Mana Curve

3 6 9 9 12 3 5 3

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Prophecy 6
Charge 3
Last Gasp 2
Ward 2
Guard 2
Rally 0
Slay 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Plot 0
Regenerate 0
Lethal 0
Breakthrough 0
Betray 0
Drain 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0


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HOM Stealer OTK BM (New)

By: r4d1cAL
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Posted: 1 year ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 10550crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

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Rellik 1 year ago
Therana is bad, making harder to find combo
Laaneth or Ancano will do better
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r4d1cAL 1 year ago
wrong. I run this on top 40 legend, winrate is above 60 percent average. therana purpose is to get high value actions (rapid shot, icestroms, spirit knives) into your deck to draw and control at the same time, though therana is not nescessary it increases the chances to stabilize before you hit the combo. I run laaneth in a previous version but squidd her for red year. ancano isn't fitting here, because it's a midrange card, 100 percent. you want to control, not giving your OP cards. trust me, I run this combo since it was released with Db
Holoir 1 year ago
Really great idea, like it 😀👍🏻👍🏻
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r4d1cAL 1 year ago
thx. but the idea itself isn't that new at all ;)
Rellik 1 year ago
Im also not sure bout Shrines
They usually just get destroyed just after placing
Camels create combo x3 faster , let you draw what you need and you dont care about them

Shrines op if there is 2 or when your opponents doesnt destroy them asap,which is happening in my games 1 time of 20
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r4d1cAL 1 year ago
yeah, that's a point. some prefer camels, some shrines, some run both. it's a matter of taste
Great deck. Ever since I pulled a foil Therana I’ve been looking for a home for her. While this deck is obviously built around control and the combo and she is not essential, I wouldn’t play this deck without her. I too prefer camels over shrines (thanks for the suggestion Rellik), but as you say that is a matter of taste. I really wanted Laaneth to work over The Red Year mainly because I had Laaneth already, but while Laaneth is great when you are winning, I’ve counted more situations where The Red Year would have turned the tables when I was losing. Looks like I’m going to have to craft it. Rats.
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r4d1cAL 1 year ago
Thx Graham! Rlly appreciated that comment of yours
Rellik 1 year ago
I dont know how did you hit legend with this deck
I faced aggro 46/47 times playing this deck and got killed 43 times because of 0 healing 2 guards and only 6 prophecys(0% to get from rune)
Even if i control 90% of guys from other side charges and 10% are enough to deal 30 dmg to me
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r4d1cAL 1 year ago
First: I hit legend with another deck of mine
Second: I play this for fun, bc I can.
Third: If you couldn't deal with it or you just don't like it just ignore it.
I really like Studious Greybeard in this deck. Helps you cycle through your deck to find your combo pieces and dumps actions in your discard pile to power up Stealer of Secrets. Added bonus - opponents waste removal on it which has given Therna a bit more survivalability. Also good to help activate Shrines, which I have gone back to over camels.
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r4d1cAL 1 year ago
While Greybeard is good in all combo decks, I prefer something tradeable (at least with 1 attack) on board instead. But yeah, U can just go for it here if U really want, I think.
One thing I’m curious about, obviously you play your mentor’s ring on the charge creature to give Stealer of secrets charge for the OTK but if the damage from Stealer is not enough to finish your opponent off, which attack order is generally best? Attack with the charge creature first, possibly giving your opponent a prophecy to destroy or shackle the Stealer or attack with the Stealer first, possibly giving your opponent multiple prophecies to destroy your charge creature? I’m guessing it’s situational or do you have a preferred choice?
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r4d1cAL 1 year ago
Charge first...but never ever play the combo if u can't hit the otk!
GamaEuler 11 months ago
I almost only play SOS, and I have a different variant (using discard engine), but I think I really like that list and will definitely give this a try. Thank you sir!
GamaEuler 11 months ago
I also run a mage heal version. I actually really like that version as well.
Any good replacment for red year and mentor's ring?
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r4d1cAL 10 months ago
maybe go for firestorm, it's better against all the recent hlaaluu decks. but mentor's ring is a MUST HAVE, it's a nescessary piece of the combo. you shouldn't play this deck without it.
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