Mana Curve

0 2 15 12 9 6 1 5

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Ward 15
Guard 10
Prophecy 6
Exalt 4
Breakthrough 4
Slay 3
Drain 3
Last Gasp 3
Wane 0
Regenerate 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Wax 0
Pilfer 0
Charge 0
Betray 0
Lethal 0
Assemble 0
Plot 0
Rally 0


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Post Morrowind Mid Sorcerer

By: Provi
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 17050crystal
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Update 4/29: List works well at the moment. Midrange Sorcerer has the ability to crush the meta. End of month climbing with this deck from #150 to top 50 went 21-4 (84% win rate).

Who doesn't want to play those shiny tri-color decks post expansion? This is a deck with salt because I built this to punish all those greedy house decks that made proper control unplayable. Went 25-5 (83% win rate) in Rumble for 3 runs and sitting at top 5 on the leaderboard probably because no one has finished 3 runs yet. The lost games were due to bad draws or not having ring in aggro matchup.

Prominent Cards:

Corrupted Shade: It is the Sower of Revenge for Mid Sorcerer. The most tricky and annoying card in this list for your opponent to deal with. Most of the times your opponent can at best break the ward and pray that you don't have an answer to keep it alive, which you always do.

Sixth House Amulet: Battlemage has Battlemace and Assassin has Ritual. This this the Sorcerer equivalent that I long waited. Perfect synergy with Corrupted Shade and can be used with other creatures starting from Young Mammoth. It's only 1 cost which means it's such a low investment for a huge tempo. Just perfect.

Shadowfen Priest: Keeps Corrupted Shade alive if you can't ward it in time. Turn 4 Shade wasting your opponents resources into Turn 5 Priest is the ideal curve you want to see.

Indomitable Ordinator: At worst it's a 5/5 guard for 5 that protects your Corrupted Shade or protects you against other mid/aggro decks. At best it's a 5/5 Nahagliiv. It's particularly strong against yellow control and can make the trading game really awkward for your opponent.

Almalexia: Took out 1 copy of Bone Daddy since I find the meta have grown used to dealing with it efficiently, but feel free to sub in the 3rd Bone Daddy. Usually you want to drop her when there's an exalted Ordinator in play, which makes the Ordinator basically invincible. And trust me the chance of you triggering the combo is just the same as the chance of drawing her. And yes, you can always play her on turn 10 as a huge bomb, especially efficient against lethal archer.
This is the list in action. Despite of my opponent pulling off a strong tempo play to contest the field lane (Nix-Ox into Pathmage pulling 0-cost Schemer), dropping Almalexia enabled us to kill the Nix-Ox for free, eat the Pathmage alive, and leave the Schemer helpless and useless for the rest of the game.

I'll update it when the meta switches back to normal. And feel free to make suggestions. I might find space for Magister if the meta becomes aggressive. For now this works since the meta is a little too greedy for my taste.

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Gotta admit that I kind of hate Mid Sorcerer, but I like the way you are using the Ordinator and Almalexia. I thought I'll only see those cards in control decks. Good work with the list.
1 Reply
Provi 1 year ago
Thanks. It is indeed a deck that lacks shenanigans, but also has a high skill ceiling in terms of resource management and such. Ordinator and Almalexia gave us more chances against yellow control and lethal archer which midrange usually has a hard time dealing with.
Nezzajj 1 year ago
why not just use lesser ward?
1 Reply
Provi 1 year ago
The amulet allows us to use resources more efficiently. As mid sorcerer it is hard to use every single point of magicka every turn so there is basically no downside for the 1 cost. The extra 1/1 stats is also really good considering we have so many 5 power creatures, that we won't need another creature to kill a Hive Defender.

In mid BM we use lesser ward because Breton Conjurer is the main target and some version has Peddler to cycle the ward. In this deck you usually save the amulet for Corrupted Shade so the extra 1/1 stats is really good. Many times I simply use it for skipping the rune and it serves the purpose well.
I've had more people just surrender from being overwhelmed than I've actually administered killing blows with this deck. I feel bad but I will by no means stop using it
I'm not a hardcore ladder grinder, but I managed to hit Rank 5 last night with a decent win streak using this exact list. Sixth House Amulet performed way better than I thought it would. Most of the greedy decks I faced didn't have an answer for a 5/5 Mammoth with ward on turn 3!
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wow i see you on another deck im checking out hahah
thaap 1 year ago
this deck is master! greedy decks pay the price!
Cool deck, haven't tried it yet but I think it would be a good idea to include 3 Ghostgate Defenders instead of the Wind Keep Spellswords for 3 reasons:
- Lack of fireball, you can uses them to remove aggro threats like Rift Thain plus adding a Guard to your Board.
- Deck seems too heavy on the 2 drops, adding a card that can be played both as a 1 or 4 drop can balance out the curve pretty nicely.
- Great synergy with Almalexia. Any exalted guard creature is equally difficult to deal with if it is immune to damage. If your enemy has edict of azura, javalyn or something like that, he will use it on almalexia first anyway.
1 Reply
Provi 1 year ago
While I understand where you come from, I don't think Ghostgate Defender fits in midrange style very well.

As a 1 drop, it has the body of mudcrab merchant that does not really kick off aggression compared to Crown Quartermaster. And it does not fight against most 2 drops either. Against aggro its 1/3 body hardly trades against anything and you'd be better relying on Dark Guardian.
As a 4 drop it is simply not good. The inclusion of Firebolt in traditional sorcerer was intended to help you clear and trade WHILE developing. Playing this card as 4 drop means at turn 4 you played a Firebolt and developed a 1/3 body, which is really really slow for midrange sorcerer.
While the synergy is great, its fragile body can see it to be easily removed before Almalexia could see play. Even it ends up immune to damage, a 1/3 body is not really a huge threat to be ever worried about.

As for the lack of Firebolt in the deck, it is due to the slow control-ish meta that it is right now, and negation always has the same function if not better. It could always fit in the deck when aggro see a rise in popularity.
tjkie22 1 year ago
I've been working on a sorcerer list for weeks now starting from before morrowind, I changed a lot once it hit and I've crawled my way up to rank 2 with my list but now its still wins but not consistently enough so out of frustration I come on here to see what other people are working with and found your list which is almost identical XD.

I love the sixth house amulet in sorc, especially with things like young mammoth and barrow stalker.

Also if you haven't tried it yet you should play around with daedric crescent...that with barrow+wardcrafter= some very interesting results...or on Dfall mage anything with a ward gets huge results. Also for a bit of fun, I've gaylen'd a daedric crescent in a match or two putting a huge finishing weapon into my deck...I don't think its the most consistent option but its very fun

Nice deck dude! Sorcerer the superior class!
HeteroTracer 1 year ago
Any good replacement for Bone Colossus? Maybe Worm King's Agent? Blood Magic Lord?
1 Reply
Provi 1 year ago
Bone Colossus has been the single 7 drop in game that pressures your opponent the most and has the ability to close the game out. So it is always a card to craft especially considering many skeleton synergy cards were added.

The value of WKA lies in its ability to hit the shadowlane and stabilize the board, and its follow up slay ability to create another 2/2. But a 4/4 body with a 2/2 guard is not really good tempo for turn 7 for a midrange deck.
BML is great and generates good value but value is not something you look for on turn 9 as a midrange deck.

For replacement, I suggest going for Blackworm Necromancer, or Laneeth to search for Lightning Bolt or Ancano.
Almalexia? Too many cratures with "Exalt" in deck??? LOL
3 Replies
Provi 1 year ago
Please spend your precious time to walk through deck description before commenting nonsense.
Yeah, I just set up an invincible guard and won a game, but whatever
his name is wicked troll so maybe he was just living up to his name
I've been experimenting with replacing Wind Keep Spellsword with Almalexia's Disciple. It (mostly) plays about the same on curve, can still trade with early game creatures fairly well. But it also has a pretty huge ceiling in matchups where you have to play control, since you have so many beefy creatures that you can trade with and then heal up like nothing happened. It's put in a ton of work for me.
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Provi 1 year ago
Nice. The "heal" shenanigans are generally underused so far. Glad you had success with it! I'll test to find a more exalt oriented version too when I have time.
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