Karakondzhul's Midrange Dagoth (27-1 Rumble Run)

By: Karakondzhul
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (Morrowind patch)
Crafting Cost: 28350crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Here is what I've been working on since the start of the expansion. It performed amazingly in the rumble and a few people requested the decklist so I figured I should upload it. I'll answer any questions in the comments if you have any :)

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Nice Deck. How good is Cornerclub Gambler? And why you don't put one support for Aldora in (maybe Mundus Stone)?
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Cornerclub gambler is absolutely insane - you can replace something like steel dagger or a single firebrand for 2 other cards. Probably the card I'm most impressed with from the new set. Even if I put 1 support in, the chance of drawing aldora into the dream sequence is so slim that it's not worth it.
Aldora the daring I dusted yesterday as I haven’t used it for over 3 months. I replaced it with Aspect of Hercine. Is this credible... I have the rest of the cards
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Karakondzhul 1 year ago
Aldora is replacable but I'd suggest you replace it with something that doesn't mess up the curve (read that as an another 3 or less drop)
Went 9-0, 0-3 -.- and 9-2. Currently at #220. Thanks for the deck, got lots of rewards!
I´m currently 8/0 with the deck. Works really well good job ^^
Amarok 1 year ago
How is this deck against Control (Blackfalls) Mage or Sorcerec?
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You mean tribunal? I don't think I've even seen control mage in the last 100 games. Tribunal matchup is not that bad, you can usually outresource them because they can't keep up with the removal. Or you can get a crazy tempo play (like t2 traitor) and just win off that.

I presume u mean midrange sorcerer? I don't remember to have ever struggled against it.
Amarok 1 year ago
Karakondzhul wrote:
I presume u mean midrange sorcerer? I don't remember to have ever struggled against it.

Thanks! I don't have Queen Barenziah and 2x Berne Clan. Are they important in this deck? Any replacements?
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Queen is a pretty good card, I'd try to get her. Berne clans are absolutely replacable, u can sub in a 3rd tel vos and a bannerman or belligerent.
Why no daggerfall mage?
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You might wanna double check the deck :)
Any replacement for the mournhold traitors or the merric?
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Both of them are very difficult to replace. Merric's effect is too unique but I guess you can try another atromancer in his place to keep the firebrand synergy. Traitors are one of the big reasons to run green in the first place because it's insane tempo plays and the downside isn't much of a downside when you have so many ways to deal with a 2/1. I guess you could try the dagoth oathman or circle initiate? It certainly isn't as strong as strong of a tempo play but it fits the same purpose.
Why not blood dragon over bannerman? Both high targets for removal. And BD has a better body and can go face or kill a lot easier
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I disagree that dragon hits face harder - if think of bannerman as a 6 attack minion (with the firebrands), so it hits face harder than a blood dragon. If it lives for 2 turns, add another 2 damage so now it's an 8 attack minion. Even better, you can spread your damage so it doesn't break unnecessary runes to risk prophecies.

However, there is a lot of value in the firebrands. Prime target with gambler for example. An excellent piece of removal against tokens or other 1 hp minions. Great way to pop wards. Great synergy with atro/merric. You don't want to put all your buffs on the same guy just to get javelined? You can just spread out your weapons and morkul's buffs on the firebrands and have a very hard board to deal with.
I like this deck! I'm missing the two Berne Clan Nightstalker. Replaced it with two Blood Dragons.
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