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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (Morrowind patch)
Crafting Cost: 14750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Hello Guys !I hope everyone is well on their way to the top of Legend! This season we have many new features. The new block brought us greater possibilities by improving the game making it most PRO (next to the MTG I would say). This deck was thought in the current meta where in turn 10 or 11 you take an infinite combo and die thinking "Man, what happened? " So, what to do? When you do not have all the cards of the game the best strategy is: Kill before being killed. That is the proposal of the deck.

The focus is to buy many cards with good body and finish with a Conscript in case the game goes to the Late game. Simple . In a short time you will be mastering the plotting skill which is fundamental to the best use of your resources. Do not worry about resets of the board, because you will always be recovering the losses with absolute speed.

As for Mulligan, look for one or two drops, it will be important to activate the plot and use the Haunted Mansion. I'm still creating a combo to put in the deck and anyone who has ideas is always welcome.
I hope everyone has fun playing, because my goal is always this since this month due to lack of time, I'm happy with an honorable rank 10. And the way the winrate is, I'll be there soon enough. See you too

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Listen, this deck is very good, for you see. I am an idiot. A fucking fool. Playing-Eastmarch-Crusader-before-breaking-a-rune FOOL. Playing a Plot card first, when I have 3 Nord Firebrands in my hand FOOL.

I am not a smart man, but with this deck, I am still unbeatable. Kudos, OP. You have given fools everywhere a gun to stand on.
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Haha best comment!
The synergies here make it really fun to play :)
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Thanks man!
How long would it take to get all the cards by playing for free? Except for story cards ofc.
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It would take a while, i myself am a free to play player mostly ( I only spend little amounts of money now and then only buying a pack or two). and it has taken me around a year and a half now to get a collection that in full is only worth around 28,000 gems. although this could be due to me deconstructing a lot of cards to create new ones when the meta changes after every patch or expansion. However if you play regular enough as i am right now you can expand your collection quite a bit in only a month or so. plus don't for get to log in everyday in order to get your rewards and complete as many tasks as possible (you can also trade lower ones 30 coins or less for larger 50-70 coin ones in your stat area). As for decks if you are fairly new i would look at either saving your coins and purchasing a starter deck or finding a good budget deck to build off just remember the meta does change and you will have to replace cards no matter what you do.
I hope this helps you
JWHITESTAR 1 year ago
Some may disagree but TESL is not a "pay to win" game. I think the collections are very affordable compared to other cardgames. I believe that in 4 months playing two to three hours a day you get all the blocks without paying anything. I never even got a penny at any game. But I undo many cards that are missing today( don´t do this!) So my decks are usually low budget, which never hurt my performance
Auris LA stab... 1 year ago
started to play 2 months ago got this deck almost done today (miss two purple cards but i have replacement which is equally good) and few other decks built too, tho i spent lots of times on twitch watching for drops done every daily quest and did solo are with tickets for easier drops (cuz im bad at versus arena) but then again i havent famed AI for gems nor have i unsummoned cards i dont use i just unsummon cards when i have more than 3 of them (or 2 if they are unique)
I've been playing regularly for 4 months and have all the needed cards for this deck. Free to play is incredibly viable if you link twitch. According to the collection manager I'm at 45% completion (total soul gems for all copies of every card).
I'm impressed with this deck. When you think that nothing works, it goes and BANG. Amazing!
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Great ! Keep on climbing
Thanks man!

is Thieves guild recruit even worth now even though it can only hit the conscription? Or is just there for cycling engine?
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Cycling, activate Hlaalu Oathman, Conscription and mainly provide a second creature to the Haunted Mansion. That's why 85% of the deck buys cards. Thanks for the comment !
rylkak 1 year ago
mind giving your opinion on mulligans
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Simple, zero, one or two drops. You can be sure that they will be essential to activate Plot. The only exception is the Hauted Mansion all the rest throws out
I like this deck. I've been mucking around with it in the Casual pool, and one game, it feels a lot like mono-red Crusader, with bonus bits, the next it's almost mid-Monk.

Interestingly, I don't think I've had a game go long enough to bring in Conscription - the game is usually decided one way or the other (50% win rate on a very small sample of 4 games) by about turn 8. The one game I could have played Conscription, both lanes were already pretty full, so there was no point. I have yet to see it save the day, but I can see how it might be valuable in certain situations.

For me, the MVP is the Haunted Manor. That one really did save my butt on a couple of occasions.

This deck is definitely helping me hunt for the plot-related title too. :)
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FRCP23 1 year ago
Conscription comes in handy against control decks. I've repopulated the board versus ice storms and Odahviing, and even won without supports. Knowing you have that play can affect your strategy to go for survival rather than race to the face. But, yes, against aggro or against decks hoping to survive until the OTK is generated, the game often ends by Turn 8. An unsilenced Haunted Manor is absolutely dominant, especially when you have Oathmen in hand.
dav0r 1 year ago
Hey man,

I like this deck a lot. I can still remember the first 20 runs with only 4 losses. But I'm still stuck in rank 4. Going from top to bottom, bottom to top.

I did make a change now. I added a mundus stone. And I must say it helps. The bigger drops getting charge or drain help. Getting rally helps. And not to forget, you summon a lot more creatures then a normal deck, so it gets it value a lot. Also, I have a journey to sovnegard also, because I don't have dawnbreaker.

I still lose to battle-mages who are faster, warrior is hard too but manageable. Controls can sometime be an issue when you don't draw enough cards, but it's rare.
As it was said before - it is a gun in every fool's hand. An incredible deck. I've spent over 6000 gems for it, and have not regret it for a second. Best investment in my life, including buying CD Projekt shares.
w3ass3l 1 year ago
I absolutely love this deck although i have a few minor differences. What i enjoy most about this deck is that 9/10 times i wreck those life sucking annoying boring tribunal controls i keep facing all the time and once they think they have the upper hand Tullius hits the board and they concede.
Keep up the great work!!!
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