Mana Curve

1 6 6 12 12 3 3 7

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Ward 13
Prophecy 9
Guard 6
Charge 6
Breakthrough 4
Rally 0
Regenerate 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Plot 0
Slay 0
Lethal 0
Drain 0
Betray 0
Exalt 0
Last Gasp 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0


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BettyBlue Merric (#10 legend)

By: BettyBlue
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 16400crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Update 2 (3/16): Streamed for about 7 hours with the gatekeepers in place of ally, currently sitting at #10 legend. I'm unsure if my winrate is any different, but the gatekeepers do feel better. They work really well with any creatures with ward and having 3 extra prophecies is great (there's a lot of aggro/midrange). If I want ally in the deck I would probably have to switch out the gatekeepers again, and maybe remove bannerman for mystic dragon.

Update (3/16): Going to be testing out removing cunning ally for morkul gatekeeper/fearless northlander.

This version of Merric has most of the upsides of Condoms with the ability to fallback on atro's+raiding party against control. Clears the board well vs aggressive decks because of raiding party+bannerman(candycrush as well). Lost count of how many times firebrand&battlemace has saved me + setup for lethal the following turn. Deck has been performing very well so far. It's also incredibly fun. :^)

Proc is a little lower than I'd like for Cunning Ally but there isn't really a better 3 drop to fit in it's place. Still hits fairly often though.

Climbed fairly quickly from the bottom of rank 4 to halfway through 2 in a few hours (18-2)!

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Wretched8Egg 9 months ago
So glad to see BettyBlue deck building! My favourite ESL Streamer. Deck works really well!
1 Reply
BettyBlue 9 months ago
You can't say that you're my mod LOL. Awkward.
Nobistik 9 months ago
As a dude who's got a soft spot for battle mage decks I'm looking forward to trying this one out when I get home. I'll let you know how it goes when I get a decent sample size. Thanks for posting it BB :)
T3mp3r 9 months ago
not sure what it is but I'm 1-6
2 Replies
BettyBlue 9 months ago
Streaks like that can happen no matter how good you play. But if you're unsure if you're playing it right I can try to give some advice (I don't play it perfectly all the time either). Try to play reactive and take trades for the first 5 or so turns (I wouldn't start breaking runes if you only have 2 damage). By turn 5-6 if you're lucky you should have breton conjurers activated or some decent cradlecrushes to stabilize. From that point on you can usually start threatening 2 turn lethal by flipping your opponents threats with bellig giants and finishing your opponent with battlemaces/bolts. Against control decks you may have to fallback on your atromancer (make sure you build up your hand with firebrands first).

A lot of the way you play merric comes from experience in knowing when you can start pressuring damage to the face. A lot of games are very close too, that's just the nature of the deck. If all of this is obvious to you then I'm sorry I couldn't help more. it's also possible you've just had really bad luck (drain vitality can be a pain and so is control mage).
Emil Fabrice ... 9 months ago
Close games you say...? Nevertheless fun :) (Oh yes, I lacked a bannerman + a belligerent giant, so I substituted them with a conjuration tutor + scholar...because...who does not like atronachs...?)
Reman 9 months ago
I have been seeing a lot more BM decks lately so watching you play this the other day has been very helpful.
1 Reply
BettyBlue 9 months ago
Glad to hear it! :^)
Meru 9 months ago
Emil Fabrice Semti wrote:
Close games you say...? Nevertheless fun :) (Oh yes, I lacked a bannerman + a belligerent giant, so I substituted them with a conjuration tutor + scholar...because...who does not like atronachs...?)
Your picture shows an opponent that looks like a mono-neutral and you cut off the left part, which suggests that this is not a legend gameplay (could be not even ranked).
1 Reply
I never said it was ranked. :) I said it was close. And yes, it was the now-so-popular dwemer-deck.
I did not take this deck to ranked yet (I almost always get aggro decks in ranked, and this one - personal opinion, though I admit I lack the experience on BM - is a bit unreliable). But I might give it a go, as I sit in the snake's but anyway right now, not much to lose. When it works - eg. you can survive until turn 10 - it is really awesome though, watching SA + firebrands melting faces.
sirdystic 9 months ago
My Favorite streamer. Great to see you on here dude. I shall build this deck later today.
1 Reply
BettyBlue 9 months ago
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