Mana Curve

3 7 12 13 6 7 0 2

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Prophecy 9
Charge 4
Last Gasp 4
Pilfer 3
Ward 3
Lethal 3
Breakthrough 2
Guard 1
Drain 1
Wane 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Betray 0
Slay 0
Wax 0
Rally 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Plot 0
Invade 0
Regenerate 0


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Snekcumber: 1st at Masters Series Qualifier #2

By: EndoZoa
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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 10800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
An update to my deck "cucumber" played to 1st place finish at qualifier #2

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Congrats for your win on sunday!

Can you please say something to the changes (shadow shift, giant snake)?
1 Reply
EndoZoa 1 year ago
Thanks! Generally the deck doesn't just play through shadow lane anymore which makes shift a lot more useful as yet another way to protect brittle threats and snake is a massive tempo tool, obviously way under-stat-ed but can almost feel like skipping your opponent's turn in a lot of matchups/scenarios.
Despair 1 year ago
Just crafted the deck, didnt have 2 giant snakes so i just threw in another mudcrab. Been really fun so far!
1 Reply
EndoZoa 1 year ago
Glad you are enjoying the deck, it is maybe a little deceptively extremely difficult, don't be afraid to use your full turn timer to think through plays!
Love the curve and deck. Wondering about shadow master? Is he to protect late play gamblers?
1 Reply
EndoZoa 1 year ago
Largely in as the 4th Gloomlurker that happens to be a little more resilient due to its 3 toughness but of course doesn't contribute to your two drop slot or prophecy count. The action protection can come into play but isn't really why its in the deck. This deck is largely a combination of brittle but powerful threats (like gambler as you mention) and ways to protect them. Its important that we reach a certain density of those protection effects and Shadowmaster helps us reach it.
JordanJD 1 year ago
What ultimately caused you to drop the Daggerfall mages from this list?

And do you think there's any place for Brotherhood Slayer or Enamor's Keeper in this list?
2 Replies
EndoZoa 1 year ago
The meta right now is the most hyper mana efficient its ever been. This is why old mainstays like rage archer are now totally dead, they simply can't play things efficiently enough to keep up. Daggerfall has an extremely high power level in a vacuum but as a tempo deck we are winning the game by keeping our opponent on the backfoot from a perspective of speed and positioning rather than raw value. Decks operate so efficiently now that to reliably stay ahead in or be able to recover tempo as a primary gameplan even Daggerfall is just too slow. I found myself pitching tomes to gambler rather than steel daggers because I just didn't have time to play them.

Ungolim is a definite no, it is no value and tempo on its own and is a long term value card if you can reliably draw through at a minimum a third but really half your deck every game in order to justify it. Its a total archetype mismatch here. Slayer is a possible inclusion if you are looking to up your prophecy count but the contracts aren't very useful here as we run a low curve and don't draw a lot of cards outside of gambler draws. Keeper is just mediocre, I would never cut eldergleam for it, and the exalt is rarely relevant. I would run a natural greatsword before I would run an enamor's keeper.

I talk about lots of different card options in my article on the deck:
I don't like daggerfall mage either. So this deck must be good for first sight. :) But it is strange to me you use wardcrafter without any other Breton. Nvm. Nice deck!
PhoenixRZN 1 year ago
Очень тяжело прорываться с этой колодой, когда играешь против противников с большим количеством стражей. А наши Морнхолдский предатели их ещё и добавляют. Контроля тут почти нет. Если оппоненту удалось завладеть полем, считай, проиграл. Вернуть контроль уже вряд ли удастся. Гоблины упираются в стражей, а "игрок из таверны" в половине случаев даже до следующего хода не доживает, итог: их эффектам не удаётся сработать. Разве что цель этих карт: собрать на себя все п*здюли. С этим они справляются, да.
Когда я брал эту колоду для ознакомления, тут ей было поставлено 8-мь лайков - максимум среди всех остальных колод. Сейчас, на момент написания данного комментария, их уже 10-ть. Может я что-то не в ней не понимаю, но откуда у людей столько положительных оценок - не ясно. Я к ней особо не проникся.
1 Reply
Сколько контроля тебе надо в аггро деке?
Turi Orlando 1 year ago
A most excellent deck!! I crafted a similar deck using this as inspiration. I found Dres Tormentor to be a very effective card addition that has great synergies with the Giant Snake and Shrieking Harpies! I also add Guar Stablemaster which works well with all the Animal creatures in the deck to gain guards. Sadras Agent also working well for me in my deck. I didn’t really understand the purpose for Goblin Skulk with only 3 Zero cost cards in the deck?
This is a fun deck. What would your optimal starting hand be?
1 Reply
EndoZoa 1 year ago
It depends on the matchup. Probably on ring: Skulk, Shift, Gambler or Skulk, Wardcrafter, Gambler.
Logolt 1 year ago
The easiest way to become a legendary . just changed 2 connerclub gambler
When do you use cornerclub when up against a hard removal deck? Would adding another shadow master be a good option or is waiting till 6 and possibly getting ice stormed not worth it?
1 Reply
EndoZoa 1 year ago
This is a tricky question for sure. It largely revolves around knowing what your opponent has access to in their archetype and reading their hand. One of the major things to note is that what card you discard to gambler changes a lot depending on how likely you think it is to survive. If you think it will almost certaintly trigger you generally discard a high cost card since you will have many cards in hand and want to abuse it. If you think it will probably die you want to pitch a low value card like a dagger or curse, etc. Adding a 2nd shadowmaster is absolutely an option but if you were to do so it wouldn't be so much to enable protected gambler plays as simply increasing the density of protective tools in the deck. (shadowmaster is often best used simply letting a creature get in one more hit, virtually acting as summon: gain trade priority and have the option to bolt face, which is a very powerful effect)
Vilmos Sápi wrote:
I don't like daggerfall mage either. So this deck must be good for first sight. :) But it is strange to me you use wardcrafter without any other Breton. Nvm. Nice deck!
Wardcrafter is arguably the best 2-drop in the game even without any other ward-synergies.
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