Titus Strider

By: Lyra
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Posted: 7 months ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 13400crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I made this deck with the sole purpose of trying to make Silt Strider and Betty Netch effective cards.

The point is to use high-health creatures in combination with Ring of Imaginary Might or High Hrothgar to create enourmous monsters, and then to end the game with huge burst damage with Swift Strike.

East Empire Crafter, Emperor Titus Mede II, and for some creatures Shadowgreen Elder will further buff creatures for defence or burst.

Note that Moonlight Werebat gets completely fucked by High Hrothgar, but it gets buffed by Shadowgreen Elder. High skill prophesizing of Werebat into Elder or playing Giant Bat into Elder is how the deck stays in the game while it's looking for the pieces of its attack.

The deck can't do a whole lot without Elder combos and/or Imaginary Might combos, so it's very important to play very defensively until those pieces are found. This is made possible by the high defence cards played in combination with East Empire Crafter.

If you can hold on long enough the deck has several ways to put out obnoxiously high bursts of damage in conjuntion with Swift Strike. Tazkad + Swift Strike is an instant 12 damage burst. A Tazkad that sticks a turn can do 6 damage on curve, then when buffed by Elder + Swift Strike can do 18 damage on turn 10, for a two-turn burst of 24 damage. A successful Imaginary Might Portcullis + Swift Strike is an instant 22 damage. If East Empire Crafter is in play that's 24 damage, and if additionally Emperor Titus buffed it in-deck that's 26 damage. Snowy Sabre Cat with Ring can do 18 without Swift Strike, 27 with. If buffed by Elder too he can do 22 damage without Swift and 33 with! Even with just Elder he can do 10 without Swift and 15 with.

The scary part of the deck is that so much this burst damage can be played from hand to devastating effect out of the blue. It's nearly as broken as the old Nix-Ox OTKs. You can be hands-down losing the game, crumbling faster than 5th century Roman Britain, last-rune-prophesize a Portcullis, then on your turn play Ring and Swift Strike to instantly end the game from the position of nearly being defeated.

For crafting purposes, note that technically no legendaries are necessary. However Tazkad is very important and you should just craft him if you don't have him yet. Emperor Titus Mede II is unfortunately nearly useless in most other decks, but is actually quite useful here (turning Silt Strider and Betty Netch into useful cards in the absence of Ring of Imaginary Might). The other legendary rarity cards are more cute than core, but each have the potential of adding a lot of value to your various plays.

Clockwork Scorpion is a good budget replacement for Cicero or Sails. Frost Troll, while still of epic rarity, is at least a cheaper replacement for Titus, Hrothgar, or Lucien. Unfortunately that card isn't playable in any other deck and probably isn't worth crafting. Ageless Automaton is the really-budget replacement for them.

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CVH released a similar sort of deck a little while ago they are fun to play around with. It is good when you get a 9/9 Portcullis from a prophecy :o)
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Lyra 6 months ago
But did his have Silt Strider and Betty Netch!? Winning in style beats winning conventionally any day!
Lyra wrote:
But did his have Silt Strider and Betty Netch!? Winning in style beats winning conventionally any day!

I can't remember to be honest if his did or didn't, I think it did... if I ever come across the Video again, I will let you know.

I completely agree winning in style beats winning conventionally everyday!! :o) I am the type of person that will hold back for the slight chance of seeing an epic combo rather than go for lethal. Even if I can see my opponent preparing for an epic combo, I sometimes hold back and just let them do it so I can see it. :o)

Keep up the masterpieces! :o) and trust we will one day meet for an epic duel....
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