## Fast forward Swift-/Monk-Strike (VIDEO-GUIDE) #

By: lonelywulf
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 8 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 13450crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

This is a fast-forward tempo deck to climb ladder quickly. Achieved 10:2 in last week's grand melee. Inspired by eyenie and lenz12. Ladder: 15 out of 19 = 78% winrate.


(picture 14.3.2018)

- play on curve (try to have a 2,3,4-drop in mulligan, Skulk prio1)
- it's a midrange-deck, hit face and reduce health as good as possible, but keep an eye on the board also
- remove enemy drain-creatures prio 1
- ideally finish opponent off at magicka 7 with monk-strike (+3 power) and swift-strike (2nd attack)
- save swift-/monk strike for the killing blow if possible

- this deck is difficult to counter / be ran down (mage is most difficult to go against)
- opponents are in constant danger to die below 14/16 health if there is one of your creatures with at least 4 power on board
- good swing back potential against aggressive decks, as monk strike can be also used to regain health when both players are racing
- focus on value creatures at each level with a decent attack/health-value
- many games are won between turn 5 and 9

- your ideal starting-hand is: 2-skulk, 3-nible ally, 4-black dragon
- against warrior, crusador or mage token, you could prefer bruma over skulk as 2-drop
- drop everything above 3 in all cases
- if you have a 2,3 and 4-drop (all creatures), keep it. chances are too low to improve by re-draw
- if you get no 2-drop and but one 3-drop - keep it! if it's not swift-strike or sanctuary pet


Your feedback is appreciated. If you have questions, please ask.

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Competitive player, mostly at legend rank around #100-200 Ranked #23 during march.2018

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Efe Can 9 months ago
this one missing the second haafing, any replacement?
1 Reply
try ahnassi or another hive defender
Gorgeous deck. Deceptively simple, defeats many far more seemingly sophisticated and complicated decks. And I'd like to personally thank you for finding a very reliable and effective use of the Swift Strike and Monk's Strike cards. They have a subpar rap, but here they shine brightly.
1 Reply
Heronymous 9 months ago
For the record, I have 79% winrate of 14 games in ladder with it, and my modifications to the deck, since I have no Haafingars or Dawnbreaker: +1 Fighter's Guild Recruit, +1 Murkwater Witch, +1 Piercing Javelin. I play mostly aggro in most matchups, while trying to have mostly control of the board. Kill all drain creatures. And yeah, save Monk's and Swift strike if at all possible. Opponents never see a 14 health to kill coming.
Nobistik 9 months ago
Keep up the good work my man, you're doing awesome lately with your decks.
1 Reply
thanks! :-)
msg979 9 months ago
Why are people still running post-nerf thieves guild recruit in decks like this one that barely have any 7+ cost cards? Surely Sly Marshblade is a better tempo card.
1 Reply
thanks for your consideration: I think sly marshblade is too slow. it gives you a card after being killed if magicka is >=7... this deck focusses on winning earlier and depends on early card draw. the -1 cost reduction is not essential. but to have a 2 drop. there's no better 2-drop in my opinion at the moment
Sea King 9 months ago
Thoughts on Daring Cutpurse instead of Goblin Skulk since you only have three 0 cost cards?
2 Replies
yeah, cutpurse is definitely an option! maybe instead of thieves guild. I like skulk in order to get curse which work good for removal with shearpoint ;-)
Ben F 9 months ago
Although there are only 3 0 costs in the deck, getting Skulk out early and hitting those curses can give you a massive lead in the early game so you definitely want them in
Ben F 9 months ago
Pretty nice deck, just went 10-4 and bumped up from rank 4 to 3 fairly quickly. I am missing Ahnassi, Tazkad and a single Illusionist and Marauder so I replaced with 2 Javellins, a 3rd Hive Defender and a 2nd Baroness. Been working out pretty nicely.
flainez 9 months ago
Great deck. I don't know if Eclipse Baroness really fits in it. Maybe use a Clockwork Apostle instead?
Efe Can 9 months ago
lonelywulf wrote:
try ahnassi or another hive defender
quite good, keep up the good work man
thanks for your comment! glad, you like it! :-)
Ptero1989 9 months ago
Nice deck, I put cutpurse instead thief, also cut Baroness and put 3rd hive defender. In my opinion Cutpurse is better choice because its a big threat for opponet and also it prophecy card. Baroness and thief its too slow.
1 Reply
thanks. agree with cutpurse. is a valid option. won't cut barnoness at the moment, as the additional hive doesn't change the game, but baroness brings late game card draw
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