CVH Hlaalu Aggro

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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 14800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

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jobi 1 year ago
Dude, this is amazing. I´ve been playing a bit Hlaalu lately, but with this version of it I just won against #2 legend and another top 100# in the first 2 matches, and I couldnt even get to legend yet this month. Great deck!!!
Great Deck, CVH. Hey dude..i have been following you bother here and youtube but recently you no longer post anything on youtube. Please keep your new decks coming, bro.. i am one of your fans..all of your decks are amazing.
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Argoth_Omen 1 year ago
CVH accepted a job with Bethesda, I believe he is now the community manager. As a result, he won't be able to create unofficial content anymore like his old videos. But he is active on the Bethesda boards and twitch channel.

If you like TESL youtubers I suggest taking a look at Justin Larson, DragonTamerBlayde, TES Legends Central & Furo.

Thanks for infos and congrats to CVH. I have watched them but I mostly love CVH's decks, fitting my playstyle. I hope CVH would keep his new decks coming here in this legends-decks
Based on the comments this deck works well but I have some worries about it. Too many draw. My experience is that if you use all these cards: Eastmarch Crusader, ulfric's Housecarl, Crusader's Assault, Suran, Hlaalu Oathman, Raiding Party, Jarl, Skulk I usually have too many cards in hand and in almost every game I discard a lot. According to Murphy's law I always discard what I have been waiting for.
This is an awesome deck!! I wasn’t able to duplicate it exactly, but the deck I made based on this rocks. I’d have never guessed a deck without any impressive high-cost cards could do so well, but it does. In my version of this deck I added some 4-cost Legendary cards like Tyr. I also like having Garnag Dark Adherent in this deck. If you can play and protect Garnag, your opponent won’t be able to play any of their annoying high-cost cards. That can be very helpful if you aren’t able to take your opponent out before they reach 8 magicka.
This is an amazing deck! Won my first game on turn 3!
no ambitious hireling?
I have never been above Level 9, but I just won my first 8 games in a row with this deck, and it only cost me ~4,000 crystal. This deck is fun and fast.
Great deck! 100% win rate in my rank 6 to 5 climbing
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