[LEGEND, HIGH WR] Worship Yagrum Bagarn!

By: Giacomo Filippi...
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 11 months ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 14200crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
1. Introduction
I was bored of playing control, so I decided to build an aggro deck to hopefully climb the ladder fast. However, I had no intention of using the boring and mainstream Hlaalu or Crusader or prophecy Battlemage… so I built this funny Neutral Mage deck, and surprisingly it proved to be really good, taking me from rank 5 to Legend in 2 days, using only this deck, with a very high winrate beating several high-legend players. Even if I built many decks since I started playing this game long ago and landed in Legend several times with those, I think this one is my best and funniest deck so far, and I want to share with you. Every suggestion is obviously appreciated 😊!


Great game vs emikaela!

Being killed by Mudcrab Anklesnapper must be painful, I suppose…

2. Card explanation

2x Crown Quartermaster: good aggressive card, it has an added value here since it puts a neutral card in your hand, which can be helpful to trigger Steam Constructor.

3x Gearwork Spider: useful as cheap guard, but mostly for its snowball effect. This is a card that you want to be in your graveyard, so you are always allowed to trade with it.

1x Shadowmere: good neutral creature, has a minor impact as 1/1, but can became bigger and much more dangerous later in the game.

3x Mudcrab Anklesnapper: trust me, the extra damage provided by this card is really helpful and allowed me to seal more than one game. It is better than Lurking Crocodile, since opponent will usually play defensively, and he’ll not break your runes.

3x Reflective Automaton: this guy takes buffs from factotum and from the Halls, so it can become pretty big. I once played it as a 15/5 with breakthrough and opponent just conceded.

3x Steam Constructor: very strong effect which triggers basically every time with 38 neutral cards in the deck. Best play on turn 2.

2x Wardcrafter: this is a middle or late game card to protect your big and pumped creatures, or to restore ward on Daggerfall Mage. Mulligan it on opening hand.

3x Daggerfall Mage: not very much to say, it’s just a very efficient creature and draw engine.

3x Crushing Blow, 3x Lightning Bolt: keep in hand until the end to seal the game or use to kill a creature that can be a problem (i.e. a drain creature or an annoying guard). Remember: the aim is always achieving the maximum damage possible.

3x Mechanical Ally: best creature in the deck (after the Holy God Yagrum Bagarn), since it is both a draw engine and a body generator.

1x The Holy God Supreme Invincible Yagrum Bagarn: this card is so good. It’s basically a level 2 Soul Tear with a body. Retrieving a Mechanical Ally when you need card draw and bodies, or Dwarven Dynamo when you need a guard or a finisher, or a Gearwork Spider and summon another 2 of those with snowball effect, plus a +2/+2 buff, it’s game changing.

3x Dwarven Dynamo: another strong Dwemer, provides both defensive and offensive power.

2x Dagi-raht Mystic: turn 5 this --> turn 6 pilfer and play Halls of the Dwemer is just… perfect. It won’t be like that usually, but still this card is very useful to get the Halls as soon as possible to seal your game.

2x Stronghold incubator: late game card to provide two new casual Dwemers when you need more fuel to seal the game. When it gives you The Holy God Supreme Invincible Yagrum Bagarn, it’s honestly better than an orgasm.

3x Halls of the Dwemer: nothing to say, this is your win condition. Try to have the greatest possible amount of Dwemers on field before playing it.

All the Factotum package: those guys are a must in every neutral deck, and they do their job very well. It is important to choose the correct buffs, depending on the matchup and the situation. Most of the time, you’ll want aggressive buffs, so it’s better to play Assembled Sanitizer before everything to give +2/0 to all the crew. When playing against aggro, guard can be valuable as well, and an Assembled Sentry should be played as soon as possible.

3. General strategy
This deck is very aggro, so you have to go face. The power of this deck is the capacity of summoning very big creatures out of nowhere thanks to Factotums, Steam Constructor, Mechanical Ally, Gearwork Spider in conjunction with Halls of the Dwemer and surprise your opponent, who will not have answers for all your threats. Try to keep all your Dwemers alive, because they will be a lethal weapon after turn 6, in this respect trading with them is to be avoided. Your cards for trading are Factotums, Daggerfall Mage, Shadowmere and eventually Stronghold Incubator and Gearwork Spider.
You have a solid draw engine, so don’t fear to go out of fuel and always use all your mana. However, watch out for Drain Vitality and Ice Storm, in this respect is very useful to give the 0/+2 buff with Assembled Sanitizer to make your Factotums survive.

4. Alternative cards
Some little tweaks may be possible, depending on the metagame:
1) -1 Dagi-raht Mystic, +1 Ayrenn: the sexy elf is not at her best, since we run only 6 actions, however she can be useful to retrieve a Bolt or CB to seal the game.

2) -1 Dagi-raht Mystic, +1 Barbas: our good boy is a very versatile neutral card and can be an option if you feel like the second Mystic is not so useful.

3) -1 Daggerfall Mage, +1 Excavate: this is an option to be used if the metagame is full of support removal, to retrieve one of your Halls.

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2 Replies
Stronghold Incubator gave me Yagrum Bagarn as well! HAHA
Giacomo Filip... 10 months ago
Thank you! May the light of our Lord Yagrum Bagarn guide you on the ladder!
mfalcon 10 months ago
If you had to make this all neutral (for the centurion title), what replacements would you consider for the mage cards? I know on ladder they are indespensible but I want to due all neutral in casual.
1 Reply
Just trowh in the other dwemers, and Barbas and Mundus Stone if you have them :)
Joe Black 10 months ago
Like the Idea. But tbh I think it doesnt work on the ladder. You might had a good run with it but this stands no chance against most of other decks. I had all the cards and I gave it a run of 10 games(at rank5 since I hadnt played this month) I won exactly 1 game. I might have done smth wrong but since this a pretty straight forward deck I doubt it. Its fun if you have the pieces. But I wouldnt recommend crafting anything for it.
2 Replies
Joe Black 10 months ago
To lay my stats with it open:
2 vs Market Archer
1 vs Control Redoran
1 vs Midrange Dagoth
1 vs Control Dagoth
2 vs Control Tribunal
2 vs Battlemage

1 win vs Sorcerer
Giacomo Filip... 10 months ago
The winrate of this deck against control is very high in my experience, it sound strange that you consistently lost against it. I will try to use this deck now at lower ranks to see if there is any problem as you say, but at the time I climbed the ladder I was winning also at rank 5..
turnabouts 10 months ago
Have you ever thought of using the Treasure Package of Ruin Archelogist and Treasure map to find Halls of Dwemer?
1 Reply
Yes, but It's slow and usually don't have time to set up the combo with this fast deck.
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