Uprising of a Battlemage ( toptier LEGEND DECK )

By: r4d1cAL
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Posted: 3 months ago
Updated: 3 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 18000crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Now that I hit legend ranks with that sweetroll of a deck, I'll give u guys a short tech explanation and playstyle tutorial (more or less card-by-card)!

1 drops: firebolt / rapid shot should be here to "finish off" damaged enemy minions or give u the card draw in faster matches
2 drops: protectors / harpies / wardcrafter while protectors hold stand against early aggressive decks, wardcrafter and harpies are already two of many cards which highly benefit of the uprising (something about that in particular a few sentences later on)
3 drops: daggerfall / reverberating strike while daggerfall is included in almost every blue toptier deck, rev strikes are superb against tokens or any (and there are a lot) minions with 3 health. cause u don't want waste a bolt on an ally for example.
4 drops: now, things gonna get slithly interesting!
dush / earthbone / fell the mighty: the conttrol package in midgame which gives U almost every time the stabilization to get into your late game and winning games, great with uprising and doppelganger. Bolts on top.
5 drops: DOPPELGANGER / thief of dreams while thief of dreams is good in control matchups to get that high advantage by giving u that extra value from your op's deck, doppelganger is one of the keycards to get your gamebreak combo off, use it on laaneth/ giants / ancano or merric for the super fun times!
6 drops: conjuration scholar another card which highly benefits from resummon by doppelganger or uprising, candycrush giants are your beardy icestorms here, best card against tokens and for full lane control, also they work well together with markynanz (12 attack for game closing)
UPRISING: your second key card to get those ridiculous, brutal and highly effective 1 turn gamebreaking plays. use it only if you have at least 4 minions with summon ability on board and well...enjoy.
7+ drops: anacano /merric / laaneth your primary targets for doppelgangers, preparation utilities for closing the game.
vigilant giant / markynanz: large, silly and that summon abilities for the even more ridiculous uprising plays.
I used this deck in the past 2 days to get me straight from rank 2 to legend #99 in about 20 to 25 games with a winrate by more or less 70 percent.

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I made a few minor changes to my deck, but this is one the most fun and effective decks that I've played. Thanks for sharing.
1 Reply
r4d1cAL 3 months ago
Really? Thx for these kind words! Nice to hear that it works well for other people, too! :D
Malakyas 3 months ago
Seems fun i'll save to try it later
treannel 3 months ago
I must say, this deck is way too much fun. I had 1 creature, used merric, next turn doppelganger on merric’s and ulfric’s uprising, and suddenly I OTK’D my opponent:D
1 Reply
r4d1cAL 3 months ago
That's the style we want to see! Glad that you enjoy this!
pgbarty 3 months ago
First of all, thank you for your time. I will try this deck later tonight. I am wondering if you could suggest any replacement for 1 Giant and 2 Dremora? Thanks in advance
1 Reply
r4d1cAL 3 months ago
Well...propably u could add for example ogres instead. Just make sure u look for the summon ability ;)
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