[Legend] Drain-heavy Dagoth

By: Wingflier
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 29100crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I uploaded a video playguide here.

Throughout this month I've tried many different iterations of Dagoth, and this is the one that finally got me to Legend and beyond with no effort whatsoever.

This deck leverages the power of the Drain and Ward synergy between green and blue, with the card draw and removal options of red.

It can stabilize against the most extreme aggro decks (unless it draws horribly), has plenty of prophecies, and so many Drain threats that the enemy will eventually run out of answers which allows you to quickly turn the tables.

In my experience this deck is very well-rounded, it doesn't have any major weaknesses. It matches up against Hlallu well because of its 6 support removal options, its prophecies, and its ability to stabilize field lane and win a war of attrition with powerful drain creatures, finishing the game before Conscription turn.

The only real threat are the dedicated removal creatureless Tribunal decks, which it can beat, but as with all midrange lists, it struggles with.

A surprising MVPs of this deck is Sixth House Amulet. This card has insane synergy and is powerful in so many different situations. You can place it on Ash Beserker on the same turn it's played to give it 5 attack and a ward, activating its effect to draw a card and making it much more survivable. You can play it on any of your 4 or 5+ attack creatures to make a powerful trade for 1 mana. You can put it on your Drain creatures (which all have 4 or more attack) to keep them alive and gain a ton of health. The uses are endless, and this trick will save you and win you so many games you'll lose count.

The other MVP is a card nobody actually plays but is (in my opinion) a sleeper OP creature is Blighted Werebat. Not only is it a 4/4 with drain for 5, which are good stats (Brynwolf is 4/5 and it's a unique Legendary so...), but the 2 health it drains from your opponent each turn can be used both to stabilize against aggro decks or to put constant pressure on control players. Its effect in other words is incredibly diverse and useful regardless of what you're facing.

With Sixth House Amulet you can make favorable trades the turn after you play it while keeping it alive, or you can play it on the same turn you drop the Werebat in order to protect it from removal and instantly activate its effect.

It should also be noted that Sentinel Battlemace works incredibly well on your drain creatures such as Werebat, Brynjolf, and Hand of Dagoth to:

1. Make powerful trades
2. Keep them alive
3. Gain a ton of health in one turn
4. Put a massive amount of damage to your opponent's face
5. Skip runes

Before I ran the drain-heavy variant of this Dagoth list I tried many different alternatives. I attempted Control-centered lists, early-game lists, removal and silence heavy, and everything inbetween. In the end I feel that centering the deck on drain gives it a powerful midrange design that can continuously put pressure on your opponent's life total without sacrificing survivability in the process.

So before I finish the guide I want to explain why I didn't include some of the most popular Dagoth units in the deck. The main reason is that there isn't enough room for everything (75 cards total) so in the end you have to make some tough cuts, and obviously everyone is going to have a different opinion about what those cuts should be. I'll try to explain my reasoning:

Awakened Dreamer - Awakened Dreamer is indeed a powerful card and it has a ton of synergy in most Dagoth decks, however she seems to have become less popular as the meta has settled. She has no value initially (as opposed to every other 2 drop I run in the deck), meaning you have to carefully protect her and rely on your opponent not removing her before she becomes a huge threat. Unfortunately, the 2 spot is limited, and I feel that the other cards I creatures I chose were more important - mostly because they have instant value on the turn you play them.

Skaven Pyromancer - Pyromancer has absolutely no synergy with this deck and is also one of the worst possible draws to encounter in the lategame. I do not put units in my deck that are near-worthless as a lategame draw, so this wasn't even a consideration.

Dagoth Oathman - Oathman is indeed a good card but very situational. Dagoth does not have the triple color supports like Hlallu and such, so guaranteeing his extra stats is not possible. Playing him on turn 3 is typically underwhelming and realistically Vigilant Ancestor protects you and synergizes with the deck much more reliably.

Earthbone Spinner - This was one of the hardest cuts to make. Typically for any red deck, it's a choice between this and Dushnink Yal Archer. Some decks include both but it's very hard to justify as there are so many powerful cards competing for the 4-mana spot. In the end the prevalence of Hlallu and the need for support removal made it an easy choice.

Leaflurker - Quite frankly just doesn't synergize with the deck. You're not running an overabundance of pings or curse effects and ultimately there are better options for 5.

Blood Dragon - A tough cut to make but Blighted Werebat is a better option for this spot and obviously you can't cut Hand of Dagoth for Dragon either.

Ice Storm - Is indeed nice to have in this aggro-heavy meta, but ultimately it has no synergy with the deck, causes you to lose tempo, and is often a useless draw. I much prefer Candlecrush Giant.

Eclipse Baronness - Just seems too greedy in this deck. Generally you pick one or the other, and I think Vigilant Giant works better in this particular setup.

However, if you think some of the cards I didn't include were better options then by all means put them in!

Again, I made a video playguide for the deck which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RfzKdqVYW8

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Hey man !! superb list, great synergies, really nice to play !! I do mis Unstoppable Rage but great fun. Thanks a lot please feel free to add me as friend if you wish to play, discuss etc... (Tyranozor, same name in game). See you on the ladder.
I had to make some adjustments since I'm missing some cards, while overall trying to stick to the idea of the deck, and it works amazing! At first I thought I'm missing Unstoppable Rage here, but after a dozen games I didn't miss it once. The card synergy is really nice, and even if I thought I'd fall behind due to my starting hand I was easily coming back later in the match. I hope I can get most of the missing cards soon.
Hmm I believe I changed 1 or 2 cards max and I works really well, I've invited you in game if you are interested ^^ see you...
dav0r 1 year ago
Lol, I was stuck in rank 3. I just cleared from the snake to the top with this deck. 0 games lost.

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Glad it worked for you man.
Gamgeee 1 year ago
Incredibly well written guide! The insight provided by the last section of the guide was especially refreshing to see.

Thank you!
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I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll probably make a playguide video soon.
Loving this deck. I was wondering why use Tazkad instead of the 6/6 werewolf that can either have charge or +6/+6 and Guard. Isn't that even more versatile than Tazkad?
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Ceral107 1 year ago
Aspect of Hircine might be more versatile on the first glance, but:

- Tazkad has breakthrough, so low health guards won't stop him from being a finisher and combined with

- his Last Gasp effect it's not too painful and a waste if you charge him into strong/lethal creatures (the latter usually don't have high health so not the entire attack goes to waste thanks to breakthrough) since you get a 4/4 for free as follow up

Aspect of Hircine is stopped by any small guard, and if you choose the Aspect of Strength your opponent has time to silence it or remove it with actions or lethal creatures, in which case you spent 9 magicka on nothing.
What Ceral said. Aspect of Hircine does not have Breakthrough or Last Gasp.
Wingflier, are you playing this deck primarily as aggro except when you feel you need to go a bit more control?
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Wingflier 1 year ago
Good question. Knowing when to attack is a tough question.

Generally speaking if you have dominant control of the field lane (which is something you should always strive for with this deck), you can begin breaking runes. Dominant control of the field lane means you're owning it so hard they refuse to even put creatures there anymore.

However, in some situations (when you're against super aggro) and you've taken control of the field lane, you still don't want to hit face because giving them more cards could kill you. In that case you're usually waiting to put down a Drain threat to recover some health before you start hitting face.

Generally speaking though, once I start breaking runes I don't stop.

I might make a playguide video for it.
Here's the video playguide if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RfzKdqVYW8
So I built a budget version of this when I was in the bottom end of Rank 1 (replaced Vigilant Giants with Theranna's Lawmen, only had 2 Hands, Werebat's and a few other pieces) and then went almost unbeaten into Legend.
This deck is shockingly good and fun to play, thik I still have a 60-70% win rate even in Legend (not high legend I should add)
Guess I still need more practice with this iteration of Dagoth. Sometimes I can't keep enough pressure in the field lane and keep their lanes from filling up. Also it's sometimes difficult to win before ramp/control has enough mana to put huge threats on the board. I'm only missing a few cards to match your list 100%. Here are the subs I made. Tell me if I could use better options until I farm some more shards.

Missing > subs:
1x Dushnikh Yal Archer > Earthbone Spinner
1x Sentinel Battlemace > Earthbone Spinner
1x Vigilant Giant > Merric (unpredictable but fun)
Looks like I have everything else.
McConnel 1 year ago
Best deck since I came back after a few months break, found a new meta and freaky tri-color decks with 75 cards and gods and invulnerability. Oookay.

Just went 8-2 with this deck (-2 Vigilant -2 Blighted), got me over the six snake hump in to rank five.

This is a nasty little deck. If you don't play it right, exactly right, you are toast. It is completely unforgiving of even a single mistake. You don't really have to draw incredibly well, get on the curve on time and stay there... and don't make a single mistake.

I see this as a CONTROL deck. I'm carefully and cautiously whittling away at my opponent, feigning weakness, not playing cards when I could, trying to get up to about 8 mana. That is where all hell breaks loose with this deck... IF you play it right. Pay attention to every single move and choose the exact right card each time - or forget it. Try again.

Give up 15 health to get up to the high curve and then let loose the dogs of war. It's over so fast your head will spin... and its FUN as hell because the beat-down is absolutely , unforgivingly brutal. You can hear your opponent crying half-way around the world.

I'd really like to hear more from @Wingflier on this deck, why and how, etc. I'm heading up to rank 4 and then will start experimenting with some variances... but I'll be staying right here for my base deck until the next expansion.

NICE work, @Wingflier. REALLY nice work, man.
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Thanks for the compliments man! I really appreciate it.
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