Drain/Charge Odahviing

By: Arkjadij
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 11150crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Drain/Charge Odahviing.

Best combo scenario:
Every creature your opponent has in play increases your heal by 4, for a max of 32. Odahviing can deal 10 damage on one hit, which gives you another 10 heal. The max heal/damage is 42 plus the hit odahviing does = 52 damage.

Surprise ************ combo:
  • You have 2 health.
  • Your opponent has 18 health.
  • You have in play: Mechanical Heart, Ring of Namira.
  • Your opponent has a huge 12/12 creature in play.
  • He attacc.
  • Your health: -10
  • Your heal: 10 (the negative you had) + 10 (the heart heal) = 20
  • Ring damage: 20
  • His health: -2
  • He dies.

Other combos:

Focus on destroying every creature your enemy has; but play your cards smartly to survive every threat when possible. I have played less than 10 games and I already triggered the Drain Odahviing combo like 4 times, one of them with the ring of namira and the night mother, I finished with 50+ health.

The bad thing is that you may get high cost cards almost every turn and so you will be losing against those lucky aggro decks.

Just melt everything and get a lot of health.

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Ryan James Si... 9 months ago
Really cool idea to combo the ring with mechanical heart. Are you sure the combo works though? It does say that it "sets" your health at 10, not it heals you back health...
1 Reply
Arkjadij 9 months ago
Yeah, I won a game with that combo. The health in negative is gained as a heal; that game I dealt 12 damage with the ring, I wasn't expecting it but I won, my opponent had 7 health...
Awesome deck , I had out night mother heart and ring , filled his board with mother he kept killing them off then boom game over hahaha 40 dmg I believe
1 Reply
Arkjadij 9 months ago
Nice! Heheh... Sometimes it's an overkill but that makes it even funnier...
Hello, Arkjadij(is that a Russian name?)
Is there any actual statistic on playing this deck? I am seriously considering crafting this one
1 Reply
Arkjadij 8 months ago
Well... I have no significant data for this one, only played it in unranked games, having some good results, though. I'm not sure if it could help you to ladder but it's really fun to play, although kind of hard sometimes. And I think the real name should be Arkadij, but I added the 'j' after the 'k' to make it unique.

I usually play this deck for fun and a very little in rankeds. If you don't have all the cards, focus on crafting the core cards (like odahviing or the ring) and replace anything else you don't have with removals or debuffs. The playstyle shouldn't be really affected by doing this, as long as you keep a balanced amount of creatures/actions.

Have fun with it!
Thank you comrade, i really like the concept.
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