How to be greedy and get away with it (extensive)

By: Klinch
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Posted: 8 months ago
Updated: 8 months ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 28000crystal
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This is my favorite deck this season for sure. My goal here is to attempt to explain the mechanics of this deck to others and to review every possible card alternative that you can run in this deck and to explain why certain cards are in the deck in the first place. I got this far with it and still rising:

The great thing about this deck is its flexibility - it can beat any other deck with a good draw and exceptional knowledge of yours and your opponent's deck. Your main goal is to establish board control until around turn 12 and then either:

1) Go for reach with cards like Ancano and The Boss himself, against deck that will absolutely crush you late game like shout scout, Conscription Hlaalu or any Sovngarde deck
2) Maintain control and outsource your opponent by putting more creatures on board and drawing even more until you get one turn lethal.

With that being said, this deck is mostly played with control mindset, but don't be afraid to rush face if necessary. Getting to know what to do when might take some practice. Let's get on to cards then (apart from the obvious ones):

Shadow Shift: I was skeptical at first, but this card is ABSOLUTELY amazing in this deck. Take it, you won't regret it.

Territorial Viper - Being a deck that lacks hard removal, apart from Fell the mighty, this card is absolutely crucial, especially against cards like Nahagliiv.

Allena Benoch - Same reasoning as Territorial Viper - simple removal. It has some synergy with Queen Barenziah (lethal guard), but since we are not running Archer's gambit you can swap out this card if you think others are better.

Mecinar - Absolute beast for this deck, since all of your cards have high value. While it is a bit slow, the things it can conjure up with this deck can give others nightmares.

Nahkriin - A bit of a slow card, but is great in situations where board is empty and you have to fight for board control again (after Red Year or Ice Storm), because it gives you the opportunity to play two large creatures in one turn. My personal experiences with this card have been very positive, but it's up to your preferences.

Alternatives: (to be updated)


Morkul Gatekeeper - We don't really need prophecies, since we can deal quite nicely with hard agro, but the +2/+0 on drains is a nice touch.

Skar Drillmaster - Would recommend this card, awesome synergy with this deck. But I haven't crafted it yet, so I can't say whether it's worth it.

Cradlecrush Giant - Definitely a good card, has some synergy with our ward creatures. I don't think it's necessary in this deck but it's definitely good if you don't have anything else.

Wrothgar Forge - Too much greed, I never got this to work really well.

Belligerent Giant - Superb card, the only reason I didn't include it so far is because I haven't crafted it.

Unstoppable Rage - This is not that kind of deck.

Aspect of Hircine - This is actually a decent card. Once your opponent is out of resources a 12/12 guard hurts a lot, especially against decks without hard removal.

Dremora Markynaz - A bit of an overkill, but I can see play potential there.

The Red Year - A reset button is just what we want with this deck sometimes. However it is a bit expensive for what it does, so use with caution.


Fireball - Sure. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's certainly a decent card.

Ghostgate Defender - Good value trading against aggressive decks, definitely recommend running these cards. You will almost always want to play them exalted.

Dark Rebirth - A card that this deck could certainly appreciate. However I feel like it would change the core of this deck too much and I have thus decided not to play it.

Vigilant Ancestor - The only reason this card is not on the list is because I haven't crafted it and tested it yet, but I don't feel like we really need it, since we are proactive control.

Memory Wrath - Considering putting one into deck, since most other decks that rely on discard summons are hard to compete with against this deck.

Fate Weaver - A very popular card nowadays, but I definitely think it doesn't belong in this deck.

Spirit Knife - When I first saw this card I thought that it was gonna be rubbish. Then I saw the potential plays with Therana and tried it out myself. It's a very good card - so long as it doesn't end up wasted because that Crusader punched you to oblivion before turn 7.

Divayth Fyr - I actually had decent success with this card. I'll try to explain why that's the case and why this card is so popular now. The meta now is pushing the race very often and Divayth Fur is great for that - either he gives you another 6 damage in the face that you desperately need or it removes something from opponent's side of the board thus increasing your chances of successfully racing. I recommend trying it out, but it's not the best card you can run.


Ungolim - This card doesn't have as much value as Altar decks can derive from it. Nonetheless, you will often draw a lot of cards and if you got a chance to play Ungolim early there's a big chance it won't just be a wasted card. If you have other alternatives, you can leave Ungolim out.

Deranged Corpus - Not really worth taking.

Brotherhood Slayer - While these cards are awesome, they absolutely aren't necessary. Feel free to include them if you're having trouble with early tempo but I generally don't. Astrid does the contracts solo just fine.

Sanctuary Pet - The snake does the job just fine.

Thieves Guild Fence - Haven't tested it, but definitely recommend it.

Varanis Courier - I used to debate with my friend a lot whether this was a good card or not. In my opinion it used to be much better, but it's just bad in today's meta.

Blighted Werebat - No.

Sails-Through-Storms - We tend not to break runes unless necessary, this card might just be your downfall if you break a rune with it only to summon a thieves guild recruit and opponent gets Chodala's treachery for example. I'd avoid it.

Nix-Ox - Meh since nerf.

Eclipse Baroness - Sadly, this card is too off-meta and will have to wait for better days.


Sentinel Battlemace - Awesome card, especially for Daggerfall or drain combos. However I tend to favor creatures over items so I didn't include it, though I did test it a lot and it works really well.

Merric-at-Aswala - Great value card if you can proc it. However, the only time you'll ever be able to get full value from it is when you already control the board so it's not really needed here.


Sadras Agent - Honestly, I always thought this card does more on paper than it does in practice, but if your experience is different, feel free to include it. Nice board contesting material.


Journey To Sovngarde - It can definitely do some good here, but I think it's a bit too much.

- Put Astrid instead of Ungolim
- Put Shadow Shift instead of Ghostgate Defender
- Put Leaflurkers instead of Spirit Knife

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The Voiceless 8 months ago
I feel like I'm one of the only people that think Earthbone Spinner is one of the most overrated cards for control decks ever. On the flipside, I think Fell the Mighty is really underrated for Dagoth and am glad to see it.

Why not Cradlecrush Giant? Having played a lot of dagoth, I think it's a better card than Ascended Sleeper.

I can't offer that much criticism since I lack a sizable portion of cards, but those are my two cents.
2 Replies
Klinch 8 months ago
I do agree with what you said for Fell the Mighty and Ascended Sleeper - Ascend Sleeper is by no means a top tier card. I just like the greed effect - mmh feel. As for Crandlecrush, I've been working on a mage deck and I didn't quite have the time to update the card list and general tips for this deck, so do check out my reasoning now that I've added some cards to the list. If you need replacements for AS, Belligerent > Crandlecrush imo.
Klinch 8 months ago
Also, Earthbone Spinner is better the more you rely on creatures for control (silence a strong guard to gain trade value or eliminate key targets) and hasn't disappointed me once with this deck
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