Mana Curve

3 0 9 12 13 7 2 4

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Prophecy 9
Last Gasp 9
Ward 6
Drain 5
Pilfer 4
Guard 4
Charge 3
Slay 3
Breakthrough 2
Regenerate 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Rally 0
Lethal 0
Betray 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Plot 0


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Corsair Voice Assassin

By: Lokheit
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 15250crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Small sample size but good win rate so far in this new season (77%), will update stats as I climb to legend.

I enjoy playing Assassin a lot (always end up gravitating back to it) and I didn't see any proper Corsair + Voice of Balance deck around, so I decided to make one as my Wispmother/Balmora deck is starting to get behind the meta and the Journey nerf was big for that deck.

I can't stand playing most Midrange decks, because they tend to play too linear and a lot of them are boring when they run out of steam (and even when you're winning), so I decided to focus on tempo synergies and resources gain to make a fun midrange deck and so far I'm really happy with the results (both wins and joy).

Goblin Skulks fishing for Curses help speeding up the Voice of Balance buff (Brotherhood Slayers getting contracts help here too) while providing good trades and tempo plays with Leaflurkers and Shearpoint Dragons.

Black Hand Messenger synergizes well with Corsair Ships providing good healing and face damage (and you can give them tomes for more sustainable healing).

Dopplegangers are great cloning the Assassin reach options (Ancano - I even had triple Ancano in a recent game -, Tazkad and the Cliffracers) and prove to be versatile when you need to clone Leaflurkers, Shearpoint Dragons (that synergize again with themselves) Eclipse Baronesses and of course extra clones of Voice of Balance for huge board presence.

The deck has a decent amount of healing, very good card draw for a Midrange deck (most games you can win by turn 7 to 10 but you can extend games without runing out of resources) and very good reach. I've been winning a lot of games that completly felt out of hand (the most surprising one was facing 7/7 and 6/6 Murkwater Savages buffed by 4/4 Skirmisher on turn 4 with a really poor board on my side, somehow keeping myself alive on a wire multiple turns to come back thanks to my Black Hand Messengers and delivering a burst of damage to close the game).

I'll keep updating the deck if I see it needs some changes, but so far I'm enjoying playing it and I recommend it!

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Thank you for sharing this deck! I played it in the grand melee to a 9-3 record and am currently tracking at a 19-3 record with it since picking it up!
5 Replies
Lokheit 9 months ago
Glad to see it working for other players too!
SoundofMadnes... 9 months ago
I play a deck in ranked until I get 2 consecutive losses (or I find something else I wanna try!).

Just thought you'd like to know the final tally for your deck :)

Ranked play: 18-4 (82% WR) (took me from Rank 3 to Rank 1 with only 1 loss!)
Grand Melee: 9-3 (75% WR)
Total: 27-7 (79% WR)

I've got it broke down by class as well, if you're interested.
Lokheit 9 months ago
Sure! I'm trying to track my games too and I'm curious to see if some archetypes that beat me a couple of times are effective in the matchup or I just got bad hands against them as a coincidence.
Sorry for just now getting back with this. A breakdown by class is as much as I can give you.

Lokheit 9 months ago
Thanks for this! Small sample size but more or less I'm seeing similar results. If Warrior draws all of its Sowers it's really downhill, in other cases you can more or less provide enough healing to recover.

Still finding the adequate pace for some matchups, but I'm loving early Voices and Doppleganger versatility for reach or tempo plays with the green guys.
Tyranozor 9 months ago
Hey man thx for the deck it is a good list. My only problem is Voice of Balance, have you tryed without them and maybe completing the playsets (like playing 3 Cliff Racer) ? The thing is without the Corsair Ship the Voice is not that good, I have lost 2 games so far with your deck for 8 wins for the moment and the 2 loses were because of Voices in hand but no Ship.
Are you still playing the deck ? have you any updates ? I'll keep you informed if I progress see ya.
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Lokheit 9 months ago
Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I'm still playing the deck, as you say Corsair Ships are a real need, but so far the times where I can't get their conditions are balanced by how brutal a 9/8 on turn 4 (ring for turn 3 ship, 0 cost curse to meet conditions) can be. That's the thing about Voice, without conditions isn't too good.

That said, a lot of decks play the Mystic Dragon and it's arguably harder to proc his benefit (being free as a prophecy proc) than setting up Voice, and without their text both are 4 cost 4/4. Personally I like having these kind of synergies where if the pieces are there things get nasty and the deck has decent cycling for a midrange deck, so far I think I'm having more situations where Voice gave me the win than games where Voice not proccing made me lose.

Think about it this way: at the absolute worse they're Mystic Dragons that you got from drawing instead of a broken rune, and most times you have more stuff to play while you wait for the ship.

I'm still finding the correct way to play it in some matchups and the apropiate moment to unleash the reaching potential, but I'm having a lot of fun. I find most midrange decks a bit boring and repetitive, but the tempo plays, synergies, cycling, reach and doppleganger versatility are making the experience really fun for me, so far I haven't modified the deck as I'm liking it, but I might start experimenting a bit.
So Easy 9 months ago
bad deck
So Easy 9 months ago
very bad deck no play
I'm finding more and more that I'm wanting Firebolt in there somewhere as I'm not finding Black Hands quickly enough, or at all in some cases. Not sure where to fit it though...
Tyranozor 9 months ago
This message is for "So Easy", sir please elaborate your arguments, what you did was not only useless but insulting to a person who is actually trying to help so go learn some manners and probably to play.
I really like this deck, thanks for posting! Have gone from rank 5 to rank 3, and soon rank 2 (just one win away). The only card I´m not entirely sure off is daggerfall assasin, not sure what to replace it with though, and since my win rate is really nice I´m keeping it for now.

I think I´m going to try to put a mundus stone in the deck at some point, the deck has a lot of creatures. Not sure what to remove though....

7 losses in 27 games so around 75 % win rate.
2 Replies
Just realized, obvious really, but goblin skulks draw procced elusive schemers too, which makes them somewhat more valuable.
Lokheit 9 months ago
Yeah I always try to pair Schemers with Skulks as you get extra value from both and it helps adding pressure. Schemers are squishy, but it's 3(+daggers) damage on board and card draw for free every time you get one with a Skulk. It helps both agressive and control strategies (with a Wispmother on a control deck the card draw is brutal as they get duplicated).

The card you're not convinced is Daggerfall Mage I assume? They're very useful on early turns against agressive Red and Purple decks as it can either contest multiple high attack low health creatures from red or outgrind sturdy purple early drops. The tomes are useful for cycling and trading and synergize very well with the Blackhand Messengers to get more healing. They're weak against curse based strategies or execute, but they help a lot on some matchups that prove to be tough if you can't contest early.
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