Imperial Bastards

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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 8650crystal
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this is my main deck, i'm actually at rank 7 and i wish to keep improving my deck, so i want you guys to tell me some ideas on what cards replace

as for how i play this deck, mainly is about having a some token minions that get buffed by other minions, then if having them on curve or when feeling comfortable with going face, i drop the the bigger cards

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I did not tried it but played lots of token decks:
you need better token generators:
+3 Marked man (cheap and taunt)
+1 Imperial reinforcement (it fills a lane)
+1 Golden Saint (it could be your win condition if played turn 6 and have board)

you need better buffs:
+2 Divine fervor (do not play token deck without three of these)
+3 Resolute ally (the same)
-1 Lucien (most of the times you do not want trade and even if you do it your creature do not survive)
-1 Plae to Kayneth (non willpower card and you need a full lane to worth its cost, could be a dead card)
-2 Bruma Armorer (the effect is defensive, the body is underwhelming)
-1 Praetorian Commander: you can play it on turn 5-6 and it needs 2-4 turn to pay it's cost, on turn 9 it does not matter if you draw a 2/3 or 3/4 Kvatch Soldier

You need less but better removals
-2 supress (the effect do not worth a card)
-2 execute -1 gourmet (it's good against daggerfall mages and wind keep spellswords, and other token decks but it can be a dead card)
+3 Imprison (most of the time a 2 mana kill a creature tempo removal without restriction)

You need better card draw:
+1 Priest of the Eight
+3 Eastmarch Crusader
-2 Highwayman

You need less endurance card. Token decks should be mainly willpower based (resolute ally, imprison) so do not use more than 3-6-9 non willpower card, some cards to analyze:
Midnight sweep (good token generator what you already use)
Northpoint captain (good but the 4 slot is very crowded in token spellsword)
Bruma Armorer (I do not like it because the defensive effect and underwhelming body but valid option)
Wind keep spellsword: for more snowballing early game
Siege catapult: it cannot attack every turn but when it does it hit hard
You should remove Supress (not worth a card), Daedric dagger (there are better removals), Lucien (it do not help you trade and when you trade your tokens do not survive)

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thank you for the amazing review, i will try to make the changes you suggested ( althou i dont know if i have all the cards) and post results, thanks again for your help
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