Redoran Vampire Conscription

By: tinybirdspace
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 8 months ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 28550crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Vampire Control! Use your opponents creatures and your own weak minions to control the board until you ascend in power!

Based off of eyenie's conscription redoran deck, this deck uses low costed charge and drain creatures to fight for the board early while setting up big plays on Aundae Clan Sorcerer, Disciple of Namria and Doomcrag Vampire. Later on you want to drop praetorian commander when the board is safe to set up a deadly Tullius' Conscription.
Its very easy for your opponents to misread the deck as aggro/tokens which can play to your advantage, try to take the game as slow as possible since your conscription is the win condition you need to be playing around. Dont overextend!! Think of firbrands as firebolts, they are strictly for removal before conscription unless youre absolutely smorching them. The deck can definitely move fast on the right draw but its always a safer choice to preserve as much card advantage as possible. The Odirniran Necromancers let you bring back hlaalu sharpshooters and, when buffed by fifth legion/orc-clan/commander can bring back almost anything in the deck. Pro-tip is to hold them to cycle praetorian commanders.

Necromancers Amulet and Ebonheart make it hard to beat you down making even unfavorable trades favorable and with your suicide squad charge creatures and can really take over the game when you have more than one in play. Hold ebonheart when you can to drop and gain life that turn.

The options would be to run soul tear/chanter of akatosh which is closer to eyenies original deck.

Strongest matchups are against decks not looking to presure your early game when you can freely set up Aundae, Doomcrag, Namira plays and drop praetorian on curve. You can easily control telvanni conscription, tribunal control and any other control deck except scout since you have the charge creatures.
Against scout its important to take the offensive since their late game shennanigans are unrivaled. They will out mana you quickly but bad scout players will blow their load against weaker boards. Try and buy yourself as much time as possible to set up the combo since its the only way to victory. Mummify and Immolating Blast are crucial in this matchup. Let them try and set up a wide board for ulfics uprising but immolate before they get it off.

Vs aggro its important to hold on to resources and prevent as much damage as possible the hlaalu matchup isnt tricky and very winnable if you can snipe the manor, its mostly based on your draw rng vs theirs.

I've been having a lot of fun with the deck, has many different play paths to late game involving some very fun vampire cards and getting the 10/8 redoran forerunner off a conscription is such a good feeling and makes telvanni conscription look silly!

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