Jagar's Scheme - Lore Deck Series

By: Stale-Gum
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 16450crystal
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Lore Deck Series - Jagar’s Scheme

( Jagar Tharn ) [ Imperial Battlemage ] to Uriel Septim VII

The Tharns were a very prestigious Cyrodilic family, which may help explain how Jagar found himself Imperial Battlemage to the Emperor, one of the most coveted and powerful positions in Tamriel. However, Jagar's exact lineage is unclear. Jagar claimed he was born in southern Valenwood to a Bosmer mother. A prominent novel series also suggested he was part Dunmer and part Altmer, mixed with human ancestry.

Jagar’s schemes to obtain power and prominence grew from a young age and his fascination with powerful relics took fruition when he managed to manipulate and steal the Staff of Chaos from Queen Barenziah under the disguise of a bard named "Nightingale" or by employing Drayven Indoril to play the role. Using the staff he then banished Uriel to Oblivion and impersonated him on the throne ruling in his place over the span of a decade. It was during Jagar’s rule that one of Cyrodiil's greatest catastrophes was birthed known as the “Imperial Simulacrum”.

In order to preserve himself on the throne for as long as possible Jagar broke the Staff of Chaos into pieces and hid them while imbuing the powers in a gem known as the “Jewel of Fire”. He had dealings with Merhuns Dagon leading to the invasion of Battlespire to deal with any powerful potential threats.

Jagar was finally thwarted a decade later when an unknown hero later dubbed the “Eternal Champion” gathered the pieces of the staff and gained possession of the jewel slaying Jagar and releasing Uriel from Oblivion putting an end to his chaotic reign.

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r4d1cAL 11 months ago
One thing: Great!
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Stale-Gum 11 months ago
This one is super sneaky, like Jagar himself as I collect more cards at my leisure I'll do my best to refine it and build upon the concept of deceit and illusion. Thanks for checking this one.
This is so terrible I love it
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