Refurbished and Revived Market Archer

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Posted: 11 months ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 5800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is market archer, a deck once enjoyed by many before its unfair nerf, its been dead since then, but now its alive with several new tools and additions to help it succeed against far more powerful and consistent decks.

NOTE: this deck nearly requires the player to have a good knowledge of decks and cards within them to effectively play it.

The ultimate goal of this deck is to draw as many of its combo pieces as possible to win and survive until then. Most often you will not be at max hp for the majority of the game, you will probably get down to very low numbers before pulling off your combo if you do at all. This deck requires its player to know several important things that could mean the difference between a win and a loss.

To pull off the combo the player must draw its combo pieces, which are:
Close Call
Nord Firebrand
Swindlers Market
Northwind Outpost
Raiding Party

Concerning Raiding Party:
this card should only be used when the player has few enough cards in hand and enough free magicka that is not being used for drawing more cards or preventing damage. Only use when you have nothing else better to do.

The intent of this deck is to play nord firebrand as often as possible and use its charge and low cost qualities to generate high damage. This is technically an OTK combo deck but can function as a tempo beatdown deck in cases where not enough combo is drawn or your opponent has terrible draws.

Every other card in the deck not a part of the combo is there to prevent damage, remove enemy effects and creatures, or draw cards, with the exception of werebat.
Werebat is there for more prophecy density and gain health when you are at low health and haven't drawn as much of your combo as you need to win the game.

The drain vitality combo is the largest addition to this deck, replacing some other common combos such as Astrid and Brotherhood Slayer with completed contract. While they are still good cards and worthy additions the DV combo is too effective at clearing the board to be passed up.

Another of the new additions is Hlaalu Sharpshooter, its plot synergy allows for cheaper silencing than Earthbone Spinner can provide for nearly no opportunity cost.

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What about Smugler's Haul?
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Its too expensive and often doesn't generate enough value to be useful. You could just produce two silences a curse and a calm, while they would do damage at max its tree a piece, assuming you had all three markets out by the time smugglers hall was used. Its better to just have more removal or draw over inconsistent and expensive cards that don't do what you need them to do.
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