[Meta] Namira Doomcrag

By: DaphneDuck
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 2 weeks ago
Up to date (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 17400crystal
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I honestly believe this deck has what it takes to become the new meta. Its power is crazy and consistent. Here's a breakdown of the general strategy for this deck.

This functions as a control deck. Doomcrag is your ideal Galyn target in most match ups, though against aggro you might want to get a guard like Protector of the Innocent, Barrow Stalker, or Dark Guardian. There's a lot of ping effects to combo with Doomcrag for hard removal, but the real MVP card in this deck is Namira's Shrine. In this deck, Namira's Shrine gives you insane card draw options. You can cycle through your deck faster than almost any other deck in the game. You don't need to feel bad expending a lot of resources because Namira's Shrine will just allow you to draw more resources anyway. Plus, you want most of your creatures in the graveyard anyway. Namira's Shrine allows you to overcome the previous problem with Doomcrag Warrior: not drawing Doomcrag Vampires often enough. The enhanced cycle means you can reliable draw most of your deck every match.

The finisher for this deck is the Journey to Sovngarde + Tullius' Conscription combo. You can reach this combo faster than most other control decks that would seek to do the same, and with a combination of Guard and Charge creatures, you can set up for a pretty devastating turn that even the most hardcore control decks can't clear.

Another valuable addition in this deck that often gets overlooked in Doomcrag Warrior decks is Lucien Lachance. Due to all of the various ping effects, it's very easy to trigger Lucien's effect to make your Sharpshooter Scout a 3/3 or your Dushnik Yal Archer a 5/5, or if Grahtwood Ambusher kills a full lane, turn her into a 12/10! Coming back for a Conscription also gives the potential to make your Journeyed creatures even stronger if they can kill things with their ping effects.

We have excluded cards like Skaven Pyromancer and Cradlecrush Giant because, while they do offer good effects and they can combo with Doomcrag, they're too much of a liability. You don't want Tullius' Conscription to bring back a Doomcrag and Skaven or Cradlecrush in the same lane and end up accidentally clearing your own lane.

Your worst match up is aggro, but it's not unwinnable. But with aggro currently being so weak in the meta, it's unlikely you'll even run into it very often.

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I've been trying to play a more consistent Doomcrag deck and this one seems really promising! I love the addition of the ambusher. I'll give this deck a try, thanks for the list!
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First day trying it and ended up 6-1, it's crazy fun!
Thanks again!
Need to craft me some vampires
cancer deck
Can I ask why there are 2 Giants in the deck? They don't seem to fit since they cost 3 after Journey and cause some card burn, especially with the Shrines and Stormcloaks already filling up the hand.
Deck is working much better then the self mill destroy variant. Thumbs up!
Meta is a big big word. Is funny, this yes :)
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