have more cards to play. Don't keep eastmarch crusader at the start, unless you've drawn 2 traitors/matrons. It is mainly for the mid/end game.

Other cards:
Astrid, brotherhood slayer and Brynjolf are mainly for the extra mana to keep the tempo when necessary.
Cliff Racer and Tazkad are for finishing off the enemy, keep them in hand if you can.
Monk's Strike is for finishing off and gaining health in a tigght situation.
Dawnbreaker helps surprise finish, but you can use it as a removal too. Don't keep it in your starting hand.
Javelin is pretty straightforward to kill big cards and combo cards.
Ahnassi is simply one of the best cards in the game, you can neutralize lethals, guards, wards etc. If you wouldn't lose tempo keep it until you can steal from at least 2 creatures.
Penitus Oculatus Agent is a great counter for many early-game creatures like Giant Bat, Fighter Guild Recruit, Barrow Stalker etc., and can save your hide against ragers, giants big drain creatures. Poor man's early game Ahnassi :)

Worst matchup is control/support mage (ice storm, dawn's wrath and tons of single target removals) and lethal archer (you can't really do good trades and you'll lose your key cards pretty soon).
Red/Yellow crusader highly depends on the draw, if they start to take trades then you've basically won.

Skulk, traitor, kyne, matron, hive defender and marauder are all great cards to have in your starting hand.

I'm open to any suggestions/advice improving it!

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Joopiter 11 months ago
Hi! I don't have Ahnassi, 2x Marauder and Dawnbreaker, do you think it is possible to replace them or should I give up on this list? I would have enough Soul Gems for one legendary soon, what should I craft first?

Thanks for any answer.
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Mad Dworkin 11 months ago
Well, the Maraduer doesn't really have a direct substitute, the deck will act differently (no reward for breaking runes, so you can't really play that aggressively). Ahnassi and the Dawnbreaker are not mandatory, most of the times you wouldn't even draw them :)

You can replace them by (for example 2) clockwork apostles and 2 territorial vipers. Exemplar, bandit ringleader, crushing blow are also good candidates.

What I would suggest though is to introduce some shouts to deck, 3 drain vitality and 3 shadow shift, then remove monks strike, add an extra leaflurker, remove penitus agent.
stefanyc 11 months ago
Not OP, but I play a lot of tempo oriented yellow midrange decks.

You should be fine substituting 2x Haafinger Marauder and Dawnbreaker with either 3x Phalynx (less agressive) or 2x Apostle (adds burst, but is slower at 7m).

Ahnassi you could sub in Penitus Avenger
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