Midrange Exalt Tribunal

By: Provi
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 7 months ago
Outdated (FrostSpark patch)
Crafting Cost: 26850crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Deck code: SPAJaAqnatejaJlkrtigoNAAAWimfQiQbDjHjGdrnNaururQhaoerCdnhUoMsmdVgyqigT

Update 12/14: One less cost for Patriarch is a huge buff to the deck. You could even drop Light of the Three without exalting if you have Patriarch. Gavel is fun and fits the deck theme.
Update 9/19: Updated list.

The main deck (>90%) I played in the legend rank this season. Finished at #49 without heavy grinding. The overall win rate is around 75%. For people who loves a little bit of theme and roleplay within their decks while also trying to be competitive.

What does Exalt provide? To me it itself is a form of resource extension without losing tempo. We don't need card draw, and can keep pressuring much longer than traditional midrange list, because Exalt allows us to play 2 drop as a 5 drop, 3 drop as a 6 drop, etc. However, since it also lowers creature quality, there is a certain balance we need to achieve to make it good. Can't say I struck the balance, but this is playable.

Prominent Cards:

Light of the Three: I dropped bone daddy for this card - it's underrated, and rewards you for sticking field lane. With the correct lane placement you can get 6 burst. Also helps you own the field lane longer.

Gods: Remember you can always play them without exalting them to have their effect active.

Temple Patriarch: It's so satisfying to pull it off. https://i.imgur.com/RBuTI03.jpg

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thereal_Harv 1 year ago
Looking for a F2P/budget replacement for Barrow Stalker -- would Dragontail Savior or Ald Velothi Assassin work? Or even Sixth House Amulets, with the questionable flavor justification that of course the Tribunal would secretly want to use Dagoth stuff?
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Provi 11 months ago
If you want roleplay, go ahead and play Poetic Amiger, even tho he's straight power creeped by Barrow Stalker, flavor is always great. We've been making quite some suboptimal choice with this deck, so one more couldn't hurt.

I prefer Dragontail Savior over Ald Velothi Assassin. But both are decent replacement. If you're finding yourself struggling against aggro without Barrow Stalker, you could play firebolts instead.
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