## Alduin Dragon Rage Warrior (GUIDE + VIDEO) ##

By: lonelywulf
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 15850crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

*new* Card mechanics
*new* Raging at legend rank
*new* Epic finish against Spellsword

Older versions of the deck:
Showing card-mechanics against an assassin
Taking down a rank1-Archer
Show-case how to run down a namira doomcraig deck
Winning against Wispmother OTK - a suspense thriller :-)

** Update 11.3. **
If you face a very midrange-heavy meta: switch to this deck or this deck

- this is a control-deck, not tier 1, but a lot of fun to play
- it focusses on Alduin and/or slow build up of board presence to win the end-game
- be patient, clear the board, always!
- don't go for rune breaking before you have a winning hand
- build up your dragon graveyard to reduce the cost for alduin

- Ancient lookup + dragon = guard (helps early game)
- removal with Venomtongue and Crossbow or Unstoppable Rage => insane magicka increase
- Skeletal Dragon => buffs graveyards, Soultear benefits from it
- Falkreath + rage => creature revival & board presence, sometimes beneficial, if own cards are killed, as they can be brought back (=> see video: synergy with Skyborn-dragon or Galyn, if killed)

This deck has 13 dragons (incl. Reflective Automation, excluding Alduin) and should deliver a good balance between removal tools and dragon graveyard build up. it has a little ramp with Venomtongue.

- midnight-snack: anti-aggro + draw dragons earlier onto the board (can be also protector of the innocent)
- ancient lookout (like it to help early game)

- ancient lookout, barrow stalker, dark guardian, dushnik, skeletal dragon, nagiliv
- lane removal: venontonue + unstoppable rage
- health gain: nightshadow or clockwork dragon (left lane) + unstoppable rage

- you need 4 dragons in graveyards in order to play Alduin on magicka 12 (-2 for each dragon) without ramp

- against mage-matchups, be aware, that Mirrak in combo with Dark Rebirth or Doppelgangers can ruin Grotwog or Alduin -> have a Mummify to prevent this
- against purple matchups, Mummify can be used to end the Soul Tear cycle with Paarthurnax or other big creatures

- I like Grotwog at the moment, but he is a flex spot could be also another skyborn dragon, odhaving or another vigilant giant
- if you miss another legendary card, here are possible replacements:
- nagiliv or skeletal dragon replace with vigilant giant, night shadow (breakthrough) or spine of the elderblood (dragon graveyard/ramp)


** Profile: **
Competitive player, mostly at legend rank around #100-200 Ranked #23 during march.2018

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kisuke88 9 months ago
Nice deck, i have only 1 venomtongue and 1 skeletal dragon, how can i replace?
I just updated the list to the current meta, so please have a look first. then you could try: +1 falkreath +1 skyborn (control) or +1 spine (ramp)
FRCP23 9 months ago
Went 1-3 with this deck. Got Miraak'ed in two of those losses, and you can't catch up to that.
lonelywulf 9 months ago
You have to expect Miraak :-) don't play Alduin if you can win even, if he Miraaks it. This is not an easy deck. requires some practice. at what rank are you playing currently?
4 Replies
FRCP23 9 months ago
I'm at Rank 5 after the monthly reset, was at Legend in January and Rank 1 in February. I've never gotten to an opportunity to play Alduin: one win when I was able to play a Giant and two Rages in three turns, and three losses where my opponent out-legendary'ed me.
FRCP23 9 months ago
Kept trying. Now a total of 5-6. Had one match where I needed the Alduin to stop a OTK, and then still lost to an Arrest/Dres Renegade combo, despite getting to play three 11/11 Giants. Seems I can only win if I get a good draw against an aggro deck, getting murdered by greedier decks.
I don't think, that many other decks score better now. at rank 5, there's a lot of competition and diversity now - always after the rank reset. I am trying different decks at the moment and winrate is barely above 50%. currently at rank4
Sea King 9 months ago
The ladder in TESL is really difficult, it's true. The last time I got to legend I went from playing whatever seemed good to analyzing every play and doing the one with the best outcome.
kisuke88 9 months ago
lonelywulf wrote:
I just updated the list to the current meta, so please have a look first. then you could try: +1 falkreath +1 skyborn (control) or +1 spine (ramp)

ty, i miss Lucian too :D i'll try it with spine and skyborn :)

what about ODAHVIING?
1 Reply
yes, a good variation also.
Alferious 9 months ago
Maan, i always wanted a deck like this, you dont know how much fun i get already XD
i Replace -1 skeletal dragon -1dushnik Yal Archer = +1 Earthbone Spinner +1 Night Talon Lord for more heal ( just beacuse dont have enough Cristal to craft them :3 )
ty man Thumbs UP (Y).!!!
wow, thanks for your comment. glad you're having fun ;-)
This deck doesn’t work for shit right now in the ladder
1 Reply
it is very difficult to climb, as all important players are crowded at rank5. what deck do you play, dude?
Sea King 9 months ago
Firstly I have a question. Isn't having 51 cards in the deck bad for sinergy and drawing the cards you need?

Secondly I'd like to say that I'm very much enjoying the deck, this is the first unstoppable rage deck I play and it's hella fun.
2 Replies
very true :-) I was in the midst of bringing my latest changes to this deck.
Sea King 9 months ago
Ah I see, my bad. I guess I caught you in the middle of some editing... I like the changes I see, will give it a try, thanks!
Animaker 9 months ago
Running 2x Black Worm Necromancer instead of 2x Mummify.

Even better cuz restores the drain minions/dragons and has a ton of rage synergies once ur late in the game. But mostly I'm doing this cuz I lack Mummify, still a solid way to recycle the deck
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