Skelly Assault

By: BloodDrunk007
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Posted: 7 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 17300crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Skeleton Synergy Deck.

Just a concept idea at present, not sure on the win rate, just wanted to try something different, fun and cool.

Most skeleton cards are guards and cost around the 4 Magicka mark.

The plan is to ramp magicka or reduce the cost of cards to play the 4 cost Skelly's, beef them up, with the various other combination cards like Watch Commander, Colossus, Skelly Champion, give them ward etc then go to town on the face.

Cards like Grim, Disciple of Namira have been added to take advantage of the Guards being attacked etc.

Like I said above still a working progress project to fine tune however has potential to be something great.

Would welcome feedback.

Have Fun.


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Deck loses hard to infinite dawnbreakers and small minions :P
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This is hard to pilot however can be a lot of fun the main down side is most cards for the deck cost 4 or more, so ramping needs to be priority to be able to pilot a smooth game
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