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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (Morrowind patch)
Crafting Cost: 14750crystal
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Hello Guys !I hope everyone is well on their way to the top of Legend! This season we have many new features. The new block brought us greater possibilities by improving the game making it most PRO (next to the MTG I would say). This deck was thought in the current meta where in turn 10 or 11 you take an infinite combo and die thinking "Man, what happened? " So, what to do? When you do not have all the cards of the game the best strategy is: Kill before being killed. That is the proposal of the deck.

The focus is to buy many cards with good body and finish with a Conscript in case the game goes to the Late game. Simple . In a short time you will be mastering the plotting skill which is fundamental to the best use of your resources. Do not worry about resets of the board, because you will always be recovering the losses with absolute speed.

As for Mulligan, look for one or two drops, it will be important to activate the plot and use the Haunted Mansion. I'm still creating a combo to put in the deck and anyone who has ideas is always welcome.
I hope everyone has fun playing, because my goal is always this since this month due to lack of time, I'm happy with an honorable rank 10. And the way the winrate is, I'll be there soon enough. See you too

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Shilock 1 year ago
Do you think a variation with a focus on Market would work? Or is it too slow to set up?
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JWHITESTAR 1 year ago
Man I was just thinking about it. A version with Murkwater Guide, Market and others zero coast might work ! I'll think about it
Shilock 1 year ago
Exactly! The crusader half of the deck offers so much draw potential, that it shouldn't be too hard to get going compared to a regular Archer Market. Could you try testing? I don't have the dust, or I'd do it myself.
Thank you.
This deck has been fun to play. In my first 10 games in Ranked 1 I won 7 and lost 3. I was then able to push 3 more wins and make Legend.
This deck keeps giving you cards to play and decisions to make and unlike with many aggro type decks the Tullius Conscription gives you some kind of answer when you begin to run out of the initial steam Turns 6-10.
I didn't have all the cards but made substitutions and have still had an excellent run.
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Great man , keep on climbing!
I'm basically retarded so I have no idea how to play the deck just from what is here. Is there any gameplay footage for this deck? Something more in depth than just "do a combo and mulligan for low cost cards."
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Master plot ability. Never play a card without taking advantage of it. A detailed Gameplay on a 75-card deck is really tricky. Basically the victory will come from your own instinct to play aggressively or be more conservative
Hello, thanks for ur deck, I'm having fun tryin' it!
I only had few questions : 1) What is the purpose of Dawnbreaker? I dont see the synergies with the deck, is it just because it's an unskippable card?
2) What do u think about Morag Tong Aspirant? In my games it was rly decent but I don't know if it fits the deck playstyle. I mean, are u supposed to control the board or to face the opponent (at the beggining of he game at least)?
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We have many creatures with haste and the dawbreaker can do a little Nord Firebrand 1/1 to become a 5/5 killer machine destroying a defense along the way (someone there spoke of Barrow Stalker?) About Morag Tong, the only thing that prevents me to test , is the fact of being a Legendary. It is too much investment to go wrong. But it seems at first to work here
eotinb 1 year ago
First of all, thanks for this deck. Broke me out of a terrible rut where my winrate was <50% and none of my decks seemed to work anymore. Switched to this deck and climbed out of the serpent in rank 3 to rank 1 very quickly.

Second, people love the Conscription, but I've only played it once in more than a dozen games. Most of the time I win long before getting to 11. More frustrating is having it sit dead in my hand as midrange turns the tide. Has anyone tried Voice of Balance with this deck? 6 supports, 9 actions (plus hits from Pawnbroker), and 4 items (plus Scimitar Lower Canton Smith and a few hits from Pawnbroker) means you have a decent chance of triggering his summon. Or are there other cards people are having luck with in place of Conscription?
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Voice of Balance is really a frustrating card to me. It is too much condition to be detonated by a simple Silence. So it's just a trauma does not use it Lol. Moreover, the aggressive potential of the deck is so great that a defense seems unnecessary.
Withered Hand Cultist seems really good here.
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The problem is to see the cards generated by Surian cost more, besides totally precluding the use of Tullius Conscription. But if you are having issues with Control, I recommend
Danny 1 year ago
This deck is an absolute beast. Way too fast for control decks, enough silence to pass through guards. The Plot synergy is unbelievable good. All the 0 drops to activate plots, they have too many threats to respond. -Go ahead clean my board i'll have it up and running next turn anyway.-
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JWHITESTAR 1 year ago
Thats it ´! "Come on and clean my board Motherf#cker!" Haha
thorael 1 year ago
when she says : you can't defeat me! feels good man ^_^
looks really cool but do you think Journey to sovengarde could fit here ?
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Maybe ,
but in a list where Tullius is not the only win condition and has great aggressive potential I think it's just a delay
Have you missed the life gain from the Bruma's at all since you made the change?
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FRCP23 1 year ago
Yes, the 4.5 average health gain from a Conscription was often very helpful, so I wonder what happens when I lose it. Goblin doesn't help that much in the late game; unless I get a bad draw to begin, I'm much more likely to have too many cards than to run low. And some of the random guards produced by Castellan were murderous, so I'd so much rather keep him in the deck than have a Septim, even if Skulk cycles a tiny bit faster.

I traded because I practically did not encounter aggressive decks in my Ladder range (Legend 10 to 1). That's why I traded for Skulk
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