#LEGEND 238# Control Warrior 83% WR (GUIDE+VIDEO)

By: lonelywulf
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 14950crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I reached legend in a few days with this deck (see picture).
In the last few days overall win-rate was: 25:5 (83%)

**** Update 20.2. Defensive Variation ****
in order to better compete against the current meta, see below a tweaked variation... try it out!

**** Update 16.2. Mulligan guide ****
These 15 likes came in so fast, thank you! and below you find the promised mulligan guide.

**** Update 13.2. added some videos to demonstrate the play style ****
**** Currently 8:0 (today) ****


The original idea for this deck came from https://www.legends-decks.com/deck/22049/rank-1-75-wr-ramping-and-raging-warrior-combo
- thanks to ThePrice1sRight

This is a control deck. It focusses on the late game, has ramp (venom tongue & spine of elderblood) and rage-combo finishers with breakthrough....
- focus on board removal and installing a card presence (use grotwog, clever soul tear)
- do value trades if possible
- don't flood the board, never! - only if the opponent has no cards
- card dominance is important, having something in the back to counter (see combos)
- find the moment to attack (normally later in the game or if you have a really strong hand or against control mage, but still, patience is an important virtue for this deck)

The early game should be stabilized, by reactive play: guards, prophecies, mumify and lethal removal. Do support removal against control/mage decks with dushnik and bellingerent giant, shadofen priest.

Stabilization, board presence:
- lucien in play + skaven pyromancer -> skaven boost +2/+2 for every kill
- lucien in play + cradlecrush -> cradlecrush ist boosted +2/+2 for every kill
- lucien in play + venomtongue + crossbow ... +2/+2 for the kill
- rage on venomtongue: insane mana increase and board removal

Power-combos - to finish the opponent:
- rage + breakthrough creatures (win condition, if used properly on giants)
- rage on blood magic lord or night talon => win condition if relevant number of enemy creatures are on the other side

*****CARD CHOICES*****
very strong midgame remover, enemies constantly surprised, if you combine it with lucien ;-)

prophecy and treat remover (ending the sour tear cycle), use intelligently or if under pressure

*soul tear*:
very effective on vigilant giant (card draw, plus rage breakthrough treat), night talon lord or grotwog as these cards win you the end-game effectively, if under pressure use it on any card needed, same with galyn

strange card, you might think, but it gave me a lot of control against aggro 1-heath cards in the shadow lane, so save it for that occasions = update: they had to make space for rapid shoot (improved card-draw), but still a nice solution vs. aggro deck in combo with lucien... :-)

Important card for this deck, try to keep him on the board or soul tear if lost. As it is your summon-creatures-to-the-board engine.

*shadofen priest*
this card is essential, as it does not only help to remove supports or silence creatures, it also makes them visible in the shadow lane... this is especially strong, when you have no guard there but a strong or lethal creature for removal and are low on health ;-)

Mulligan is not so easy with this deck. General guideline:

* against maybe-aggro-opponents:*
- if you face an opponent, which could be aggro, drop every card, which is not 1-, 2- or 3-drop. you don't want to have galyn on your hand either, as he adds no defense at all. this applies to red-yellow (crusader) mainly or blue-yellow (token-mage) especially.

*against red-green (archer)*
strategy is to add 2- or 3-drops on both lanes and remove lethal creatures or make the opponent use move-cards early... generally a difficult matchup

green-purple (scout) or blue-purple (sorcerer) are not bad at all to win against. as these decks are not that fast, it's good to play on curve. ideally a 2,3 and 4 drop on hand. card-wise: mummify and venomtongue preferebly as 3 and 4-drop.

*mage-decks, singleton-decks*
against these decks, you can play more aggressive, go face earlier then against the other decks, essential is to hold back support removal for that case only.

***** VARIATIONS *****
Depending on the meta, you could also try out this more defensive variation, less ramp, more recovery, removal and control cards (inspired by tripleAAA, thanks!):
- 2 spine of elderblood
- 1 night talon lord
- 1 mummify
- 1 shadofen priest

+ 1 cradlecrush
+ 1 night shadow
+ 1 vigilant giant
+ 2 crushing blow

Rage control warrior at it's best, see these videos:
1st video:-> Raging a spellsword...
2nd video: -> Poor prophecy battlemage...
3nd video: -> Midrange Sorcerer, no chances...

so, stop reading and try it out and tell me, what you think!

ps: if you have any questions, are missing cards, etc. just ask!

** Profile: **
Competitive player, mostly at legend rank around #100-200 Ranked #23 during march.2018

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looking forward to your comments, experiences, etc...
2 Replies
sirdystic 11 months ago
Im only playing at low rank 8/9 but it won 6-2 games. Poor old Lucien, I never got to use him effectively. Every opponent took him out almost as soon as I played him. I will play some more tonight and aim to play him at a later time in the game , maybe turn 8/9
if you have any questions, feel free to ask... good luck
sirdystic 11 months ago
I shall give it a test tonight wulf.
2 Replies
thanks sirdystic... looking forward to your comments..
thanks for your feedback. sometimes it's worthwile to hold back lucien until you can combo him: eg. 7 mana = lucien + pyromancer or 11 mana, lucien + venomtongue + crossboy or 10 mana lucien + cradlecrush. not always possible and good, but if it kicks in, the opponent has to deal with a buffed up creature and lucien :-) as it is a control deck, if there's no treat on the table, you can wait... worthwile to ramp with treeminder etc. in such cases.

looking forward to hear from your further experiences. takes a while to understand control warrior and have a good gut feeling, how to play it
ChiefGrey 11 months ago
Nice deck!

Rage, Ramp Warrior always has been a appealing deck for me but sadly I never could make it work.

Your list seems really promising. But if I might add a suggestion: 2 dedric daggers instead of 2 soul tear and 2 whirling duelist instead of Grothwog and 1 Shadowfen.

Insane 7 mana clear for one lane and 2 cards + dedric dagger can help as removal and throw opponents math off
1 Reply
thanks for your review chiefgrey! sounds interesting. I had no problems with this deck so far. I often needed the soul tears if finisher-creatures had been killed. I think your suggestions adds more control, might be a good scenario for a midrange-heavy-meta.

I tell you my experiences, curious about yours too, let's keep us posted.
ChiefGrey 11 months ago
Cool buddy,
still missing some of those cards so my deck is not 100% accurate but Id be happy if you add me ingame so we can share experience easier!

My IGN is same as here :)
1 Reply
Some cards are essential and cannot be replaced, but others can be replaced.

What are you missing?
ChiefGrey 11 months ago
Im missing Grothwog, Lucien, 1 Billigerent Giant and 700 Gold for the Forgotten Heros collection. Also 1 Shadowfen and 7 Levels till Blood Magic Lord.

Sounds like a lot I know but some replacements are pretty easie
what did you replace them with?

I would go with +1 vigilant giant (or paarthurnax), +1 nightshadow, +1earthbone spinner, +2 pureblood elders... lucien is difficult... hm, maybe another crossbow.

how's your duelist+dagger working by the way? my experience is: needs two cards to be in hand at the same time, chances are quite low and without the other card, there is not so much use...
Holoir 11 months ago
Like #16 ;)
1 Reply
thanks for the reminder. takes off! loosing against my own deck now on ladder occasionally.... ;-)
ChiefGrey 11 months ago
Well so far Im doing terrible, lost 7/8 games with the following replacements:

No duelist + daggers (same for me, even against bots it was too unreliable, felt good when it hit though :P)
None of those cards you mentioned (dont own enough copies of them, except Parth)

+ 3 Midnight Snack
+ 2 Clockwork Dragons
+ 1 Parth
+ 2 Fell the Mighty (right now thinking about lay down arms since it did much better when I played against a similar deck)

Lost against 3 x aggro, 2 x rampscout and 2 x Alduin spellswords that got Alduin before I got rage

Won 1 game against a budget Mage where I midranged him with discounted spine, clockwork dragon, the ringed dubble protector of the root

Could be sample size but I never got any meaningful rage/crossbow combos out and the lack of carddraw / hardremoval cost me at least 2 games (never established a board and important cards always got insta removed, in aggro I never got close to turn 8/9)

Another reason could be that I simply play the deck wrong :D
seems like you are playing quite a different set of cards, other ramp or control decks shouldn't be a problem with this deck.

but I can understand, if you miss most of the big creatures and lucien, grotwog and cradlecrush, you will have a hard time.

if you really want to play this deck, I suggest to save coin for the lost-heros and play arena for a while until you can craft more of the key creatures... you could also go with +2abandoned imperfects as breakthrough-replacements, instead blood lord and vigilant giant until then. but cradle crush would really help alot.

send me a link of a replay, if you want to figure out if playstyle is the issue ...

good luck! :-)
Holoir 11 months ago
lonelywulf wrote:
thanks for the reminder. takes off! loosing against my own deck now on ladder occasionally.... ;-)

Surely, it is a great deck and much appreciated that it's being posted here for everyone's benefit. Plus, the really extensive guide on "how-to-play" is really great. So, thanks for taking the time for building and sharing this knowledge with the community. I had lost against a very similar deck on ladder twice (it wasn't you though ;) ) and thought I might try the same. In any case, it seems to be influencing the meta. Sooooo - thanks for the Mulligans also -- ;)
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