Merric-at-its best

By: N0N4M3
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 17000crystal
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Thanks a Lot. I'm giving this a go.
Any tips on play strategy?
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N0N4M3 10 months ago
No Problem! This deck is mostly a Control deck, which is looking for playing the Journey+Constription Combo, so you should try to clear the board and survive until you got the Combo, but it also has a bit of a classic Merric deck, so you can also rush down your opponent if you need and you are lucky, but its much more safe, to play until you have the Combo.
Thanks. Since posting, I've already taken the deck for about 10 spins. Haven't made the combo yet, but the deck retains so much merricness that I'm winning through that.
But most importantly: it's a fun deck to play!

Good one
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N0N4M3 10 months ago
Thank you very much! Yeah this deck is so much fun to play! Like I said, its kinda a classic Merric deck with some extra Combo cards, which makes the deck much more fun to play and much better against Control decks. You might struggle a bit against heavy aggro decks, just because you wont be able to play your combo, but you still can deal with them, because you got enough removal and you can beat them down.
I'm thinking about replacing Markarth Bannerman. I never seem to get much out of him. By the time, I get to attack with him, I'm moving forward, and his effect is just to slow.
Maybe Spear of Embers instead. What do you think?
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N0N4M3 10 months ago
I wouldnt replace Markarth Bannerman, because the Nord Firebrands you get are very importent, because you can combo them with Merric and Supreme Atromancer.
N0N4M3 10 months ago
If you want to replace something, you can take out Battlefield Scrounger instead.
Martin Brandt 10 months ago
Replaced Battlefield Scrounger with Spear of Embers for a bit of prophecy bang.
I still need to tweak more either to my strategy or the deck, as I am usually dead by the time I have enough magicka to perform the combo (s).
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N0N4M3 10 months ago
Maybe you should change your playstyle or modify the deck, that it fits with your playstyle. But if you want to play a Combo deck, you always have to get into the late game. So if you do want to play a Combo deck and you have a problem to survive until you got your Combo, then you should put more cards into the deck, which helps you to survive. If you dont want to play a long game, then you should play a classic Merric deck and cut out the Combo and some other Cards. (If you want, I can tell you which cards you should replace).
I dropped the Daggerfall Mages for Battlerage Orcs. This speeds things up and gives me more creatures in my discard pile faster.

Oh, but it's nice, when the combo hits. You can almost hear them gasping on the other side. The pause, before they respond says it all 😀
When it hits:
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