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By: xXxTheBigOnexXx
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Posted: 8 months ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 12200crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Hi there!

Today i had a scout quest and wanted to build a silly deck for it. After winning in casual 5 times in a row, i decided to test it in rankeds. After all i am 12/2 with it.

Surprisingly its pretty good vs aggro, and can burst control decks down. Getting the supports is a pretty big deal, so i added alot of card draw for that. First i had shearpoint dragons instead of baroness, and its even better vs aggro, but i ran out of cards too fast vs controly decks. Also keep in mind baroness reduces the drawn card by 2, so a 2 magicka card becomes 0 magicka, which synergizes very well with market and shrine. Necromancer is so good in this deck, because it summons nearly every card from the grave, so swims will perform more often then your enemy want to e.g.

1 loss came from card-death, so keep in mind to add journey if u run into alot of lategame decks.

(1 Velothi seems random and maybe it is :P but it pressures more then fighters guild recruit. Rally is also very power- and useful)

(Barrow Stalker is a powerful 2 drop. Since the drain isnt necessary needed, because of the life gain from market, i replaced her with dark guardian. It blocks so many things and is also rebirthable with necromancers)

(Finish off > Leaflurker in a shrine deck imo because its cheaper)

(1 Viper is enough since we have finish offs, and it still gives u the opportunity to kill something with necromancer)

(First I tryed dv package but it felt too clunky and surprisingly its not needed to beat aggro)

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