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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 24850crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I'd be happy to do a strategy write up if you guys are interested. Currently at Legend 74. Played about 30 games and lost four. Two losses to misplays. Deck is a beast.

The combos in the deck are nothing new, and once you master your timing, the list stabilizes well and is tough to shut down.

Pathmage is a real star here, and there are many tricks to exploit him. Turn seven he always pulls word wall to help against your agro matches. Agro is clearly the biggest problem, so there are firebolts, negations, and DV, to keep you alive until you stabilize.

Necromancer is obviously a beast, reanimate anything you need for your situation, and I would recommend prioritizing tree minder in control matchups.

One nix ox. SAVE your nix ox until you KNOW you can play uprising. Nix Ox + Uprising = stupid good value. Especially if pathmage is on board.

Strategy is pretty obvious. Survive until you set up a board for a wild uprising, then generate stupid amounts of value. Life gain is there, Defense is there, Card Draw is everywhere, and there is quite a bit of reach you can dig for by tutoring Ancano/Divyath Fyr then resummoning them. I know its trivial, but don't forget to win the game lol, soul tearing a giant bat, tutoring Ancano/Fyr resummoning them, etc can deal close to twenty damage from hand, so you often can win earlier than you think if you're careful. Enjoy XX

Update: Deck is now less ridiculous, and probably less fun, but better for the ladder. Tutoring Laaneth + Nix ox +Divayth Exp + Uprising is how you win. Combo is kind of gross, but its obviously game winning.

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Looks strong. Been looking for a good non-alter pathmage deck. Thanks
Divayth Fyr? Really?
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You'd be surprised how often you pull him with pathmage. He's the only eleven drop in the deck, and if you can set up your board where you resummon him, he can deal like twenty damage in one turn. Same deal with ancano. Plus his (and ancano's) value increases with all those dopplegangers, and by using three masterminds, scouts reports, and merchants camels, you hedge your losses by discarding unwanted dopplegangers, divayth fyrs, etc. Don't forget necromancer can bring back a discarded doppleganger.
There are 3 Dark Harvesters in the deck but you question Divayth Fyr? Really? :D
Thanks for the list. Will give it a try tomorrow.
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No problem! It takes some getting used to, but let me know how it goes!
This list is cancer
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What makes it cancer?
you were right three months ago lol oops
Taize 1 year ago
Enjoying it a lot. But really aggro hlaalu lists or tokens are hard to beat. Also shout scout is a problem.
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Haven't had a problem with shout scout, as the added late game reach usually lets me set up a win out of nowhere (usually I end up tutoring ancano/divayth and using a combo of uprisings/rebirths/ANTR to the face). As for Hlaalu, yeah, you really need to spare those drain vitalities. Throwing in an ice storm or two may be a good idea if you're getting rushed, but I've been seeing lot of control matches recently, and the storms end up stuck in my hand tbh
dont know if pathmage so good, caus he summons a creature with your ACTUAL magicka not MAX.

So you need 17 magicka to summon divayth fyr...
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Pathmages power is in resummoning him. So on twelve you play him and pull a necromancer, then (if you've played tree minder) on the next turn you play NTR and pull fyr with pathmage.
Savos_Aren wrote:
There are 3 Dark Harvesters in the deck but you question Divayth Fyr? Really? :D
Yeah, i took out the harvesters and two ox's to prevent getting beat early. Also added some early game defense. Firebolt, negation, and DV may seem like overkill, but the late game is so tough to beat with resummoning bombs, survival is really the main obstacle.
Everytime i play this card, instead of summoning Divayth or Ancano, I get a sweet roll, can anyone explain this to me ?
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Divayth/Ancano are in your hand. Pathmage summons strictly from deck.
Fafal 1 year ago
Galyn in 75 card deck? :D
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Yeahhh I made this deck more for fun at first. I've revised it without galyn for the ladder. About to update it now
maybe I had bad luck, but I lost my first 3 games to aggro
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