Crab mechanicus

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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 6800crystal
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The core of this deck spamming the table with "Cagouti Fabricant" and massive "Hulking Fabricant". Not only this can be achieved by having neutral creatures on the board. The "Mundus Stone" does the job as well! (that was not quite obvious).

This deck tries to snowball and hit the face with oversized unanswered hulking fabricants "on curve".

Card choices :

1. 3x Fabricants - the core of the deck, main damage dealers.
2. Mundus stone - helps triggering the fabricants. Might also give them charge (a huge charging 8/8 on turn 5 or even turn 4 with the ring in the ideal world)
3. 3x Fifth Legion Trainer - makes small creatures stronger. A standard for the token strategy.
4. 3x Marked man - cheap 1 drop. Generates a zero cost neutral card to trigger the fabricants.
5. 3x Lurking crocodile, midnight snack, gearwork spider - cheap neutral prophecies
6. 3x Crusader - card draw for mid or "late" game
7. 1x Bandit Ringleader - more card draw. No better ideas, unfortunately. A second copy will most likely be a dead card but the first one triggers consistently enough.
8. 3x Crab 3/2 - neutral + face reach + helps to trigger the crusader's draw earlier
9. 3x Crushing blow - more reach (face is the place)
10. 3x Mammoth, Troll - oversized endurance ("purple") creatures
11. 2x Edict of Azura - To remove early taunts (or a "haunted manor" support). I don't have a third one yet but it seems ok. Better than Javelins in this deck as for me.
12. 2x Golden Saint - to snowball in late game. If I had a third copy, I would have added it by cutting something.
13. 2x Shadowfen Priest - a later silence + body to deliver the final piece of damage from the shadow lane.
14. 1x Mudcrab Merchant - I'm feeling lucky )))
15. 2x Crab 2/1 - Cheap, neutral... And I do not have more merchant crabs yet )))
16. 2x Reflecting automaton - Cheap, neutral... One of them got cut when my Mundus Stone has dropped from the booster pack.
17. 1x Divine fervor - I don't have more (( Not sure if I need more or it's better to cut this card.

Mulligan priorities :

1. Leave one copy of "Hulking fabricant" (really important to play this one on curve to win the face race. But you need to be leading the race, so dropping heavy start)
2. Leave one copy of "Kagouti fabricant" unless [1]
3. Leave Mundus stone. Not sure yet if it's more important than [1] or [2] but I think it is.
4. Leave 1 and 2 drops. Do not search for the fabricants if you do not have them in the hand
5. Drop the crusaders and "crushing blow" even though they are 3 drops
6. The rest decisions depend on the matchup

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